Astoundingly Incompetent

Cattle drive round-up at Big Bend ranch SP

Give me 10 days in the wilderness and my mind will come up with some long words like astoundingly incompetent.  I think it’s true, the president is astoundingly incompetent. I kept thinking of my dear friend California Charlie and what a fish out of water he was last year on the round-up.  He was a willing worker, but in truth he was more in the way than helpful. We really can’t blame the president for being so incompetent, he has never ran anything other than an ACORN group. He has not even managed a ice cream push cart.  He is a rank amateur with zero qualifications to be the CEO of anything, especially the biggest office in the world.

Even though I’ve been cloistered away from radio, television, newspapers and the Internet I did glean some interesting news from the local historian out where we were rounding up cattle.  He is a crusty old guy with a wealth of information.  He came to the camp fire at night and entertained us with his stories.  You know me, I cut to the chase and asked what he thought about why we couldn’t see the president’s birth certificate.  His answer was not one I expected. “Will, you seem to be a smart feller.  Do you realize the president may not have been born in 1961 but 1957, two years before Hawaii became a state.  On his Face Book he admits he was born before Hawaii was admitted into the Union. He is probably 52.  Do you think that may be why we are seeing his hair turn gray? Or perhaps he is concerned people will learn he has several Social Security numbers.You do know that don’t you?”

I had heard about the multiple social security numbers but even if I hadn’t I darn sure would not have admitted it to that old guy. Rather I asked, “So you think people are looking at the wrong year?”

“Sounds like you been doing some looking yourself.  It’s now on record his law firm Perkins Coie has been paid $2.5 million to keep his records sealed. His fake birth certificate was certified by Fact-Check, which Bill Ayers’ group gave over 1 million dollars. You can’t trust Fact-Check, they are in bed with the president. You can smell a skunk in the chicken house a mile away. Fact-Check without question is the skunk in the president’s hen house.”

One of the other cowboys chimed in. “We know nothing about this man. We have two books that make him out to be a miracle man, but the truth be known there is no information in those books.  I read them to see if I could learn a little back before he was elected. I’m not as informed as Will, but I have done my share of looking. He is a Hollywood production.”

That’s when it hit me. I countered with,  “How ’bout astoundingly incompetent?”   The camp broke open in laughter.

The old historian had more gems to leave us before he went back to Colorado. He was visiting the Big Bend National Park when one of the rangers told him about our camp. He broke from his vacation to find us and I’m mighty glad he did.  One question he brought up I had not heard before.  I knew about the possible birth being 1957, but I didn’t know the president’s wife had her law license suspended in 1993 by the Illinois Supreme Court.  Wonder why the press failed to mention this?  I’m sure it was just an honest mistake. You can bet your boots, your best boots that if it had been Cindy McCain it would have been front page news.

One morning deep in the mountains I got to thinking about the French health care the president is so in love with.  Did you realize it was 1 hour and 45 minutes before they got Princess Diana to a hospital?  Here we scoop and grab.  10 minutes from the crash site to the person being on a trauma table is average.  Had she been in a car wreck in the United States she would be alive today.  If the French can’t get a celebrity of her stature to the ER for almost two hours, how fast do they work on regular blokes? And our astoundingly incompetent president wants that kind of service for the America People!

I’ll tell you more tomorrow. I’m attaching some images.  Look for Bandit in one.  I think the photos will show you better than my words what the area was like.

eBay Image 555555555555555

eBay  Image 111111111111111111

eBay Image 22222222222222222222222

eBay Image 3333333333333333333


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