It’s Gone to the Dogs

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I know some of you are wondering how the experiment is working out along the border. There is some good news and some maybe some not so good news.  The old rancher I helped with the bloodhounds is in love with the concept.  He purchased three of the bloodhounds from General G. and returned the remainder while I was gone. I think General G. was a tad surprised that the plan worked so well.  The old rancher told one of the twins that he has not seen one illegal alien on his property since we put up the signs and installed the dogs.  In fact the system is working so well his neighbor is trying the same thing.  Here is the bad news. The neighbor has purchased several rottweilers.  Mean, viscous killer dogs.  I’m afraid his dogs will kill some alien. I just hope it’s not a child. I may have to drive down there and pay him a visit.  He could get in trouble if his dogs killed a few people. The reason General G. and I picked the bloodhounds is because they are NOT killer dogs. We wanted them to install fear, which they did a very good job of.

It’s like anything…some one will always go to the extreme. If a little sugar in your ice tea is good, some will pour the entire container into the glass.  It’s like a drunk, one drink might be nice with their Mexican dinner, but they can’t stop there, they have to drink the 24 pack of beer.  I think the second rancher wants his dogs to kill.  I’d have no second thoughts in killing a man if he was going to do me or my family harm, but I can’t plan murder just because people are trashing up a place.  If his dogs kill some young mother and her babies I’d feel responsible.

I called General G. late last night after I was told what was happening.  He is going to meet me down at the killer dog ranch and we will see if we can help him find a way to use his dogs without being charged with manslaughter. It’s crazy. You do one good deed and it is copied in such a manner as to cause nightmares. Sometimes I wonder why I help.

The roundup was rough work. I spent a lot of time in the mountains trying to dig out strays that had been missed in the last round-up.  I found one old cross cow that had her mind made up that she was NOT going to leave the mountain with her calf. There were a couple of times I thought it would be better to leave her than get a horn through the side of my horse. They were in a thicket and each time I got close her mouth would slobber and her eyes grew red, about then those massive horns would begin to swing from side to side. I’d pull back and she would calm down. Finally I managed to drop a rope over one of her calves. She had two.  I drug that calf out into the open, with it bawling and screaming. Luck was on my side, the second calf ran past the one I had my rope on. I dug my spurs into the side of the little green paint and managed to pop my rope off it’s neck. Mama followed the two calves and I did the same. I stayed about twenty feet from her. Had she turned to horn my horse I’d shot her between the eyes with my Old WWII Army 45.

It was an adventure bringing some of those wild cattle in. If I need my cattle I can rattle a feed bucket and they will run over each other getting to me. Not wild range cattle. We are their enemy.

I’m still saddle sore.  Even though I ride several times a week, its nothing compared to 14 straight hours on the back of a horse. We were never on level ground. A couple of the younger men and I took the high ground. The terrain was too rugged for some of the older men. They worked the flat land, what there was of if. I honestly felt like I moved back into history 140 years. I truly felt like I was a cowboy.  There was not a sign of humans for days.  Not even a high line pole.

I saw a lot of deer, both white tail and some mule, one bear, two mountain lions, bob cats, wild hogs, jack rabbits and a jillion rattlesnakes.  One morning we topped a hill and in the sunlight there were at least two dozen big fat rattlesnakes basking in the warmth.  They were all spread out over a big rock.  Trust me, I choose to give them a wide swing around their camping ground.  We saw a bunch of isolated snakes. Some really big suckers.  I didn’t kill any out on the trail.  We did kill four or five that wandered into camp.

This year we stayed in tents, blocking our doors so we didn’t wake up and step on a fat rattle snake.  I brought Bandit into the tent at night. I didn’t want him to become dinner for some mountain lion or bear.  He is the perfect size for a nice meal.

The mountain lions (cougar, panthers) were never close enough for a shot. One stood on a bluff and watched us for a long time. I know if I’d moved in his direction he would have vanished.

While I was  gone Cash for Clunkers was ended. Still most of the car companies have not been paid by the government.

Let me see if I can help you figure out what this Clunker thing was all about. You trade in a car that gets 15 mpg for one that gets 25 mpg.   Let’s say you drive 12,000 miles a year, in the old clunker you would use 800 gallons. In the new car you would use 480 gallons. That is a savings of 320 gallons a year.

The government says they took in 700,000 clunkers so that saved 224 million gallons of gasoline.  That adds up to about 5 million barrels of oil, which cost $375 million based on $75 a barrel. The total of the savings is $375 million.  I think this is a perfect example for us to understand the Obama math program.  We spend 3 BILLION to save $375 million.

This is the same kind of math he is using for health care. This blog will be posted before he gives his speech to end all speeches tonight.  I don’t have to listen.  He has already given 111 speeches on Health care. There is nothing new he can say.  If he tells the truth the American people would reject his ideas.  If he lies, we will know it.  We have heard it all before.

He is ego driven enough to think he can change our minds with one more speech. Hope and Change worked for the kool-aid drinker in the past. This is a new day and no one believes him any longer.  It’s good to be back and blogging.  I miss sitting at the keyboard. I missed you good people.  You are family. Good night, Will <><


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