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President George W. Bush was heavily criticized for remaining in the Sarasota Grammar School classroom for several minutes after the first plane hit the first of the Twin Towers.  The liberal press screamed at how he wasted time sitting reading to kids.  Some said he was a coward and too afraid to move. Others said he was in a state of shock and frozen in place. I don’t know how many will read this blog.  I’m asking you to forward it to everyone you can think of, it’s time the real truth be told.

Four Middle Eastern men posing as reporters showed up at the school moments before the first plane hit the towers.  They said they came to interview the president.  In truth they were a hit squad who came to kill him. His Secret Service helped arrest the so called reporters in front of the school.  President Bush was ordered not to move until the situation was under control and the area could be scanned for more would be killers.  President Bush performed a true act of courage.  He continued to read to the children as is nothing was going on. Yet 100 feet away men were being hauled away, because they came to kill our president. And a plane overtaken by terrorists had hit one of the World Trade Center Towers.  That was all part of the plan.  His calm, level head kept the American people from going into a panic. I think that few minutes told us all we need to know about George W. Bush.  He was a man of steel in the face of the most horrific event to ever happen on American soil.  No one had a clue his life was in danger by watching how calmly he read to the children.

The moment it was safe for him to exit the Secret Service scurried him to Air Force One and keep him in the air until they knew it was safe for him to land.  You need to know this. In a moment of crisis the president is not the one giving security orders. This job is left to the Secret Service. He is their package and their job is to keep him safe. President Bush wanted to immediately go back to Washington DC, but the Secret Service refused to take him.  NO ONE knew how many other plots were underway. In truth the terrorists’ plan was far greater. The White House was one of their targets and they planned to destroy America with one big blow.

What they never counted on was the American Spirit. We mourned as we got ready to hit back and hit back hard.  I am fearful of how our current president would handle something like 9-11.  I pray we never have to find out, but I’m afraid we will.  The FBI just shut down a terrorist cell operating in NYC and Colorado that was planning a major attack on the New York subway.  They were working on a hydrogen peroxide bomb. That was new to me, but I’m not big in bombs.

I read recently that there are over 600,000 websites and 300 books that say Bush and Cheney had the bombs planted and planes flown into the World Trade Center.  How can that be?  The liberal press has told us for years Bush is dumber than dirt.  How could he be smart enough to plan anything that large?  It’s an insane idea, which a lot of people who hate Bush enough keep on re-telling the story.  One of their theories is the kerosene used on the airplanes would not get hot enough to melt steel.  They forget those offices had carpet, wood furniture, paper, lots of paper, chemicals, plastic and all kinds of stuff that can produce heat. Popular Mechanics says the heat reached over 1,890 degrees.

Then there’s the puffs of smoke coming from each floor as the one above fell on the one below. Any third grader can see that answer. The weight of the top floor dropping into the space below pushed out all kinds of dust, smoke and stuff.

WT7…ah but that’s the one for sure Bush and Cheney brought down.  No airplane hit that building. Experts say explosives were planted on each floor and the building imploded.  Here is what happened. People in that building had backup generators in the event the electricity went out.  How do they think these generators ran?  On air?  They ran on diesel fuel.  People seem to forget the debris from the Twin Towers caught Tower 7 on fire.  The firefighters could not get in to that building.  Those diesel lines popped open from the heat and guess what, the fuel produced an intense heat.  The building was built with trusses on the 5th and 7th floor.  When one of the columns went the entire building started to come down.

Conspiracy theory groups say the air planes were transport planes and not the commercial airliners we think hit the towers.  If so, what happened to the real airplanes.  Does Bush have them hid on the Crawford Ranch or does Cheney have them sneaked away in Wyoming?

Our current president went over to Russia a few months ago and gave Puntin EVERY THING he wanted.  Even Osama Bin Laden said Obama is the weakest president to ever be in office.  I guess he didn’t know Jimmy “White Flag” Carter.  As you know Obama gave up on the missile shield in Europe.  That is what Putin wanted. No one fears the United States, like they did under Bush. That beadie little eyed Texan stood tall and stood by his word. The world knew not to mess with that cowboy.

I’m going to give you something to chew on. The House voted 345 to 75 to cut off funding for ACORN.  I want to know who the 75 are.  Let’s vote them out of office.

My blood pressure is high enough so I’m going to stop and paint.  Will Cooper


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