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Sunday after church under the big oak I went into our local Dairy Queen. My old rancher friend was in the middle of a domino game when he spotted me at the counter. “Hey, Will, get back here. I got summin to tell you.”  Obedient as ever I picked up my tray of unhealthy food and joined them. As I was sitting he asked, “Did I tell you about the rancher’s boy?”

He has told me so much I wasn’t sure but answered him, “No, I don’t think you have.”  While I was stuffing my mouth with greazy french fries and washing them down with a vanilla shake he continued.  “A kid down south of here saw a man in a pickup truck drive up. The boy was ’bout nine, but country kids know how to handle things.’ Can I hep ya?’ The kid asked.”

“Is your Pa home?”

“No he’s gone to town.”

“Is your ma home?”

“No sir, she has gone to town.”

“Is your older brother Howard home?”

“No sir, he has gone to town. But if you need to borrow some tools I know where everything is. I’d be glad to hep you.”

The visitor moved back and forth from one foot to the other, then answered, “I really wanted to talk to your dad. It’s about your older brother Howard getting my daughter pregnant.”

“Fraid I kan’t hep you there mister.  Pa charges $500 for our bull and $50 for the hog.  I really don’t know what he charges for Howard.”

On a more serious note, we the people are facing a political machine like none other.  This current administration took down the Clinton machine, which you may remember was soooo smooth they named their president “Slick Willie.”  Last year I was in a heated debate with a Democrat friend and he was touting Barry as the hottest thing since sliced bread. I asked him, “George, do you realize your man is going to face the Clinton machine, who will get as down and dirty as they have to to win?”   At that time I had no idea that Barry’s Bunch would make Hillary and Bill look like Methodist Sunday School teachers.  The Barry Bunch chewed Hillary up and spit her out.  Dumb me, I failed to take into consideration where the Barry Bunch came from. They are from Chicago, where politics are different. Where the enemy is eliminated by any means available. They invented the word hardball.

One of the things they do in Chicago, they eliminate the opposition. They dig and dig until they find a dirty little secret on the opposition and then give them the option of dropping out or being exposed.  It’s much easier to win if you are running unopposed. It was beginning to look like Hillary was going to fight to win at the Democrat Convention. In came Barry’s Bunch to eliminate her from the picture.  Hillary owed $20 million in campaign debt. Barry’s Bunch promised to help her pay off her debt and make her Secretary of State. At the last minute Hillary caved.  I wonder what else they had on her.  Knowing the Clintons they didn’t go easily into the night. Maybe Hillary has some skeletons in her closet. We all know Bill’s closet looks like a morgue.

Today the Barry Bunch is trying to eliminate all dissenting voices.  It was no accident they said we are Un-American, we are The Mob, we are Ntzis, we are loud and rude, we are part of some well organized group and we are being paid by the evil insurance companies.  This is only a sample of things we are being called.   The new catch phrase is RUCKUS.   “We need to believe what they are saying and not stir up a RUCKUS.   Now when you to to a townhall meeting you are not expressing your God given right to speak your mind, you are creating a ruckus.  Worse than that you are creating a Racial Ruckus.  Ruckus a great word for them to use.  If we raise our voices or shout that we don’t want government control over our lives, we are creating a racial ruckus. This is a very effective way of eliminating those of us who speak out.  Since our president is black when we speak up it’s also racial. We are demons.

It worked in Montana. When the guy who is a member of the NRA stood to speak only three people softly clapped. No one wanted to be seen making a ruckus.  Trust me, they studied a lot of words before they came up with ruckus.  Barry didn’t just say this off the cuff. It was a well planned word to eliminate us from protesting.  Eliminate the enemy any way you can is their motto.  What the Barry Bunch wants to do is tape our mouths closed with duck tape. They want to silence us.

Thank God Sarah Palin doesn’t mind making a Ruckus.  Her message on the death panel hit a nerve and those in Washington in favor of that part of the bill went into hiding.  Sarah pulled back the covers and let us see the bottom line of the bill.    I saw someone from FactCheck on a video and they were saying the death panel was never part of the bill, but she is wrong. I read those pages and only a kool-aid drinker could think otherwise.  It was clear that older people would be forced to face a government panel to decide the end of life.  It’s clear they plan to ration health care for older Americans. This is one way they plan to save money.  Let the old codgers die early. The theory is after 70 years it’s time to go.  You have lived a good life.  What about those who are 70 and have not lived a good life?   Don’t they deserve an opportunity to live a good life their last 25 years?

Now the next big push from the Barry Bunch is to demonize Cable TV and Conservative Talk Radio.  Robert Gibbs, who has a job over his pay grade said, “They are causing this FOOD FIGHT,” referring to Cable TV and Talk Radio.  Food Fight!!!  You standing up for the American way of life is a college dorm food fight???   This is an insult in the highest form. I don’t spend two hours a night blogging because I feel I’m in a food fight.  I’m blogging because I love America and don’t want us to become a socialist country.

Remember our goal is to eliminate the enemy, not just defeat them.  Shan Hannity was going to do an in depth special on the radical associations of Barry last Sunday night.  At the last minute his controversial program was canceled. The Barry Bunch found a way to stop him from airing the damaging news.  Some of the program is on YouTube.  I’ve seen six segments on YouTube and it’s powerful. There is a move to get Glenn Beck removed from the airwaves.  Barry’s Bunch are organizing a protest group against all of Beck’s major advertisers. If they can succeed in getting a few million people to boycott his advertisers, Beck will fold. If they succeed with Beck they will then go after Shan Hannity and then use the pattern to crush Rush Limbaugh.  Their desire is to eliminate those who stand in their way.

The White House is building a massive data bank of names and email addresses.  One of my eBay family members somehow got on that list and gets letters from David Axelrod, the brains behind the president.  They operate under the theory of knowing who your enemy is and keeping them near.

What the Barry Bunch cannot control are the numbers of un-happy Americans. Pundants in Washington admit that we are seeing THREE times as many people involved in the protests. THREE  times more than those protesting the war in Iraq.  They say we are Astro Turf and not a real grass roots movement…this is to marginalize us and get us out of the way. One small problem with that part of their plan, we are real and every time Barry and his Bunch try to shut us down they are pouring water on our hungry roots.  We are growing like weeds thanks to the insults being thrown at us by the liberal media, the scared Democrats and a desperate president.  They more they insult us the taller we grow. Don’t let them silence you.  Make a ruckus.  The left is telling us that being loud at the town hall meetings is hurting our cause. That is another leftest lie. We can remain calm and still be loud enough to get our points across.  The NRA guy in Montana should have received a standing ovation. There should have been a ruckus when he said he believed in the Constitution. The left silenced that crowd. No one wanted to create a ruckus.  The choice is yours, you can cower in the corner like a whipped puppy or you can get off the porch and run with the big dogs. You can challenge the left with your letters, phone calls and personal appearances.  Find where they are going to be and show up.  You don’t need a sign, you need your voice. You need to get into those meetings and lend support to those with the courage of the NRA guy in Montana.  It’s a crying shame he had no support. The guy in Montana got a promise from the president they wouldn’t tax him.  If he believes that then I have some rich pasture land down here in South Texas to sell him and it’s so dry even my grass burrs are dead.

Please share this message with your family and friends. We cannot let them stop us from making a ruckus at the town hall meetings.  Our ruckuses are working and that is why the left is pushing so hard to stop us.   One side will win.  Make sure it’s ours.  Good Night Will

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