My, My, My.

obama-blowing smoke rings smoking1

I think this pretty much says it all. We are getting smoke rings blown at us. No one on the left cares about what the American People want. They will tell us what they think we want to hear and do what they think best.

I guess I should have used I, I,I, instead of My, My, My.  Have you ever noticed how often the president evokes me, my, mine and I into his speeches?  He says, “My wife, my daughters, my dog and my chef. I did this, I did that, I’m going to do. With all of his fancy education no one ever taught him to use we and ours.  Instead of my daughters he should say ‘our’ daughters.  The mother does have a little part in the birth of babies. It’s clear he is not a team player, there is no I in TEAM.

Today I saw were the president said, “I will pass my health care bill and nothing  the Republicans can do will stop me.” I’m stuck way out here in the country, but I thought Congress passed bills.  Even though the new president would like to be king, that title has not been conferred on him YET. The House and Senate must vote and with Ted Kennedy gone and Byrd ill they don’t have the 60 votes they need. If he uses the Resolution Route of a majority of 51 they will only think this march on Washington was big. They will see big.  Should the president use this power move he can mark it down, the House and Senate will suffer a big blow in 2010.

Putin said he wants to bring back the Kremlin and hold the office until 2024.  I don’t know why 2024, why not 2028 or 2032?  I believe as sure as I’m writing this blog there are people in the White House who are working on a way to keep Obama in power until 2024.  If that won’t send chills up your spine I don’t know what will.

Evidence has surfaced on World Net Daily that Nancy Pelosi knew about the birth certificate. has two documents of presidential qualification posted. They are identical with the exception of one line. The first document says that Obama and Biden are qualified under the constitution to serve as president and vice president. This is the Democrat certification they give each state saying their people are qualified.  Nancy Pelosi signed each. The problem is the second one has no reference to the constitution. This is the certified copy the DNC used for each start. Nancy knew he was not constitutionally eligible to serve.

Do you think this is why Obama keeps Nancy around?  It’s clear she is a mill-stone around his neck, yet he has made no move to remove her from the Speaker’s Office.  She knows where the bodies are buried. She holds the smoking gun in her hand.

The US Drive By Media said there were a few thousand people who showed up in Washington DC on September 12th. Drudge said 1.5 million.  The UK Press said there were 2 million people at the protest.  The US Parks Service said it was the biggest crowd they had ever seen. Bigger than the Obama inauguration. The media doesn’t want you to know the truth.  Trust me, the president and those in Washington know how many were there.  They knew no one paid these great folks way. There were no charismatic leaders waiting to give them a speech.  This was the heart and soul of America, people who love America and Freedom.

Let’s look at some photos.  The first image shows the Mall after the American conservatives left.  The pristine condition shows how much we love our country. The other two images show how the Obama people left things after the inauguration.  I think these images are indicative of the difference between the left and the right.  These images make you proud to be on the right.

112 conservatives


111 trash

I guess a few pictures are worth a thousand words.  Good Night Will Cooper

111 conservatives trash * this is a glitch I couldn’t delete. I tried to load an image and this came up.


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