Hissy Fit

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Down in my neck of the woods we call a temper tantrum a hissy fit.  I watched the president last night and he reminded me of an old maid school teacher with her panties in a bunch. This morning I was in the Mega Wal-Mart on the South side of San Antonio.  I had to go up and get some stuff for Mandy. There was a five year old boy in the store with his mother. He wanted a plastic toy. His mother told him no, so he fell down on the floor and threw a hissy fit.

Watching the president last night, he was throwing a hissy fit because he was not getting his way.  Didn’t they know who he was?  He is the chosen one and we must not say NO to him. I think there are times when he does believe he is God.  He has a God complex.  His anger showed me how immature he is.  “If I don’t get my way I’m going to take my ball and leave.” Instead of bringing the parties together he has driven a wedge deep into the ground.  He is not going to give an inch and now neither will the right. He insulted the Republicans in Congress to make sure they don’t try and change his mind. I’ve never seen such a childish display of a temper tantrum by an adult.

Joe Wilson from South Carolina stood up and shouted, “You LIE!!!” when the president was saying illegal aliens won’t be covered.  I tip my hat to Joe Wilson. I tried to email him, but his website has been jammed. No doubt with ACORN and Union workers emailing and calling so I sent Joe a fax to tell him how proud I am of him. His fax number is: 202.225.2455

Joe will catch flack, but at least he had the guts to speak out. John McCain condemned Joe. Shame on you John. The reason you lost the election is you didn’t have the courage to get in Obama’s face.  You were Mr. Nice Guy who sucked up to your opponent rather than challenge his lies.

The speech was full of done over statements he has made 111 times before. Now we can say he made the same speech 112 times. There was nothing new. There was no asking the Republicans for ideas. There was no hint that insurance companies can compete across state lines.  Just a hushed whisper about tort reform.

The current medical situation is a simple thing to fix.   Have real tort reform.  Make it so John Edwards can’t earn enough off doctors and hospitals to live in a 30,000 sq ft home. Give us true tort reform.

Allow insurance companies to trade across state lines.  I might get a better rate from a company in Kentucky or Wyoming than I can here. Allow us to get our insurance from any company in the country.

Cut back on medical malpractice suits. Out doctors practice defensive medicine. They are covering their butts.  We get a battery of tests and are sent from specialist to specialist to make sure no one can come back and sue the primary care doctor.  Billions could be saved if doctors didn’t have to be worried about being sued.

Closer to home Governor Rick Perry is sending the Texas Rangers to protect our border. There are hundreds of ranchers and farmers that are in harms way from the drug war in Mexico. Rick ask the president to send us 1,000 National Guard Troops, but we were turned down. Texas voted Republican. What could we expect?  Last week the drug cartel killers went into a drug rehab school and lined up 18 young men. Then shot them down in cold blood. This happened across the river from El Paso.  We are already seeing American blood being spilled on this side.  I will tell you this, the drug cartels are about to meet their match with our Texas Rangers.

I don’t think those of you outside the state of Texas, Arizona and California have a clue how bad it is along the border. Our president and Hillary went down there and said they would stop the killing.  Nothing changed. The Mexican Drug Lords know we are full of hot air.  I heard some horror stories while we were out west of the Big Bend.  People are afraid to become Chief of Police in the small villages, because they will be dead within a week.  Time is short for me tonight, but in the next week or so I will tell you some things that will make the hair raise on the back of your neck.

Good night, Will <><


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