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Drape a black wreath over my head today.  So many memories came flooding back this morning.  Eight years ago I was working on the old barn.  That was before I had the new barns built.  In fact the twins and three other boys I had working for me at the time were just getting warmed up when I heard the porch bell begin to ring.  I knew something was drastically wrong because of the frantic ringing.  I jumped on a horse and rode him bareback to the house.  As I turned to ride  I told the others to follow me.  Mandy would never give those kind of rings without it being extremely important.

For those of you new to my blogs, Mandy was my housekeeper, but she was much more than that.  That lady ran things. She is the older sister of my twins.  I didn’t see the irony of the twins back then. When I reached the house Mandy was standing in the door white as a sheet.  “Mr. Cooper we are at WAR!!!”    She never called me Mr. Cooper unless it was to scold me.  She said nothing else.  I saw the television blaring and no sooner had the twins got into the room a second airplane hit the other tower.

We all stood there in amazement. I had no idea what was happening.  The barn could wait. I suggested the men call their wives. As soon as the news unfolded I suggested the men all go to their families.  I was expecting other acts of terror to happen and I wanted them home to be with those they loved.

Mandy brought me a tall glass of iced tea, pulled up a chair and watched with me.  I have never felt so powerless.  3,000 of my fellow Americans had been killed, murdered right before my eyes.  It seemed like a movie.  The impact of the reality didn’t set in immediately.  I will never forget the empty face of little Mandy.  That dear lady was crushed. I’m sure if you had taken a photo of me you would have seen an ashen faced cowboy.

I won’t try to remind you of all that happened. The brave deeds done by scores and scores of Americans. What a great country we have. What a wonderful group of people that share this little sliver of land called The United States.  I’m so proud to be an American.

When I heard the president wanting to make 9-11 a Day of Service I almost threw up.  It’s a day to remember how precious our freedom is.  It’s also a time to dedicate ourselves to taking our country back. As Scott Beamer said as he and a group of young men charged the cabin of Flight 93 and took out six terrorists, “Let’s Roll.”   I say we need to roll until we get rid of those who want to make this a socialist country.

I think we all need to support Joe Wilson from South Carolina.  The left has started calling him a heckler.  He didn’t heckle. He said the truth. The president was not being truthful. The bill did offer insurance for Illegal Aliens.  The guy running against Joe has raised $700,000 since Joe spoke out.  Obama seems to have problems with guys named Joe.  He’s got a lame head for a vice president named Joe.  Joe the Plumber called him out on his spreading the wealth and now Joe Wilson has nailed him.

I’m going to send Joe some money.  I hope you do as well.  Even if it’s ten dollars Joe needs to know we are behind him.  Right now it’s him against the liberal press.

Rep. Joe Wilson

903 Port Republic St.

Beaufort SC 29902

District Office fax. 843.521.2535   I gave you his DC fax but it is jammed by the liberals wanting him impeached.

How dare Joe question The One.   Trust me, Joe Wilson is a good guy being beat up by the kool-aid drinkers.  At least we can stand with him.  Nothing says “we love you Joe” stronger than a few dollars.

Remember the president taught the Rules for Radicals. One of the rules, freeze the target and get personal.  Joe is their target and the entire weight of the press is on his back.  It will be the common American people like you and me who keep Joe in office.  It’s up to us to let him know he is not alone.

I’m going over to Cowgirl’s home and have supper with her parents. Of course she will be there.  Supper for you from the north is dinner.

May God continue to bless America.  Will Cooper


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