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I know some of you are wondering how my dog idea is working out on the Mexican Border.  I’m happy to report the ranch I helped is still free of Illegal Aliens.  He has 15,000 acres to watch.  He called late last night to tell me that now the Border Patrol and Sheriff understand he is not trying to kill Illegal Aliens things are working pretty smoothly.  He told me the secret was once or twice a day have one man leave the scent and another with the dogs track him.  The old man told he is has taken over the tracking. I could almost hear him giggle when he said, “Will, I haven’t had this much fun since I was a kid on Halloween when we went on a prowl and turned over outhouses.  I love following the dogs.  They are amazing and sometimes I have to use my spurs just to stay up.”

I asked, “What about your neighbor with the dangerous dogs?”

“Me and the General took care of that. When General G. got down here I took him with me and we explained if his dogs killed someone he would be in trouble. Trust me Will, there are many times I would like to shoot a few just to give warning, but they would have more lawyers down here than I have cattle.  The General offered to help him sell the big rottweilers so he could buy some bloodhounds.  I admit he was reluctant. The last group through butchered a calf and cut his fences.  I gotta tell you, that will rile a man up faster than a South Texas mosquito.”

I mostly listened.  I have been concerned the rottweilers would kill one of the Illegals.  They don’t deserve to die, just because they want to come over here without permission. I wish I could say it was people who need a job, but now days so many are mules carrying drugs or taking bags of money back south.  From what I can learn it may be a few months before the new Border Security people learn how to take bribes. It is just a matter of time. Bribes are a way of life in Mexico. Bribes and murder.

The murder rate has not decreased since our president and Hillary went down for a Pow Wow with the big shots in Mexico.  In truth the number of deaths has increased. I don’t know if you knew it or if I told you, but Mexico has made doing dope legal. You can smoke pot and do coke without being arrested. Some bright guy in the government got the idea if drugs were legal there would be less killing.  How bright is that?  More people stoned will not cut back on the drug cartel killings. The drug cartels are about money and control. Who controls the drug route, controls the most money.

I saw in the news last night five bodies were discovered in a trash dump. All were shot in the head. Trust me good people this is coming our way and your government is doing nothing to stop the invasion of the drug killers. We are making a token effort with the Border Patrol. Our agents are afraid to shoot anyone or they will end up in jail for 12 years.

I’m reminded of the story of Texas Ranger Charlie Miller. Charlie stayed in trouble with the brass and never got promoted above just being a ranger. The ranger service is made up of rangers, sargents,  lt. captain,  captain and Sr. ranger captain.  We have 7 commands with a captain over each and the Sr. captain is the head honcho.

When a horrible hurricane hit Corpus Christi, I think in the 50ies, ranchers were about to go to war. Fences were destroyed and cattle were mingling. Two big shot cattlemen were about to go to guns over a prize bull.  Charlie showed up and inquired what was the problem.  When they each proclaimed the bull to be theirs, Charlie pulled out his pistol and shot the bull. “Gentlemen split the carcass. Got any more you need me to help you with?”    Needless to say he stopped the feud. No one wanted Charlie to solve any more problems.

In the 1940ies he was on the border dealing with bandits coming over to steal cattle and horses.  One day he found himself in high grass with a bandit.  Charlie spoke perfect Spanish and shouted out, “I’m hit!”

The Mexican relied, “I am too!”

“Yeah, but I’m hurt real bad.”

“Me too!”

Charlie lowered his voice as if he were in pain and moaned, “Let’s stand up like men and get one of us out of our misery.”

Charlie Miller would later say, “Can you believe that damn fool stood up?”

We can use some Charlie Millers along the border, but the political left won’t hear of such barbaric actions. I will tell you this, Charlie Miller stopped the bandits from crossing the river and robbing.

That’s it for tonight. Thank you for your continued support.

Will Cooper, just a broken down Texas Cowboy, who loves God and Country and in that order. <><


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