The Vituperative Left

Obama Gun Poster

One of my eBay family sent me this poster. This is true. Gun and ammo sales have gone through the roof here in the Lone Star State.

Bet I gotcha with this title.  The left are not the only ones who can toss out four-bit words.  Vituperative means insulting, abusive, offensive, malicious, slanderous and scathing.  Is this not what we conservatives are getting from the left’s leaders?  If you don’t think Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Barney Frank, top White House officials and Harry Reid have been vituperative toward us who don’t want a bigger government then you have been living in a hut in Africa, like the president’s brother.

Back in the 1800s in jolly old England a man was known for his rapier wit.  No one had a sharper tongue than Oscar Wilde. He was invited to parties to cut the guests down to size with a few well chosen words. Ann Coulter is the nearest person today that has the rapier wit of Oscar.  The word rapier comes from rape.  In other words you were raped with words.  Most of those conversations were in fun.  Today’s vituperative insults are for real.  The left knows what they are doing and who they are targeting.  The left speaks with malice and Oscar Wilde made his rapier wit a game. Besides there is no wit in the words the left uses. We on the right know how to joke and take a joke on ourselves.  Have you ever known a funny left winger? The president can’t tell a joke, but funny things just fell off George W. Bush’s lips.

There are signs the president is backing off government controlled insurance and will give in to a co-op run program.  Several of his Democrat House and Senate members told the president he was paddling up stream without an oar and there was no way to pass the Universal Health care he is pushing.  I don’t fully trust the matter, because Howard Dean is still pushing hard for government run health care.  Dean never saw a government program he didn’t like.

The president has done all he can to vilify American Doctors. His last insult was when he said our doctors treating diabetics look at the patient and think, “I can treat him or cut a foot off. If I cut a foot off I’ll get $40,000 to $50,000 dollars.”  I looked up what the doctor normally gets to amputate a  foot, including follow up medical attention. They get between $700 and $1,000 dollars.  And the president is wondering why his poll number are falling like a rock into The Grand Canyon. I’ll call it what it is…the president is lying to the American people to push his government control of our lives. Suddenly doctors are evil. Doctors are the demons.  They charge too much. We must control what doctors make.  We do that and we won’t have any doctors.

The left has decided to pull out the death panel part of the bill, even though this weekend the president was still saying he never meant to pull the plug on grandmother.  No matter what he says, it’s in the bill and Sarah Palin broke it down to words we all can understand.  She called it a death panel.  That resonated with the American People and in the face of being called a Mob, Un-American and Nazis we pushed forward and stood up to their maligning us. First we are paid to rebel and then we are misguided urchants from the backwoods who know nothing.  It doesn’t matter what we are called as long as we stand tall for our way of life and freedom in America.  I’m very proud of every one of you who are making calls and writing letters.  We cannot stop now.  We punched them, they punched back twice as hard and then we bloodied their noses. We have them back on their heels.  Now is the time to increase the pressure.  We can win if we don’t slack off.  Remember we have an election in 2010 to win.  There is no victory if we let them slip in and steal 2010.

I will be out of pocket later in the week.  My Twins, who for those of you new to my blog, run my ranch. They have worked for me since day one. The twins are Mexican and seventh or eighth generation Texans. Their families helped fight in the war with Mexico that gave Texas its Independence.  No native Texas  born Mexican that I know is in favor of mass citizenship for those here Illegally.  This is a battle we will be facing around Christmas time.  It’s coming as sure as we can use some rain. The twins have a cousin down near the border who owns a nice sized ranch. Since his property runs along the Rio Grande he has serious problems with Illegal Aliens and drug smugglers using his land as a highway.  I’m leaving Wednesday and will be back, I hope, Sunday.  If you don’t see a blog or listing, you will know I’m on the border dealing with the bad guys.  It’s just something I need to do. The twins wouldn’t have asked if it was not as serious as a heart attack.

