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Thank you for all of your responses on my blog. I read all of your messages. I’ve not figured out how to post them, but that doesn’t mean you are not appreciated.  Please do write and let me know your thoughts.  This blog is in response to someone who wrote and asked me to address this issue.

I fully understand why people attending town hall meetings are shouting, but there is a  better way.  You will be noticed more by being respectful and asking great questions. Ask questions you already know the answer and when you are lied to rebut with some quick rebukes.  For instance ask if your Congress-person has read the bill.  Make sure you have read the part you are focusing on. You need to know more than the Congress-person. Be firm, but never rude. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

I saw where some loony was arrested for carrying a handmade sign, Death to the President.  How stupid is that?  Of course he was arrested by the Secret Service. Who did he think he was protesting, George W. Bush?  It was vogue to have Kill Bush and Death to Bush signs when he was president, but it’s stupid for any of you to attempt such silliness now. Guess who is all over the news?  The guy with the brown cardboard sign. He makes the rest of us who protest look like crazy right wing militia.  The media will focus on him and make the parallel with us.   He is 51…and still has not learned you cannot do those things any longer. Bush was a free target. Hollywood wrote books and made movies on how to kill George W. Bush.  Use your brains folks.  The worst thing that could happen to America is for something bad to happen to our president. Pray for his safety. Let’s change government one vote at a time.  If he were harmed we would see bloodshed like this country has not seen since the Civil War.  Calm Down…Show restraint.  Pray for the president’s safety. The news media is warning of white, right wing militia who might harm the president. I get the feeling some of the press would like to see that happen so they could cover the story.  99.99% of those of us who protest and go to the town hall meetings are your average Joe and Jane American.  We have no thought of killing the president or anyone.  I know no one who thinks of killing another human.  I seriously doubt that the guy with the pathetic cardboard sign would harm anyone.  He looked like a frustrated white guy who is helpless to stop government control of his life. Now the silly guy is going to learn what it is like to really be controlled by the government.  He will be lucky if he doesn’t get two years in Federal lockup.  Be wise.  Use your God given brain. Plan ahead, vote in 2010 and change Congress. In 2012 change the presidency.

Have you ever noticed when we are in a foreign country and find ourselves trying to tell a taxi driver or waiter what we want the less the foreign person understands, the louder we talk. Before you are aware you are shouting at the poor soul.  It’s like if we speak louder he will understand us better.  I think a lot of that is what is happening at town hall meetings.  People orderly walk in and find their seat or spot and after the Congress-person tells us what they intended to set us straight on the myths of the health care bill, we begin to feel like we are in a foreign country.  It becomes clear the Congress-person has not read the bill while most of us have attempted to.  When time to ask questions comes up some informed American will stand and softly ask about one item in the bill.  The Congress-person throws back the party line and someone boos.

If you have ever worked cows, especially wild cows, all you need is for one to get spooked and the entire herd is off and running. If you are lucky you can turn the lead steers and begin to make them run in a circle. Otherwise they will run themselves into the ground.  People are a lot like cattle.  One person can set off the entire group.  The reason is people come knowing they are going to be lied to and no matter how hard they try their frustration overflows and then it can get nasty. Don’t you be one of them…stay calm.

Unless of course,  the crowd is hand picked like they do when the president holds a town hall meeting. The Secret Service only allows certain people into those town hall meetings and I can assure you they are not going to allow someone who opposes the government’s plan for America.  Of course the president says he has no planted questions, but even a slow talking, under-educated, broken down cowboy like me can see through the charade. Like the meeting in New Hampshire where a cute, innocent, big eyed 13 year old girl asked, “I saw a lot of ugly signs outside on our way in. What is that all about?”   He basically answered that those were misguided Republican planted to disrupt his town hall.   Everyone but the kool-aid drinkers know he was not being honest.  SO at the next town hall meeting where they go and can get into the room pent up anger is on the surface waiting to explode. None of us like to be made to look like baffoons. Country bumpkin, right wing militia, hate mongers. Worse yet, racists.

I don’t know why the president calls his meetings town hall.  In New Hampshire he spoke 90% of the time.  He said 9 words for every one his audience spoke.  I thought he was there to listen…he was there to listen to his own voice. Remember this is the man who gave the Queen of England an I-Pod with his speeches on it. He likes to hear himself talk. He mistakenly thinks by talking instead of listening he is winning people over.  Today Rasmussin had his approval ratings down to 47%.   This is the man who a few months ago was looking into the possibility of changing the Constitution so he could serve for life.

Let me give you a little selling tip. If you want to sell someone, learn to listen. Talk about their favorite subject…THEM.  The most beautiful thing you can say to me is Will or Will Cooper.  When trading horses I always use the buyer’s name as often as possible.  Chuck, this little mare…or Chuck, what are you planning to do with this little mare?  Chuck, you came to the right place for horses. I Chuck him to death.  As a result he thinks I’m brilliant.  I ask about him, his wife, his kids, his ranch, where he went to school, when did he marry, how are his crops.  I ask questions about him and NEVER talk about myself.  Chuck thinks I’m a great conversationalist…yet all I have done is ask editorial questions and listen to his answers. This was the key to Ronald Reagan…he had the ability to listen and make you think he was sincerely interested in what you were saying. He was interested. I am interested in knowing about Chuck.  People can feel if we are sincerely interested in them. But most don’t know how to listen.

The president is only interested in himself. Someone said, “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.  Napoleon Hill said, a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

Look at the Sheila Lee Jackson debacle in Houston. A person was nicely asking her a question and Jackson answered her cell phone, ignoring the questioner. That’s right, Sheila Jackson answered her cell phone at her town hall meeting.  And people wonder why those attending are shouting.  Someone should have walked to the lectern and taken the phone out of her hand.

But the truth of the matter is a soft answer turns away wrath.  By all means attend all the protests you can, but remain calm.  In the end calmness will win out.

Sleep well my friends, Will Cooper <><

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