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I’ve been known to cry a little to you about our lack of rain over the past two years.  It’s old hat to you that we are dryer than an ant hole and by now you wish I’d just move on.  I can finally say I got around 2″ the past couple of weeks.  The folks who do my shipping up in Floresville got three and another town near my ranch got 4.5″.   North of Austin up around Salado they got 12″ to 15″.   That is what we call a gully washer.  The drought is not over down in South Texas.  If we could get 10″ then that would fill our stock tanks and the locals may could hang on.

Our water, or the lack of is in the hands of God.  He has to power to give us rain when He pleases and I’m not one to second guess my God.  When He is ready he will open the skies, but not one hour before.

The water I’m concerned about is in California.  Shawn Hannity did his show from the San Joaquin Valley, the area between Bakersfield and Fresno. This is the bread basket of the world. No place grows more fruits and veggies than this area.  I remember driving through that enormous valley and seeing the almond trees and veggies for miles.  The liberals have decided a 2″ minnow is endangered and it’s getting stuck in the irrigation pipes.  Typical of the Obama government, rather than fixing the problem they shut off the water to all of the farmers in the San Joaquin Valley. That was not a typo. The Federal Government locked the water gates that supplied water to the valley.

Almond and other fruit trees are dead.  The ground looks like the pictures you saw in the Grapes of Wrath. Thousands of acres of rich farm land is now wasteland.  Without water the earth is cracking and the top soil blowing away.  Hundred of thousands acres of land is dormant.  40,000 to 50,000 people are without jobs.  Farmers are filing for bankruptcy and others are just hanging on.  To top off no irrigation water the area is in a drought.

To save them all the president would have to do is give an executive order to TURN ON THE WATER.  It’s not like there is no water.  There is plenty to supply the farms, but our government has decided a two inch minnow is more important than humans.  So much for the compassion of the left.  Don’t they say they are the ones with compassion?  The president refuses to go out and look at their plight.  He didn’t visit the area when he was running and he is not going there now.

Shawn asked Arnold the Great to go to Washington and visit the president.  Typical of a politician Arnold the Great did the old Chicago shuffle.  As governor he could get in to see the president.  His answer was, “I’ll do anything I can to get the water turned back on.”  I guess anything but go see the president.

Thousands of good, hard working people are lining up in food lines, because there are no jobs.  I’m not totally clear but I think the people get #40 pounds of food a week, per person.  Mostly canned food.  No meat or eggs.  Just bulk canned food.  People start lining up before the sun rises to make sure they get their supply.

Withholding water from those farmers is the most inhuman thing I’ve ever seen. These people are not like those in the ghettos, these people WANT to work. They don’t want a hand out, they don’t want a bail out, they want water for their crops. Water that has a government padlock on it.  All Obama would have to do is tell one of his lackies to open the water gates. With water the people would get back to farming. That is what they love and that is what they know how to do better than anyone in the world.

Shame on the president for turning his back on America.  Shame on him for not helping these people.  My heart was hurting when I went to bed.  I found myself having trouble going to sleep thinking, “How could this happen in the greatest country in the world?”

One of the Representatives who represents the San Joaquin Valley area tried 7 times to get Nancy Pelosi to bring the matter to the floor and each time she rejected his efforts. This is awful. Please call or write your Congressmen and tell them we need their help. This may not be their district or state but this will effect all of us. Food prices are going to soar and some food may not even be available.

I bring this to you tonight with a heavy heart.  Will Cooper


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