The Mexican Border

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Before I get into the meat of my blog I want to tell you about this.  An elderly couple in Georgia were killed this week by feral dogs.  He was 77 and she 65.  The dogs killed her and when he went to her aid they killed him.  The law picked up 15 dogs that had formed a pack, running wild. Remember a few months ago I killed a pack of feral dogs on my ranch.  Just wanted you to know mine was not some isolated case. My only question is why did the cops pick up the dogs. They should have shot them on the spot.  Feral dogs are dangerous.

Thank you for your messages of concern. I’ll be safe.  I’m leaving Wednesday for the Mexican border.  I’ll try to get something written for the blog and list a piece on Wednesday before I go.  I will not take a laptop on this trip.  So please hold your emails forwarding me things to read.  Please do comment on the blog page if you wish, I’ll get those messages when I return. Your input is important. I rely on you guys more than you know.

My two key men are twins and their first cousin owns a big spread along the Rio Grande River.  I don’t know for sure but I suspect he has 12,000 to 15,000 acres on his ranch.  I won’t tell you his exact location, but I can say he is east of Laredo in a perfect area for drugs and people to be smuggled into the country through his property.   So far he has managed to keep the traffic to a small stream, but that is going to change immediately. Most of the river banks on his place are sloping, making it easy to get down to the river and back up on level ground. The river is a trickle in places as it passes his ranch.  He is an older Mexican, who got caught in the tick fever quarantine and now he is going to have to deal with a rash of drugs and humans. His area is not high on the Border Patrol’s priority. No cameras and few if any agents.  It’s him against the Mexican drug cartels.  Not real good odds and I’m not Clint Eastwood who is going to make things equal. We are over matched and out gunned. I hope my brain works a little better than those of the drug gangs.

If you have not seen pictures or videos on the damage these folks who come across do to our land then you would be shocked.  They leave trash like you see in the slums. Plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags, dirty diapers, bags for chips, candy wrappers and clothes.  Frankly the area will look like Gulfport/Biloxi after the hurricane came through. We know we can’t stop them, but perhaps I can help him slow them down or cause them to go some other places.

He employees about a dozen men. Some of them mere boys. None are gunfighters. But all of them are American citizens. I’m sure he is tempted to hire the cheaper illegal labor, but he like the Twins, loves our state and our country. They are not happy that Illegal Aliens are invading us. If the president gets his wish he will make all the illegals citizens so they can vote.

This week the Mexican Government made a massive change in border security personal and customs agents.  From San Diego to Brownsville TX the Mexican government swooped in and removed everyone working the border crossings.  They didn’t actually fire them, but refused to renew their contracts.  They removed 1,100 border security customs people and replaced them with 1440 who had been secretly trained.  This had to be a shock to the drug cartels. The old agents were taking bribes to look the other way when a load of money, people or dope was coming through.  At least the bribes will stop now for a while. 90% of the new agents are college graduates and only 10% of the old ones graduated from colleges.  I’m not sure how long it will take the cartels to buy the new folks off, but it’s not going to be an instant transition back to complete corruption.  This means human and drug smugglers will have to find other ways to get their merchandise into the States.  The Twins’ cousin is a perfect target.  He has what is equilivant to Palm Beach Ocean front property.  There is a backroad in Mexico that drives by his place south of the river.  A lot of people traveling from Brownsville and Mc Allen go over into Mexico and use this back road to get to Laredo. What I’m saying is his ranch is an ideal place to cross over in and in fact the traffic has already picked up. He called one of the twins in a panic. He is scared and asked me to come down.

He wants me to come and show him how to stop the Illegals and drug runners from trashing his ranch. Killing his beef and cutting his fences.  His property is different than mine.  If I ever get any rain I’ll have coastal bermuda up to the belly of my animals.  He is in a rocky soil with lots of small sage trees not much taller than a big mule.  Even if you are on a ridge it’s difficult to see movement.  A few years back the twins and me when down to his place to hunt deer.  He has some white tail bucks that look like a mule deer.  I remember then the hard time we had finding a clear shot. But when we went back on horse back we had better visibility.

I’m taking a couple of my better mares.  I have a hunch how to stop some of this assault, but I won’t tell you until I’ve proved my theory.  For those of you who tend to worry I will be taking my rifle and old WWII Army .45.  I’m fully aware those people bringing drugs in have no compunction about killing an American.  There have been over 1,000 Americans killed in the United States by these drug dealers in the past few years.  I think it’s going to really get nasty now that essentially the Mexican Government has shut off the pay as you go policy. Drugs are still going to flow into our country and with them not being able to use the legal entry points, people like the cousin are going to be in the crossfire.

I want to get to his ranch before dark Wednesday.  I called and told him what I thought would work and where to get what was needed. I suggested he put in a rush order, because the cartels will not put things on hold for him. I gave him phone numbers after I called them first to make sure they could do the job ASAP.

We are being assaulted from Washingon and Mexico. I often wonder which is worse.

Let me leave you with this thought.  A well dressed lady answered a Florida Lemon grower’s ad for lemon pickers.  He asked, “You don’t look like someone who has picked lemons. Have you had any experience?”

Without hesitation she answered, “I voted for Obama and have been married three times.”   She got the job!   Will Cooper <><

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