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Going Rogue

September 30, 2009

Vice Presidential Debate

Remember recently when the tabliods ran front page stories that Sarah Palin and her husband were getting a divorce?  One paper  exclaimed, “IT’S OVER!!!”  Shortly after Sarah resigned as Govenor of Alaska she packed up and headed for San Diego where she began working on her book.  Her family came along.  No one knew where they were.  Sarah and Todd first went to his old fishing village and set the scene they would be commercial fishing.  Then they vanished.  She took her trusted right hand lady and that was it.  They worked around the clock and when the first draft was finished the team went to New York City.  There they got down to the business of putting the finishing touches on her book.  I love her title: Going Rogue.  That really describes her.

The book was scheduled for spring, but now the release date has been moved up to Nov.17th. Just in time for the Christmas market.  The publisher is printing 1.5 million copies.  The book is 400 pages long. I plan on getting one of the first copies and if luck is with me I’ll finish reading it by mid-spring. 

Some think she will peal back the skin and let the public know how really bad the McCain people treated her.  They treated her like she was some sort of country hick. I’ve heard my share of speakers and I have never seen anyone who electrified a crowd like she does.  Her’s is not a cult following, but people who appreciate the truth being told.  Maybe it helps because she is cute. 

Recently she accepted an invitation to speak in Hong Kong to a group of Asian business men.  I have read several accounts and everyone says she kicked butt.  The people at the meeting were amazed at her knowledge. 

If you will remember back when she stepped down this old broken down cowboy told you Sarah was going to travel and shore up her International portfolio.

The Democrats are surreptitiously trying to act as if she doesn’t matter.  In truth she has them quaking in their lace panties. She is going to be a force in 2012.  King Barry knows she will go for the juglar and call things like they are.  She will point out his weaknesses and keep the Democrats awake at night trying to figure out how to stop the juggernaut coming at them in the form of a  Hockey Mom with lipstick.  

Do you think Sarah would have bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia?   Would she have been buddy, buddy with Castro and Chavez?  She would have told Iran what she would do if they continued working on nuclear bombs.  They would have believed her and folded their tents.

The lead General in Afagahistan has had ONE conversation with the president in 80 days.  One conversation about what the troops need and if they are going to add more. King Barry is in Sweden this week trying to get the Olympics for Chicago.   His General needs him, but he and his family are galavanting around Europe.  I think it is already settled that the Olympics are coming to Chicago.  He wants to go over and claim credit as if he pulled the strings.  Trust me, his visist had nothing to do with where the Olympics are going to be held.  Rio has too much street violence.  Madrid doesn’t have the money and neither does Toyko.  Chicago is the only option and King Barry wants to make it look like he is the reason we are getting the event.  What a piece of work???  

The bet is out on who will buy the most Palin books.  The liberals so they can find mistakes or those of us who want to know more about our future persident.  I’m betting on our side to buy and give copies to family and friends.     Good Night good people, Will Cooper


Property of the State

September 29, 2009

eBay Will's blog Stirring Up Dust

On our way back from helping a rancher in need out around Sanderson we passed a passel of men in orange jump suits on each side of the road.  Five or six men on horseback, with shotguns in their hands were keeping watch. I commented to the man riding with me, “Where would they go if they escaped way out here?  Sanderson is in the middle of nowhere with the closest town 40 miles away. The area is not known for it’s trickling streams.  Water would be a hard thing to find.

My friend asked, “What was that written on the guys in orange backs?”

“PROPERTY OF THE STATE,”  I answered with a half  hearted chuckle.

“Will, you do know this is what’s happening to our country under The One?”

I know, I’ve seen the huge press to make us all property of the state.  This current administration wants to control every aspect of our lives.  All of you know I think smoking is a stupid habit and that you should seek medical help to stop.  But it’s your body if you want to kill yourself. The government should not own you and be able to tell you what habits you can  and can’t have.  Unless you are harming others it’s no one elses business.

The big push on health care is so the government can make us property of the state. Know this, if this health care passes as the Democrats are proposing then all of us will be state property. If you are too heavy then the state will come in and tell you what you can eat. You are a health risk and under the new bill they will have the power to tell you how much you can eat.  If you are obese you are an added burden to your health; therefore you must be controlled. A government worker will come to your home and remove all chips and cookies. They will give you a list of “healthy” foods.  Like delicious celery sicks and skim milk.  No ice cream for you and a limited amount of bread.  Forget about cake and twinkies.  The government knows what’s best for you and if you want to be covered medically you will obey.  It’s simple, DO what you are told or do without treatment.”

