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A few years back when digital was still in the “too expensive” stage I used a 35mm print film camera.  A girl I was dating way back then asked if I had a camera and would I bring it to her birthday party?  I was more than happy to oblige and in an almost cocky way felt I’d take the best photos for her.  I had a sweet camera.  In fact I still have that sweet print camera on the pantry shelf along with a new one like it still in the original box.  That camera was so good I purchased a backup just in case they stopped making that model.   Little did I know that camera would become obsolete almost over night.  That’s sorta like cowboying.  I’m obsolete.  I think the American Cowboy is obsolete.

When people say cowboy these days they never mean it in a good way.  When they called George Bush a cowboy, they were saying he was quick on the trigger and not responsible. In today’s America being a cowboy is not a good thing.  Like I said, I’m obsolete. I still think a cowboy is a man of his word and his handshake means as much as any contract on paper. The cowboy I know helps his neighbor, he respects ladies and is kind to kids.  He has no compunction to pull the trigger if his loved ones or his property is being threatened. He would never murder, but he could kill a bad guy, then sit and sip some hot coffee.  I love being a cowboy.  I love that I talk slow.

I went to my lady friend’s birthday party and clicked away.  I took 5 or 6 rolls of 36 exposure film.  If I can brag a little I got some great shots. I dropped the film off at one of those Kodak film places in San Antonio.  I ordered three copies.  This way she would be able to pass them on to friends.  I was patting myself on the back.  I went to eat lunch with a rancher friend and then picked up my film.  When I looked at the photos they were all washed out. I showed them to the girl at the counter.  Her face dropped,  “Sir, I’m afraid your film was over-exposed.”

“How can that be?”

“I guess someone forgot to change out the solution.  Your negatives got over-exposed.  I won’t charge you for printing or developing.”

Like that would help. They destroyed a moment that could never be done over.  I didn’t scream at her, however I did consider going to the back and choking the guy who messed up my negatives.  I learned a lesson.  When things get over-exposed they lose their value.

Our president is over-exposed and he is losing his luster.  He is like my negatives, you can see something was there, but there is nothing of value. Sunday he will be on all five morning shows sans FoxNews.  Then Monday on David Letterman.  I’m surprised Obama didn’t bully his way to be the half-time entertainment on Monday Night Football.  Trust me more will be watching Monday Night Football than Letterman.

He has been on 8 Time Magazine covers since he was sworn in.  You cannot stand in the grocery line without seeing him on a cover.  He was on a muscle magazine on the beach without a shirt.  If I had a rail body like his I wouldn’t want people seeing my pecks.  He is a wimp.  At least Bush has some muscle and also had enough respect for the presidency not to be seen half naked.

Ever been around a parent that nagged their kids all the time?  The children learn to tune them out.  No matter what the parent is saying the kids are not listening. “Johnny your pants are on fire!” The kid keeps on playing.  This is what is happening to the big O.  O for Over-Exposed.  He is talking and talking, but it’s the same old stuff.  No one is listening.

We are lucky he has been on the front page of all the newspapers almost everyday. That all magazines but Sports Illustrated had him on the cover.  Frankly people are tired of seeing him and he is only 9 months into his term.  His only term.

I feel his insecurities are making him keep giving speeches and doing photo shoots.  The more he’s out there the less popular he becomes.  Stay positive…stay focused…enjoy the victory.  I feel we are about to defeat government health-care.  Thanks to two kids and Andrew Breitbart ACORN is on the ropes.  Next week Andrew is going to release more crushing stuff.  I just have a feeling SEIU will be a target.  I have no information, but a gut feeling.   Good Night, sleep well.  Will <><


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