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President Bill Clinton did 47 television interviews, George W. Bush 38 and The One has already made 114.  He is doing 5 this Sunday, which will increase him to 119.  Plus he is doing David Letterman before the five shows.  No wonder people are tired of hearing him say the same thing over and over.  He will say in each interview, “If you want to keep your doctor you can.  If you like your insurance you can keep it.  No tax payer money will be spent on abortions.  We will not provide health care for the illegals.”   Joe Wilson was right, all of those statements are not true.

On the illegal issue. No, it doesn’t say illegals can get care, but it does say we cannot certify if a person is here legally. The illegal can say he is a citizen and since we can’t verify that then we can’t stop him from getting government health coverage.  Same goes for abortions.  No words in the bill says NO tax payer money will be spent on abortions.

Now that the average Americans won’t shut up the Democrats have decided to pull out the race card. Starting with the Wise One Jimmy Carter, who by the way almost destroyed our country.  Remember he took Hamas’ side against Israel.  He has met several times with the terrorists.  Jimmy has decided when Joe Wilson said, “You Lie!” it was because Wilson was a racist.  When all else fails they always pull out the race card.  I have a question for you.  If this is such a racist nation why did we elect a half breed?  The president is just as white as he is black.  Joe Wilson was not being racist when he didn’t want to pay health care for those here illegally.  They could be white Russians, white South Africans, Canadians, we don’t need to pay health care for those here illegally.  In truth they are criminals.

If you have not sent Joe Wilson some money, then do so today.  He is fighting for your rights.  Yes, Joe did fight to keep the South Carolina flag flying with Old Dixie on it.  That is part of the south’s heritage.  Joe felt it was important to honor his state’s flag.  I know we Texans would be more riled than a hornet if they tried to make us fly another flag.

The left are saying we are not voting for Obama Health Care because we are racists.  Frankly I’m sick of being called a racist.

This latest blast from the left is to divert attention away from ACORN.  I saw on that ACORN has suspended operations so they can do some internal investigation. By the time this blog is posted a 5th video will be aired. This time it’s in San Diego with Hanna Gills and James O’Keefe.  Hanna is 20 years old and James 24.  These two kids and their work has brought down one of the most corrupt organizations in the United States. Now the San Bernandino Police are investigating one of the ACORN workers who admitted to Hanna and James that she killed her husband. She said on the video, “I pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. He fell dead.”  She was speaking of her husband.  Maybe she got away with murder until she opened her mouth for these two brave kids.

It’s going to be fun seeing how the president is going to throw ACORN under the bus. Remember how fast he threw his pastor of twenty years under the bus?  Remember how fast he threw his white grandmother under the bus?  Keep an eye on the news, ACORN is next.   Watch the president pull all mention of ACORN off his website.  It’s sorta funny.  The president gave ACORN over $800,000 to help him get votes.  His job for three years was working with and for ACORN in Chicago.  I think of Richard Geer in the movie Chicago doing the old two step.  Let’s see the long legged president dance his way out of this mess. I have a feeling ACORN is hanging around his neck like the albatross in the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.  I don’t think it will be as easy as it was when he dumped the Reverand J. Wright and his white grandmother.  His connection to ACORN is well documented.

We are living in a very interesting time in history.  Don’t get left out.  Do your part. Keep writing letters, making calls and letting Washington know you are tired of the way things are. You want real change and you will work to get it in 2010.    Good Night, Will Cooper

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