There is talk of an approved list of foods you can get with food stamps or Welfare money.  I know you are thinking, what’s wrong with that?   What’s wrong with that is the government has no business trying to run anyone’s life.  Down in my neck of the woods there are a lot of people living on food stamps and welfare checks.  I see what they buy and I’m appalled. Especially when they have four or five kids clinging to their mother’s dress.  The top of the list is smokes and beer.  What’s leftover goes for food.  The last time I was in our local HEB.  HEB is not short for Jew, but Howard E. Butts the original founder of the biggest grocery chain in Texas.  A Mexican woman in front of me had two cases of beer, a carton of smokes and big bags of chips.  Dumb butt me, I asked if she was having a party.  She had six kids and the oldest one was about seven.  I saw no candy for the kids.   I know, I know candy is bad for the teeth, but for goodness sake a child needs to know the taste of candy.   I got six giant Baby Ruths and without asking permission gave each of the kids a bar.  The gal checking out sorta panicked, she felt she needed to ring the candy up.   I assured her we would take care of the candy when she got to me.

Under state controlled health care it will be forbidden for kids to eat candy.  Those little Mexican kids didn’t say a word, but their eyes spoke very loudly, “THANK YOU!!!”

The current battle we are in is one we have to win.  If we lose then we will be slaves in a former free society. The government can decide our guns are not healthy and take them. They will mandate what cars we drive, big cars put out too much bad gas and that’s not good for our health…thus the pick up trucks must go.

When this is all over, we will either be free or property of the state.  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the president want to enslave us through the health care bill.  We want our freedom.  It’s my life and if I want to destroy it chasing wild women, drinking too heavy and learning to smoke then the government has no right to tell me what I can and cannot do. Never mind that no wild woman would want me, one drink and I’d be drunk and smoking anything would make me sick, no government lackie has the right to tell me that is not permissible under my new health plan.   I for one am going to fight for freedom.  Stay the course with me.  Will Cooper <><

It’s Not Fair

September 27, 2009

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Child abuse is one of the most egregious crimes that can be committed.  The child is shackled with shame and disgrace the rest of their lives.  Roman Polanski raped a 13 year old girl in the US and rather than go to jail he fled to his home country, France.  That was 30 years ago.  He is the movie director who made China Town, Rosemary’s Baby and scores of other films. He was safe in France where he continued to work and I suspect molest more young girls. Once a pedophile. always one. There is no magic cure.  Castration helps.  I think castration should be mandatory for men and I’m not sure what to do to women who molest.  And there are a lot of women molesters.  When the word molester is mentioned we automatically think of a man with tobacco juice running down his chin and wearing dirty overalls.  In California it was a beautiful 28 year old school teacher who sexually abused and killed a small girl.

There is justice. This week Polanski went to Sweden to receive an award and was arrested.  The original judge who tried him died, but another one has taken his place and he doesn’t like men who molest children.  It’s my understanding Polanski will be returned to the United States to face the music. I hope they put him away for life.

Child abuse tends to manifest its ugliness as long as the abused person lives.  I have come to the conclusion it’s rougher on men than girls. It has to do with the Macho thing. Men want to pass it off as their entrance into manhood.  Men stuff the secret deeper than women, because their fear is deeper. Men fear they will be less of a man if anyone knows their “secret’.  A secret whoever abused them told them to keep or else.  Many things are used for fear. “I’ll kill your baby sister. I’ll kill your mother.   If it’s the mother she might say, “I’ll cut your wennie off if you tell.”  Keeping the secret becomes a fulltime job.  A great deal of energy is used just keeping the secret.  Every word spoken is guarded.

I know two men who were sexually abused by their mother.  One lives in Texas and the other out west.  Both are 40ish. Each have been successful in their lives, but their self-esteem is very low. They move smoothly in life and then self destruct.   When something goes wrong they began to beat up on themselves.  They see themselves as WORTH-LESS.  Each one continues to destroy their situation when they have a good thing. They get things going well and find a way to mess it up.  One was earning serious money and purchased a house three times the size his family needed.  When the economy went into the tank, he lost the big house.    In his case his wife was also molested and she is a compulsive spender.  Both are in denial. Until they are willing to face the abuse and put it into the sunlight they will go from failure to failure and there is not anything anyone can do to help.

