True Lies

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It’s been so darn dry my sand ants are choking on the dust.  It’s so dry down here the local Baptist Church is sprinkling when they baptize. The Methodists are using wet wipes and our Lutheran Church is handing out rain checks. Our Catholics are praying to change their wine back into water.  Just wanted you to know we are still without rain.

Frankly I’m tired of all the lies falling from the lips of those in Washington. It’s a town full of self interest and personal aggrandisements. Arlen $pector is a perfect example. He realized he could no longer get elected as a Republican so he switched parties. While a Republican he vowed to not vote for the government health care bill.  The moment he changed hats he suddenly saw the benefits of the government running our lives.  Arlen $pector is a shining example of a living lie. He said this week, “Those attending my meetings are not representative of America.”

What hole does he live in? I’ve seen a half dozen videos of his town hall meetings and the people asking questions look a lot like the people at our TEA Parties.  Where do these leftists live?  Arlen $pector is now hauling in bus loads of ACORN people for his meetings.  I guess he thinks the ACORN group represents America better than the hard working folks who have been showing up for his meetings.  Please note how I spelled $pector.  The president bribed $pector and now he is a top class kool-aid drinker.

The big lie is to call government run health care, public  health care. There is nothing public about it.  If the American people knew this was a government run health care system they would be a lot more enraged than they are. Give the left credit.  They knew the truth would kill the bill, so cleaver wordsmiths did polls and discovered public health care had less sting and was less offensive to the American people.  But we old under-educated country folks and a lot of our city slicker friends got wise. We saw what they were doing and pulled the covers back.  This is why AARP has had 60,000 members pull their membership. AARP endorsed the government health bill.  Now they are doing the two step, but in truth AARP did back the bill.  They backed it and now they are lying about their actions. The president said we have the backing of AARP.  AARP is a liberal bunch, while most of their members are conservative and don’t want the government meddling with their health care.

We have raised such a ruckus that the president is backing off his ‘public’ (government) health care and going to back a co-op plan.  This is another well camouflaged ploy. Co-op is the same as public (government) health care, only the words poll better. Trust me this was poll tested before the president backed off his public plan. Here is the truth. Co-ops will be functionally indistinguishable from a public option; because they will similarly benefit from free capital grabbed from us taxpayers.  In other words, the referee will begin playing the game and the same as public option the co-0ps will kill off private insurance.

DO NOT believe the lie that public (government) option is going away. DO NOT believe the Democrats are going to give up on universal health care. It’s their sacred cow. Let me give you and example.  Let’s say the Washington NFL Redskins are getting beat at the half time and during their break they changed into the old Houston Oilers uniforms and wore them the second half.  The team would be the same, just the color of the jersey would be different.  The Democrats are going to change the language to rate better in the polls, but they are going to keep the same goal and plan. It may take them longer, but they are who they are.  They will not let a bunch of  ignorant constituents tell them what to do. They are going to keep on keeping on to ram through universal health care.

Keep the pressure on the Republicans. Some might drink the kool-aid of the new CO-OP deal.  They might believe the lie.  It’s up to us who are under-educated and have little ‘cooth’ to keep them in line.  We must stop the Republicans from making a fool of themselves.

If the government really wanted to bring down the cost of health care they would do tort reform.  Our doctors have to do dozens of tests to protect themselves from lawyers and frivolous lawsuits.  We could cut the cost of health care by 35% with tort reform.  Since 80% of those in Congress are lawyers, tort reform is out of the question.

My horses are in the trailer, my guns loaded, clothes packed and the pick up truck is full of gas.  I felt this message was important enough for me to delay my trip and let you know, a wolf in sheep’s clothes is still a wolf.  Don’t fall for the soft sounding co-op.  Government run health care is government run health care no matter what name is hung on it.

Send up a few prayers for me.  I need the prayers and I know you need the practice.  Will Cooper <><


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