Why Do I Blog?

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 This is an excellent question.  Why do I blog?   A few have suggested I’ve been kicked in the head a few times too many by mules.  This I readily admit is a  real possibility. One said I had come up on the short end of a few fist fights. This has credence as well. A close friend suggested I’m a masochistic. You know like a sadist and masochist. The sadist loves to punish and the masochist  loves to be beaten up.  I can’t argue with my friend. I’m not into bondage, whips or chains, but I do allow myself to write things the left loves to attack.

I just turned 48 or I will be 48 soon.  This is the season I have a birthday, but I’m not telling the date, because I don’t want birthday cards and PLEASE no gifts.  At 48 or just turning 48 I find myself more powerless than I’ve ever been.  I was too young to understand Jimmy Carter, but I am old enough now to see the systematic taking apart of everything I hold dear. I see us moving toward a socialist country so fast my head is swimming.  We now have a  country where other countries think we are a laughing stock.  They make jokes about our president.  Even Osama Bin Laden has said Obama is the weakest president we have ever had and unlike me Osama knew Jimmy Carter.

When I begin putting down words I feel a little more powerful. I feel as I am helping in a tiny way to fight back.  This is now a battle that cannot, nor should it be fought with guns and violence.  This is a battle we must win with our voices and our feet.  I read a piece this week where the author was saying all the various splintergroups need to come together and storm Washington with our guns ready to blaze.  How stupid???  Very stupid.   Let’s say we march on Washington with an army of 5 million.  A third would be killed with friendly fire. Old people shooting old people at the first sign of action.  Not that old people can’t shoot, but they have shotguns and antiquated rifles. I’m sure there would be a few thousand week-end warriors who have been playing military in the woods with a group of friends.  LET’S RULE OUT AN ARMED RESISTENCE as being stupid beyond words.  I can write ten blogs and still not cover all the reasons an armed resistence would fail. 

The reason I’m writing a blog is to be a voice of reason.  A voice of confidence.  A voice of real hope.  I wish more people read my blogs.  I wish I could reach out to thousands and tell them we live in the greatest country in the world and that country is worth fighting to save. Fighting for votes.  I for one could never raise a gun agaist anyone in the military. My respect for those brave people is too deep.  I would stand there and take a bullet before I would fire on my flag.  When I say fight, I’m talking about a bloodless retaking of America.  The left has power now and they will keep it until enough of us get tired of seeing this country desecrated. Until we get tired of our liberties being trampled by the left.

Are you still writing letters?  Are you still making phone calls?  What are you doing to win back America? This is one fight you cannot hire a replacement.  This is one fight you have to wade in and start throwing punches with your words.  Words can save America.  If enough of us speak up and say our mind we have a chance. 

I write blogs because they make me feel like I’m trying.  This country needs us and I think I have something to say.  Call me a blow hard Texan, but you know in your heart of hearts this old broken down cowboy has been hammering out the truth ever since you found my work on eBay.  Will Cooper <><


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