When you let the secret out amazing things happen. You will begin to heal.  The truth of the light will melt the abuse garbage. The plastic bag open and soon the memories dry up. Healing comes from telling the secret. No one will blame you.  NO ONE.  I know you hear those little voices, but face the truth and find healing.

The other man was a star athlete. People love him.  Yet he felt dirty all the time.  Thinking, “If they knew the real me no one would like me.”   Things were going well, he was about to marry a wonderful girl.  He couldn’t tell her no but if he married she might learn the truth.  So he vanished for ten years. Keeping the secret was the most important thing in the world to him.  His mother is  sick woman.  She molested both of her sons and I suspect her daughter.

The wonderful people who do my shipping and money collecting…she was molested as a child. Her rich father got her pregnant when she was 12. Her mother got the family doctor to do the abortion.  She and her husband have a compelling love story. One that will warm the coldest of hearts.  He helped her tell the secret and today she is one of the top female artists in America.  Go to and read Silent Scream.  You will cry. You will then be lifted to amazing heights.  I know of no one I admire more than Mikki Senkarik and her husband.  He’s a tough old guy, with a heart as soft as a powder-puff.   She is an example of what happens when the secret is revealed.

If you were abused or think you were find a friend and share what you know. You can heal. You can feel normal.  Mikki and her husband are the two happiest people I know or have ever known. She is no longer a victim. She is a survivor and you can be one as well.  It’s not easy…but it is possible.   Will Cooper <><

How do you like the Change?

September 27, 2009

Obama self portrait

Look carefully at this self portrait. Note: he sees himself as the Messiah.

It’s a new day, but one thing won’t change.  Sometime today the government is going to do something very stupid.  I have no idea what that will be, but it’s coming. We have seen a radical move every day since the president took office.  I don’t know about you but I was pretty upset with the teacher who had young kids sing a song praising  the president. We were taught to respect the office of the presidency, but not make him a cult leader. At the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington Township, NJ, little school kids were made to memorize a song of praise for Obama.  The teacher Elvira James and the principal Denise King are rabid Obama supporters. Charisse Carney-Nunes, the author of the children’s book, I Am Barack Obama says she was a Harvard Law school mate of the president.  These are the words of the song Carney-Nuns wrote that the teacher James made the small kids put to memory.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama

He said all should lend a hand to make the country strong again.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama.

He said we must fair today, equal work means equal pay.

Mmm, mmm, mmm Barack Hussein Obama.

He said take a stand, make sure everyone gets a chance.

Mmm, mmm, mmm Barack Hussein Obama.

He said red, yellow, black and white, all are equal in his sight.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama.

Yeah! Barack Hussein Obama.

Hello, Mr. President, we honor you today

For all your great accomplishments, we all so say HOORAY.

HORRAY, Mr. President, you are No. 1.

The first black American to lead this nation.

We learned the Eyes of Texas and God Bless America when I was in school.  If I were a parent I would be very upset that things like the above are being forced into the mind of my small child. This is not America we know. I think it’s fine for the president’s photo to hang in each room.  He is the president, but we don’t need to indoctrinate them about his accomplishments.  I can’t think of one positive thing he has accomplished.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France, all but called him a wimp this week.  The UK newspaper has been calling him a pantywaist. Ralph Nader said Obama is, waffly, weak, an amateur.  At this UN scam (UN Security Council Summit) the enemy has had fun making fun of our president.  Is he not smart enough to see he is a joke?  I guess when you are so wrapped up in yourself enough to give the Queen of England an I-Pod with your speeches you are blind to what’s really happening.  France said we must make a decision.  Trust me making decisions are not Obama’s strong point. You saw him waffle when our Captain was being held by three Muslim pirates.  We could have freed him the first day had the president given his okay.  He waited three days and then told the ship’s captain to make the decision. A few minutes later the Captain was free and all but one of the Muslim thugs were dead with sniper shots to their heads.

The FBI prevented another 9-11 attack this 9-11.  They had picked up chatter over the Internet and zeroed in on a young man from Colorado. This young man had been in Pakistan to the bomb camps.  The FBI arrested three and are looking for 12 to 14 more.  In their search they discovered 14 backpacks.  Their targets were the subway, sports parks and places where a lot of people gather. I wonder what would have happened if this bunch had been successful and killed a few thousand Americans.  Can you imagine the president’s panic???  I fear for America with this man as our leader.

