What’s Real???

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I want to thank all of you who have been writing me comments.  I do read your messages. Your support keeps me trudging forward. Several of you wrote yesterday to share stories with me…thank you. Or as we say in Texas, “Much Obliged.” I don’t yet know how to post your replies, but they are very much appreciated by this old broken down cowboy.

I sent an email to a lot of you asking you to watch Sean Hannity Sunday night Aug. 9th. Hannity was going to shed light on the radicals associated with the President.  The reason you didn’t see it is because the White House blocked him from airing what he had planned. He had to resort to running re-runs.  This is what really happened. The government suppressed the media.

What’s real in Washington?  One thing that’s real is the president tried to push through the Congress a socialistic, government health care bill.  The original House bill would have included the death panel and total government control of our lives.  This is real, the president and his top people want a socialist run health care program like you find in France, UK, Cuba and Canada. Remember the urgency in which he was pushing this bill.  Only a handful of blue dog Democrats got off the porch and ran with the big dogs. This has given the American people time to respond and have we ever responded!  I’m proud of you.

What is real in this health care debate?  I don’t think even the name is real. The government is not interested in better health care, but rather more control over your life. This new bill is designed to let the government have immediate access to our banking and medical records.  Why those two?   1. Banking records.  This gives them an immediate report on how much money we have in our bank accounts. Yes they will be looking at your regular accounts and all of your stash accounts, including your 401K and IRAs.  This information allows also the power to automatically remove funds from your account to pay for your medical care.  2. Medical records.  This is a sneaky one. The government can see what operations you have had and decide if another one would be too risky. If the cost of the operation would cost more than your projected life is worth.  Let me destroy the myth that we are dealing with health care, rather we are dealing with complete government control over your life.

The president keeps talking about the 46 or 47 million without health care in America.  He can’t make up his mind if it’s 46 or 47…but after all he is the man who said he was going to campaign in all 57 states.  I think he got us mixed up with the 57 Muslim states.  Let’s break down his 47 million uninsured. 38% of his 47 million earn over $50,000 a year and can afford to buy insurance if they wished. That amounts to about 18 million, immediately pulling his inflated number down to 29 million. There are 10 million who earn over $75,000 a year and they don’t have insurance.  Now we are down to 19 million.  Let’s pull out the 12 million uninsured Illegal Aliens.  I darn sure don’t want my tax money going to pay for medical care for illegal aliens and I’m sure you concur.  What the president is not telling anyone there are at least 18 million of that 47 million who are fully eligible for generous government assistance programs, like Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP. It’s available but people are not enrolling.

Don’t get suckered into believing the lie that 47 million people can’t get health care in America. The Emergency Rooms turn no one away.

Can you imagine what a stress it would be adding 47 million people for doctors to care for?   The president said there will be no health care rationing.  If you believe that then you are picked pretty green. If this health bill goes through as it is now written there will be no incentive for anyone to want to be a doctor. We are going to see a reduction of young men and women going into the medical field…a field that is already in short supply. By simple attrition there will be more patients for our current doctor base.  I think the average doctor visit is 15 to 20 minutes.  They rush us in and rush us out…when we add 47 million more people into the system the doctors will have to cut our visit time to 7 to 10 minutes. You do the math.  This is one time you need to believe me and not the government.

Shelia Lee Jackson, the big chubby, black Congresswoman from Houston made national news last week when she rudely answered her cell phone when a member of her district was asking her questions at a town hall meeting.  The woman asking the question was a cancer survivor.  In the middle of the woman asking questions Shelia Lee Jackson decided to start talking on her cell phone. It’s not clear if she called someone or they called her.  I think this was the rudest thing I’ve seen.

Shelia Lee Jackson felt she needed to make a recovery after her cell phone blunder.  At the next town hall meeting Shelia came from behind her lectern and stood in front of a well dressed white woman with pressing questions. Shelia listened attentively, like a dog waiting for you to feed him.  You know with big bright eyes and wagging it’s tail…I think Shelia’s booty is too big to shake.  “What do you do?” Sheila asks.

“I’m a primary care doctor,” the woman replied.  How nice a real doctor took a day off to support Sheila.

Since this was a Shelia Lee Jackson event some local reporter smelled a rat. He got to digging and guess what, the ‘doctor’ was a plant. She was no doctor and had never gone to medical school. She was a left wing blogger and delegate for Obama. Sure makes you want to trust Shelia Lee Jackson. The left just doesn’t get it.  They think we are big mouthed fish willing to swallow anything tossed in the water.  Shelia has no worries, 80% of her constituents are black.  Most of them will think the ‘white doctor, that wasn’t a doctor’ was a right wing plant. Even though she is an Obama delegate. Sheila Lee Jackson can say in private meetings she had no idea the woman was a plant when she gave the phony doctor a big hug.

Dryon Hart is a young black man from Mississippi.  He set up a phony email account and started blasting away. He said he was a white, right wing, racist militant who wanted to kill blacks. He began sending out his messages telling black students at the local collage who he was and that he was going to kill them.  He made the mistake of sending some emails that said he wanted to kill the president.  Everyone thoght he was an angry white guy.  The Secret Service got involved when they were informed some of his emails made the president a target.  Now his skinny black rear is in big time trouble.  For weeks he was in the local news as a white racist when in truth he is a black racist.

The president should have him to the White House for a beer summit…sounds like Dyron Hart was preaching what the president’s pastor did for 20 years. The Rev. J. Wright was preaching the same hate from his pulpit, all except killing the president, who was George W. Bush for 8 of those years.

The final myth to bust. “Anyone can come to the president’s town hall meetings.”  Last week he was in Montana and one man stood and said he believed in the Constitution and was a member of the NRA.  About three people clapped. There were more than 1,000 people at the meeting.  You cannot tell me that only three people clapped if the setting was not rigged. In Montana there would have been a standing ovation and shouting.  The controlled group was clearly not in favor of the NRA or the Constitution. They cherry picked the crowd. This is fine to do…but don’t lie to us and say the room was filled on a first come, first serve basis.  I noticed the front rows were filled with young kool-aid drinkers ages 13 to 17.  They were ecstatic to see the president. They are too young to know how radical he is and what his health plan will do to our country.

One last example. Arlen Spector got tired of real Americans showing up and making him sweat.  At his last two town hall meetings he brought in three buses loaded with ACORN and Union people.  They were allowed to go to the front of the line, leaving 1,000 local people on the sidewalk. That’s one way to stop the MOB from asking questions. Stack the crowd with ACORN and Union officials.  Make no mistake, Spector is not going back to Washington and stunts like this will make sure he stays home.

Don’t believe anything you hear from the left. Do that you will not get scammed.  Good night, Will


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