Pressure on the Blue Dogs

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Old age is a  certainty unless you die young.  All of us have older people in our lives.  This is just the normal cycle of life. Let’s look at some of the myths and lies from the left about aging.  The universal health care plan being pushed by the Democrats plans to add 47 to 50 million more people to the system without adding new doctors.  Okay, I’ll admit I’m a slow talking, cantankerous cowboy stuck down in the sticks between San Antonio and Corpus Christi.  I don’t get the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times.  Starting in September I’ll get USA Today, because they have the best coverage of college and professional football of any newspaper I know.  I readily admit I’m lacking in education. I didn’t attend an Ivy League school and didn’t make the best grades at the college I attended.  So perhaps some of you really highly educated, smart people can explain to me how we can add 47 million new people on the medical rolls with no new doctors and NOT cut back on the time spent with each person.  My mind is like play-do, you can mold me into the right shape.

If I’m running 500 head of cattle and my grass is struggling to feed them, what would happen if I added a couple hundred more?  The grass would be chewed down to the roots and none of the cows would be getting enough food.  Most doctors are seeing all the patients they can.  Toss another 20 people a day at each doctor and no one is going to get the attention and time needed. We will see an immediate decline in the care we currently have.  Which is pretty darn good.

The new universal health bill wants to cut a half trillion dollars out of Medicare.  The Democrats say they will not reduce the quality and quantity of care senior Americans receive. Give me a break.  You can’t reduce the amount spent by a half trillion dollars and not limit care. Old people will see a reduction in their medical options. You reach 77 and need a coronary artery bi-pass, chances are not good the government will want to spend that money on you.  As the president suggested, maybe it’s better you take a blue pill.

You can look forward to less MRI’s, CAT Scans and Bone Scans.  The president said he wants to see a reduction in tests. I suspect knee and hip replacements will not be an option for older Americans.

The talking points for the Democrats are mendacity.  Every time the president speaks he says, “You can keep yourdoctor, you can keep your insurer.” This is Myth I and it  just isn’t true. Under their universal health care plan almost all businesses can opt out of their current plan providing insurance for their employees and move them into the government option. There is no way to deny you will lose your insurance coverage or do without. There is a great chance a lot of doctors will not provide care to those with the government health care plan, because the fees will be so low. Even today a lot of doctors don’t take Medicare and Medicade.  The odds are you are more likely to lose your doctor and insurance program under the Obama plan than you are now.

Myth 2. The old folks won’t face rationing or Medicare cuts. This is a fabrication. I explained what’s going to happen in the first part of this blog. Even the liberal New York Times said, “It’s not irrational for the elderly to have fears of losing services.”  In other words the old folks can bank on losing care under the Obama universal health care plan. You can’t dump 47 to 50 million new people into the system and not ration others. It just can’t happen.  Yet the Democrats will preach the party line, knowing full well they are not being truthful.

Myth 3.  There will be no death panels.  Sarah Palin got it right on FaceBook when she exposed this falsehood.  The Democrats knew enough not to call them death panels, but a rose by any other name is still a rose.  The Obama government health care plan is going to see a name change. The Democrats want to name it the Kennedy Memorial health care plan but it’s the same ugly stuff.  Government committees will get guidelines, where faceless government workers will make decisions about YOUR health care. Do you get the MRI? Do you get the hip replacement?  Will the cancer be treated? Will you get that heart transplant? A new kidney?   Not your doctor, but a government panel will tell you what you can have.  They will have a chart that says how much longer you have to live and then will decide if you are worth the money for the operation. It won’t be personal, just a bottom line.

The VETS already have an end of life book, where some government workers asks them if they feel they are a burden on their family. Is life worth living?  The government worker has a guide that pushes the VET into wanting to give up the fight for life.  If they can get you to surrender your will to live, then you will soon die and save the government money.

Myth 4. The new plan will save money. It might, because we will stop giving care to the elderly. After all the older people are the ones costing the most.  Normally the last three months can be expensive. But who are they to say when are those last three months?  Doesn’t God call those shots?  I want Him to in my case.  The Democrats new plan will cost an extra trillion dollars. Liberman said this extra trillion will come from what it will cost to insure the 47 to 50 million new people.

Myth 5. No illegals will be covered in the new plan.  Every time the Democrats speak they all say no health care for illegal aliens.  WE already have health care for the illegals. It’s called the Emergency Room.  Here is the truth. The Republicans proposed an amendment to the bill that would block all health care to illegal aliens and Nancy Pelosi refused to allow it to be part.

Don’t get side tracked while I’m gone. Keep one eyed. In two weeks things will heat back up in Washington. Obama will return from Camp David, where he and his hit men will be planning their counter attack.  Look for them to take each blue dog Democrat to the wood shed and spank their butts until they give in and vote for the bill. It comes down to who do the blue dogs fear the most, the president or the people.  If they vote for the bill, their people will vote them out. If they don’t vote for the bill then the president will see that they get no pork.  Their character will be tested. Will money talk or will character walk?   We will just have to wait and see.  Will Cooper <><


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