He has made Jimmy Carter look good and I didn’t think that was possible.  He will go down as the worst president in the history of the United States of America.  An eBay family member told me about a new bumper sticker their group is making:   “IS IT 2012 YET! ”  It can’t get here fast enough for me.  Good Night, Will <><


September 26, 2009

eBay  Blog  24x18 Indian Dancer

I don’t know what’s going on down in our neck of the woods.  I know we have a few Mexican Red Wolves.  We have not seen any of the reds this year and neither have I lost any animals to them.  Last week a rancher friend told me he thought a wolf had killed one of his calves.  He insisted that I come look at the carcass. Frankly I didn’t have time, but I went any way. What I saw disturbed me.   The calf had been eaten partially from behind, while it was alive.  You could see the ground where its legs were kicking and the head dragging up and down.

Only one animal that I know of consumes its prey while it is still alive.  The Mexican Gray wolf.  This wolf is almost extinct. There are probably 500 in captivity and a few hundred in the wild.  I know there is a big stink in New Mexico, because the government has been turning them loose so they can breed in the wilderness.  The ranchers out there are really upset and for good reason.

Gray wolves chase their prey until it is too tired to run. When the animal falls the wolves begin to eat the tender meat in the back. Most of the time the calf, deer or whatever they chased down dies from the loss of blood.  Most wolves and cougars kill the prey and then eat, but not the Mexican Gray Wolf.

Yesterday, one of my men found a calf, still alive with big chunks of it’s body eaten.  There was no way for the calf to live so he killed her, then fired off three rounds.  We heard his shots and made our way to the dead calf.  My heart sank.  I could tell by the marks on the ground it was Mexican Gray Wolves.  Why are they in my area?  Has the government put out a pair without letting the ranchers know?  That’s my guess, because they know we would put up a fight.

Gray wolves are almost impossible to find. They know how to keep out of sight, but we ranchers in this area have to locate them. Endangered or not, if we find them they will not kill any more domestic animals.

Unless you have seen a calf on the ground fighting for life with a huge chunk of it’s body eaten from behind you cannot possibly know my rage.  The wolves eat the bowels out first.  I guess they come back for seconds.  That I’m not sure of.   I really can’t blame the wolves, I blame the government for releasing them without our knowledge.  Normally they release an alpha male and alpha female.  I suspect that is the case here.  Those that killed my calf had pups.  You could see the small foot prints.

I doubt seriously that those 4 or 5 wolves traveled from northern New Mexico to here.  Some government agent got the bright idea that since the ranchers in New Mexico are so up in arms about the Mexican Gray Wolves killing their livestock they would slip a few pair down into south Texas.

I went through two years of the worst drought in the recorded history of Texas. We finally got a little rain and then I discover my own government has brought in predators to eat up my profit. Trust me folks, I don’t like this Hope and Change. They have removed our personal hope and are trying to change everything I have believed in.  Now they are killing off my livestock.  Not just mine but other ranchers in this area.

I can’t prove the government sneaked the Mexican Gray Wolves into our area, but I’ll bet my boots, my best boots that is what happened.  I’m so mad today I can eat nails. The word has spread and every one in a 50 mile radius is watching and carrying their rifles.  Write this down, one of us is going to take those wolves out. Bodies will never be found.  We can’t have animals out there killing our livestock.  Forgive my personal ranting, but seeing where those calves were struggling for life made me sick to my stomach.

Mexican Gray Wolves chase their prey until the animal gets tired and stressed. They fall from exhaustion and then the wolves begin eating. I understand the way nature works, but it still upsets me.  We have seen some dead deer and I figured the died from starvation, but it may have been the wolves.  Damn it, I’m mad.

Good night…I will paint some and go to bed.  Tomorrow is a new day and maybe I’ll get a wolf in my sights. (smile)  Will Cooper <><


September 25, 2009

eBay Blog President Bush llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


If you want to link my blog to other sites, have at it.  I would appreciate you letting others know about my blog.  I do get frustrated when I don’t see an increase in readers. Thanks for helping me.

ACORN: Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.  They just filed a lawsuit against THE Hanna and James and Andrew Breitbart.  That is a big mistake on ACORN’s part.  Now they will have to open their books.

I can no longer be silent on one of the biggest criminal enterprises since Joseph Kennedy got rich smuggling whiskey from Canada into the US.  It’s not just the Kennedy clan, The Bush gang is not lily white.  Senior Bush pulled some pretty shady deals to acquire his mega wealth.  George H. W. Bush was the head of our CIA, that’s equivalent to being the head of the KGB.