I have a friend about my age who has coached high school football for twenty five years, maybe longer.  He has never been able to get a job as a head coach. He works in the AA and AAA schools as a defensive coordinator and coaches track.  He is a pretty darn good track coach. He is always taking kids to state.  His father, whom I know, had a heart operation last week. They replaced three damaged arteries…or whatever they do when they cut you open. During the operation his kidneys were damaged.  Perhaps they were already in bad shape, I’m not sure.  The doctors told my friend’s father he would need to go on dialysis.  The father was distraught and is making life miserable for all.   In rides Will Cooper on the white horse, I decided to rescue the situation.  I wrote a long email to my coach friend recommending peritoneal dialysis for his father.  I explained this could be done at home. They would not need to go to those depressing dialysis clinics three times a week and sit for hours in a chair for his treatment.  I explained the benefit of daily treatment vs the clinic way where he would get three dialysis treatments a week.  I think peritoneal dialysis is a fairly new procedure.  Dialysis fluids are placed in the peritoneum (abdomen), about a gallon, and left for a few hours and then drained and replaced. Once a person is adjusted they are given a machine. The patient plugs in at bedtime and the dialysis is done when they wake up.  It also allows the patient to travel.  In short this is the closest thing to having a real kidney on the market.

Coach was elated. They asked his father’s kidney doctor if he could use this form of dialysis.  The doctor answered, “No, you are too fat.  Your belly is too big.”

I had no idea, but the father now weighs about 300 pounds.  I need to get him down here for a few months.  I’ve dropped 15 lbs this summer.  I’m down to 195.  I was not trying to lose pounds, but the pounds were sweated off out in the 102 degree sun.

His dad got me to thinking about our health care system. Obesity is a menace to our health costs. In Texas we are losing billions in medical care and loss of productivity because of obesity. Let’s face it obesity is the elephant in the room of health care reform. What do we do with obesity?  If you are heavy, I’m not picking on you.  In truth I don’t know what any of you look like.  I need to clarify, a few of my loyal eBay family members have sent me photos.  I treasure those photos, but by and large I don’t have a clue if you are thin or heavy, so this is not to single any one person out.

Our government doesn’t seem concerned. The new surgeon general is a rather rotund woman.  How can anyone as obese as her tell us how to be healthy? The president smokes and he is trying to tell us how to live healthier lives.  And our vice president has had more face lifts then Barbara Walters.

Please let me share some facts. Obesity is killing 100,000 people a year.

Obesity will cost Texas $15.6 Billion in loss of productivity and health related problems.

For the first time since the Civil War the life expectancy will decline.  This is due to our overabundance of obese and heavy people.

Two out of three adults in the United States are overweight.

In the past twenty years the obesity rates have doubled.

Every third child born in 2000 is likely to wind up diabetic.

Obesity hits the minorities, especially black women the hardest.

I don’t have the answer.  I do know kids no longer play games outside, they are texting or playing computer games.  Parents don’t limit the amount of sodas they can drink. I see it at the Dairy Queen, a family with three fat kids buying them extra large shakes, fries and a greazy triple burger.  I know, I eat there, but only once a week.  These kids are fed a daily diet of fat foods.  I will admit it’s difficult to live in Texas and not eat Tex-Mex food.  We have the best in the world, but it carries pounds in every bite. If the kids worked as hard as I do then they might could burn off the fat, but these kids are couch muffins.  I bet if I visited their homes I’d find cans of soda and big bags of salty chips or a bag of candy.

The government can’t nanny us to exercise and eat right. No one needs to tell you if you are overweight.  You know it.  Here is a tip that will help. Drink water. Drink water when you are hungry for a snack. Read labels and find stuff with less fat causing stuff. Mothers who breast feed raise children who tend not to get fat.  If you or your friends are overweight, it’s time for you to take control of your life.  It’s no fun to sit in a movie when your butt is so big it won’t fit in the seat.  When flying you have to buy two seats.   I don’t know the answer, but I do know that obesity is the most pressing issue we have in America.       Thank you for listening, Will Cooper

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