Make no mistake, I love George W. Bush.  He is not perfect, but he is a man of his word.  “W” was raised in a 1,400 sq ft house in Midland, with one bath and no garage. They didn’t live rich when he was growing up.  He eventually went to an exclusive boy’s school in the east at the insistance of Grandma Bush.  In High School W was a cheerleader and considered a little on the wild side.  Laura was raised in a normal west Texas home. Her mother was a housewife and her daddy built homes. He was not a big time builder, just one who earned enough to feed his family.  Laura went to SMU and became a librarian.

Friends introduced her to W at a party in Midland. He was a little fast for her, but he kept hanging around and she went out with him.  In the process she led W to Christ.  After W accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord his life changed.  He ran for the Texas House of Representatives.  The two of them went all over west Texas in his old, beat up pick up truck drumming up votes.  He lost, but learned a lot.  People respected how hard he worked.  With a loan from a family friend he purchased the Texas Rangers Baseball Team.  At the time the team was worthless. He built them into a winner. He was ready when he ran for governor and then two terms in the White House.

I saw W and Laura flip the coin Sunday night in the new Dallas Cowboys’ Stadium.  They looked great.

Good people can come out of corrupt families.  Robert Kennedy was a good guy.  Jack and Ted were not.  W is a good guy, his father I have questions about.  W’s oldest brother was involved with the Silverado scam in Colorado. Had his father not been president he would have gone to jail.  I think son Jeb is a good guy, but not presidential material.

I was leaning toward Charlie Crist of Florida until I recently discovered he is in the back pocket of ACORN.  He refuses to have them investigated orTO  cut off Florida funding for ACORN.  This is going to cost him the election.  The young Cuban Marco Rubio, who is Speaker of the Florida Senate, is a strong conservative and gaining ground on Chris.

This week when asked about ACORN the president said, “I saw those videos and they are disgusting.”

He was then asked, “Will you call for an investigation and cut off their funds?”

The president answered, “I have more pressing things to deal with than ACORN.”    He ran from the question as fast as he could.  The ACORN highway runs through the White House and goes back with the president to his days in Chicago.  He was a community organizer and trained ACORN people.  After he got out of law school he was their Chicago lawyer.  During the campaign he gave ACORN over $850,000 to help him get out the votes.   In speeches to ACORN just five days before the election he told them I will be coming to you for advice. My doors are always open to you.  He has a perplexing problem. If he throws them under the bus then he might lose thousands of votes in 2012.  If he doesn’t throw them under the bus then he WILL lose thousands of votes in 2012.  Voters will tie him to ACORN…I say voters, I mean the right will brand him with their logo.

ACORN has an IRS lien of two million dollars. Folks, this bunch owes the IRS two million dollars.

Florida just arrested 11 ACORN workers for voter fraud. They helped people vote who were not eligible. Right now 14 states are investigating ACORN for voter fraud. This bunch is up to their ears in crime.  I’d have to write a book and still not be able to cover all they are in to.

The latest is Barney Frank and John Conyers who think it’s unconstitutional for us to hold back money from Acorn.  John Conyers, a House member from Michigan, should be in jail and Barney Frank ran a male prostitution ring out of his apartment.  Actually Barney’s boyfriend ran the ring.  Conyers wants Hanna Giles and James O’Keefe charged with a crime. We see them as heroes and big bad John wants them put in jail.

Let me ask you a question.  If a man on the floor of Congress calls out,  “You Lied” , how do you know who he is talking about?   Good night, Will Cooper <><

Cars vs Walking

September 23, 2009

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Prince Charles, the future King of Great Britain, wants people to abandon cars and either take mass transit or walk. I like Charles and think he is a pretty good guy. But he doesn’t have the slightest clue what he is asking. I can see me walking into town, throwing three or four 50# bags of feed over my shoulders and trudging back home.  If I got an early start I could make it to the feed store and back in one day, if I was walking.  Let’s face it, I can’t carry two fifty pound bags home.  I might could get one home if I stopped several times to rest my back.

He is no doubt a well educated man, but he has no common sense. America couldn’t last one day with no one driving.  As my grandfather would say, “He can’t poor urine out of a boot.”  It’s not just Charles, we have a nation full of people wanting us to drive high charged golf carts.  In some areas people are driving three wheel cars.  There is room for one passenger. It takes six of these small ‘things’ to carry the same number of people that can ride in a mid-sized car.  The little three wheeler is dangerous beyond words. No one can see them. If they are in a wreck the chance of surviving is very low.  It’s like those on motor bikes. The San Antonio paper has at least one and some weeks two or three deaths of people on motor bikes.  Young people buy those crotch rockets that go from zero to 100 in a flash.  Last week I was on the Interstate doing around 70 which is the speed limit.  Two kids riding the white line zipped past in a blur, one chasing the other.  They had to have been going 110 miles per hour. Had a car decided to switch lanes they would not expect a bike to be beside them. The driver would have checked his rear view and side mirrors and saw he was clear.  Little did he know a bike was traveling on the white line in an excess of 100 mph.

To me i’s a no brainer, we must have cars and trucks. Walking might work in remote villages in Kenya, but that is not an option in America.  Which brings me to Cash for Clunkers. This program was without question dumber than dumb. I don’t even think Jimmy Carter would have done anything this stupid.  We take 750,000 old cars off the market. Cars that a lot of people could use. My first pick up truck was a clunker.  It served my purpose.  It gave me transportation and girls didn’t seem to mind getting in on the driver’s side, because the passenger door wouldn’t open.  If I got one in my pickup truck she couldn’t get out. (smile)  My old truck belched smoke and coughed when I started it up, but it took me where I needed to go. Thanks to our president 750,000 people will be denied a car or truck they could afford.  The clunkers were destroyed.  That’s Un-American.

I read a piece last night that said 25% of those who traded in their clunker for a new car or truck is now having buyer’s remorse. They are sick that they are saddled with car payments.  Money they need for their kid’s school clothes and food is now going to pay for their new truck or car.  When I heard about the program my immediate reaction was a lot of people who cannot afford a new car are going to be duped into buying with this clunker deal.  I was right.  I ran into a  local Mexican at the feed store a few days back. I commented on his new F150 Ford pick up truck.  He told me, “I got it on the Cash for Clunkers deal.  I traded my old truck in.”

I couldn’t help ask, “Was your old clunker in pretty bad shape?”

“No, Will. As a matter of fact it had new tires and ran like a kitten purring.  I got all tied up in getting more than I thought it was worth and put me and my family deep into debt.  My truck payments are over $450 a month and I don’t make a lot of money.  I feel I have been cheated by my government.  I voted for Obama, but I won’t again. I just hope I can keep making the payments.  I have to have a car to get to my job.”

I cannot begin to tell you how angry I was as I drove off.  I have a pretty good idea what he earns and I know in time he will lose the new truck and there won’t be any clunkers for him to buy.  Thousands of people went into debt to take advantage of the cash for clunkers.  That scam is going to destroy a half million families. And these people want to run our healthcare???   This cash for clunkers has done more damage to the car industry than any one thing.  Now dealers are being forced to give deep discounts just to sell a car.  I’m ’bout as riled as I can allow myself to get.  I still have a ranch to run…might I add a non-profit ranch.  Maybe I need to apply for a grant. I can say I employ minorities.  Have a good night. Will Cooper <><

Cry Baby!!!

September 22, 2009

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Before I get into the message tonight I want to tell you a little about Hanna Giles, the 20 year old who, along with James O’Keefe, exposed ACORN.  Her father, Doug Giles, graduated from Texas Tech and went to Knox Theological School.  He is a radio talk show host, minister and author.  He is a bright guy and has to be a proud daddy after seeing how brave his daughter is.

I TIVOed the president’s blitz of television shows and watched some Sunday afternoon.   He actually did six Sunday shows when you toss in the Mexican channel.  This is a record.  I’m confident no one has done six television shows before noon.  What I found most interesting was the way he blasted the news media for unfair coverage.  He was crying that the media was not letting him get his message out.   He said in effect the news media was not giving his message fair treatment.  He wants them to stop playing up things like Joe Wilson and covering TEA Parties.  He scolded the media for reporting conflict.

What does he think sells papers?  Does he think doing a front page spread of his wife buying organic food is news?  No one covered the real scandal of her going to buy a few organic potatoes and veggies.  The Farmer’s Market is a block from the White House.  The Secret Service and DC Police had to shut down a major street during rush hour, bring in the bomb sniffing dogs and set up high level security so she could spend $40.  No one was allowed in the market while she shopped.  I wonder how big was the loss of sales for those vendors while she carefully cherry picked a few items? There was no news in her going.  There was a big story on government waste the media ignored.  Hers was an act of selfishness.  What would the president have said had the Washington Post did a front page story of her waste of taxpayers’ money?

Conflict and blood sell in the media.  The papers in UK feature conflict and murder on their front pages. Their television stations lead with blood and murder or a sex scandle.

The president was not happy with the media, because he has not been on the front page and the lead story on television, everyday.  He told the media to be more responsible. Like he knows what that word means.  The media is in business to earn a profit.  All the television outlets, with the exception of Fox are dying a painful death of no one is looking.  Newspapers are folding.  Obama says he might give the newspapers a bailout. In fact, if they will start putting him on the front page everyday they can have all the money they want.

He should have walked in George W. Bush’s shoes with the media.  The last four years in office the media treated president Bush with disdain. Seldom was there a positive story.  When the twins got in trouble while in school at the University of Texas they were feature stories in print and television.

Only Fox has given the TEA Parties and protesters any positive press. The president said he wants us to be civil.  (smile).   This means no more hard questions at Town Hall meetings.  When the president lies no one is allowed to challenge him.  He wants to be able to tell his fabrications and we are to be like good sheep and follow.

When asked about ACORN?  The president said he was not aware of the amount of Federal funding ACORN was getting.   Wait a cotton picking minute.  He is the president and a former member of ACORN and is not aware they were getting much Federal funding?   I guess to him $53 million is not worth worrying about.  He did say they should be investigated, but no Federal funds should be held back.

If we get an honest investigation then ACORN is going to be found at the president’s doorstep.  He is up to his big ears in ACORN.  He gave them $850,000 to help him get out votes. He worked for ACORN. After law school he was an ACORN lawyer.  I personally don’t think he will allow a full investigation into their corruption, because the money would lead to his door.  My hope is Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana will be able to take the reins and get to the bottom of the corruption.  ACORN and 280 other front organizations are headquartered in one building in New Orleans.  The governor has already ordered a full investigation.  The Fed’s won’t do it but the conservative governor of the great state of Louisiana will dig to the bottom of this mess.  He will cut the head of the snake off.  My money is on Bobby Jindal…      Good Night, Will Cooper

Why Do I Blog?

September 21, 2009

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 This is an excellent question.  Why do I blog?   A few have suggested I’ve been kicked in the head a few times too many by mules.  This I readily admit is a  real possibility. One said I had come up on the short end of a few fist fights. This has credence as well. A close friend suggested I’m a masochistic. You know like a sadist and masochist. The sadist loves to punish and the masochist  loves to be beaten up.  I can’t argue with my friend. I’m not into bondage, whips or chains, but I do allow myself to write things the left loves to attack.

I just turned 48 or I will be 48 soon.  This is the season I have a birthday, but I’m not telling the date, because I don’t want birthday cards and PLEASE no gifts.  At 48 or just turning 48 I find myself more powerless than I’ve ever been.  I was too young to understand Jimmy Carter, but I am old enough now to see the systematic taking apart of everything I hold dear. I see us moving toward a socialist country so fast my head is swimming.  We now have a  country where other countries think we are a laughing stock.  They make jokes about our president.  Even Osama Bin Laden has said Obama is the weakest president we have ever had and unlike me Osama knew Jimmy Carter.

When I begin putting down words I feel a little more powerful. I feel as I am helping in a tiny way to fight back.  This is now a battle that cannot, nor should it be fought with guns and violence.  This is a battle we must win with our voices and our feet.  I read a piece this week where the author was saying all the various splintergroups need to come together and storm Washington with our guns ready to blaze.  How stupid???  Very stupid.   Let’s say we march on Washington with an army of 5 million.  A third would be killed with friendly fire. Old people shooting old people at the first sign of action.  Not that old people can’t shoot, but they have shotguns and antiquated rifles. I’m sure there would be a few thousand week-end warriors who have been playing military in the woods with a group of friends.  LET’S RULE OUT AN ARMED RESISTENCE as being stupid beyond words.  I can write ten blogs and still not cover all the reasons an armed resistence would fail. 

The reason I’m writing a blog is to be a voice of reason.  A voice of confidence.  A voice of real hope.  I wish more people read my blogs.  I wish I could reach out to thousands and tell them we live in the greatest country in the world and that country is worth fighting to save. Fighting for votes.  I for one could never raise a gun agaist anyone in the military. My respect for those brave people is too deep.  I would stand there and take a bullet before I would fire on my flag.  When I say fight, I’m talking about a bloodless retaking of America.  The left has power now and they will keep it until enough of us get tired of seeing this country desecrated. Until we get tired of our liberties being trampled by the left.

Are you still writing letters?  Are you still making phone calls?  What are you doing to win back America? This is one fight you cannot hire a replacement.  This is one fight you have to wade in and start throwing punches with your words.  Words can save America.  If enough of us speak up and say our mind we have a chance. 

I write blogs because they make me feel like I’m trying.  This country needs us and I think I have something to say.  Call me a blow hard Texan, but you know in your heart of hearts this old broken down cowboy has been hammering out the truth ever since you found my work on eBay.  Will Cooper <><


September 20, 2009

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A few years back when digital was still in the “too expensive” stage I used a 35mm print film camera.  A girl I was dating way back then asked if I had a camera and would I bring it to her birthday party?  I was more than happy to oblige and in an almost cocky way felt I’d take the best photos for her.  I had a sweet camera.  In fact I still have that sweet print camera on the pantry shelf along with a new one like it still in the original box.  That camera was so good I purchased a backup just in case they stopped making that model.   Little did I know that camera would become obsolete almost over night.  That’s sorta like cowboying.  I’m obsolete.  I think the American Cowboy is obsolete.

When people say cowboy these days they never mean it in a good way.  When they called George Bush a cowboy, they were saying he was quick on the trigger and not responsible. In today’s America being a cowboy is not a good thing.  Like I said, I’m obsolete. I still think a cowboy is a man of his word and his handshake means as much as any contract on paper. The cowboy I know helps his neighbor, he respects ladies and is kind to kids.  He has no compunction to pull the trigger if his loved ones or his property is being threatened. He would never murder, but he could kill a bad guy, then sit and sip some hot coffee.  I love being a cowboy.  I love that I talk slow.

I went to my lady friend’s birthday party and clicked away.  I took 5 or 6 rolls of 36 exposure film.  If I can brag a little I got some great shots. I dropped the film off at one of those Kodak film places in San Antonio.  I ordered three copies.  This way she would be able to pass them on to friends.  I was patting myself on the back.  I went to eat lunch with a rancher friend and then picked up my film.  When I looked at the photos they were all washed out. I showed them to the girl at the counter.  Her face dropped,  “Sir, I’m afraid your film was over-exposed.”

“How can that be?”

“I guess someone forgot to change out the solution.  Your negatives got over-exposed.  I won’t charge you for printing or developing.”

Like that would help. They destroyed a moment that could never be done over.  I didn’t scream at her, however I did consider going to the back and choking the guy who messed up my negatives.  I learned a lesson.  When things get over-exposed they lose their value.

Our president is over-exposed and he is losing his luster.  He is like my negatives, you can see something was there, but there is nothing of value. Sunday he will be on all five morning shows sans FoxNews.  Then Monday on David Letterman.  I’m surprised Obama didn’t bully his way to be the half-time entertainment on Monday Night Football.  Trust me more will be watching Monday Night Football than Letterman.

He has been on 8 Time Magazine covers since he was sworn in.  You cannot stand in the grocery line without seeing him on a cover.  He was on a muscle magazine on the beach without a shirt.  If I had a rail body like his I wouldn’t want people seeing my pecks.  He is a wimp.  At least Bush has some muscle and also had enough respect for the presidency not to be seen half naked.

Ever been around a parent that nagged their kids all the time?  The children learn to tune them out.  No matter what the parent is saying the kids are not listening. “Johnny your pants are on fire!” The kid keeps on playing.  This is what is happening to the big O.  O for Over-Exposed.  He is talking and talking, but it’s the same old stuff.  No one is listening.

We are lucky he has been on the front page of all the newspapers almost everyday. That all magazines but Sports Illustrated had him on the cover.  Frankly people are tired of seeing him and he is only 9 months into his term.  His only term.

I feel his insecurities are making him keep giving speeches and doing photo shoots.  The more he’s out there the less popular he becomes.  Stay positive…stay focused…enjoy the victory.  I feel we are about to defeat government health-care.  Thanks to two kids and Andrew Breitbart ACORN is on the ropes.  Next week Andrew is going to release more crushing stuff.  I just have a feeling SEIU will be a target.  I have no information, but a gut feeling.   Good Night, sleep well.  Will <><