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Before I get into the message tonight I want to tell you a little about Hanna Giles, the 20 year old who, along with James O’Keefe, exposed ACORN.  Her father, Doug Giles, graduated from Texas Tech and went to Knox Theological School.  He is a radio talk show host, minister and author.  He is a bright guy and has to be a proud daddy after seeing how brave his daughter is.

I TIVOed the president’s blitz of television shows and watched some Sunday afternoon.   He actually did six Sunday shows when you toss in the Mexican channel.  This is a record.  I’m confident no one has done six television shows before noon.  What I found most interesting was the way he blasted the news media for unfair coverage.  He was crying that the media was not letting him get his message out.   He said in effect the news media was not giving his message fair treatment.  He wants them to stop playing up things like Joe Wilson and covering TEA Parties.  He scolded the media for reporting conflict.

What does he think sells papers?  Does he think doing a front page spread of his wife buying organic food is news?  No one covered the real scandal of her going to buy a few organic potatoes and veggies.  The Farmer’s Market is a block from the White House.  The Secret Service and DC Police had to shut down a major street during rush hour, bring in the bomb sniffing dogs and set up high level security so she could spend $40.  No one was allowed in the market while she shopped.  I wonder how big was the loss of sales for those vendors while she carefully cherry picked a few items? There was no news in her going.  There was a big story on government waste the media ignored.  Hers was an act of selfishness.  What would the president have said had the Washington Post did a front page story of her waste of taxpayers’ money?

Conflict and blood sell in the media.  The papers in UK feature conflict and murder on their front pages. Their television stations lead with blood and murder or a sex scandle.

The president was not happy with the media, because he has not been on the front page and the lead story on television, everyday.  He told the media to be more responsible. Like he knows what that word means.  The media is in business to earn a profit.  All the television outlets, with the exception of Fox are dying a painful death of no one is looking.  Newspapers are folding.  Obama says he might give the newspapers a bailout. In fact, if they will start putting him on the front page everyday they can have all the money they want.

He should have walked in George W. Bush’s shoes with the media.  The last four years in office the media treated president Bush with disdain. Seldom was there a positive story.  When the twins got in trouble while in school at the University of Texas they were feature stories in print and television.

Only Fox has given the TEA Parties and protesters any positive press. The president said he wants us to be civil.  (smile).   This means no more hard questions at Town Hall meetings.  When the president lies no one is allowed to challenge him.  He wants to be able to tell his fabrications and we are to be like good sheep and follow.

When asked about ACORN?  The president said he was not aware of the amount of Federal funding ACORN was getting.   Wait a cotton picking minute.  He is the president and a former member of ACORN and is not aware they were getting much Federal funding?   I guess to him $53 million is not worth worrying about.  He did say they should be investigated, but no Federal funds should be held back.

If we get an honest investigation then ACORN is going to be found at the president’s doorstep.  He is up to his big ears in ACORN.  He gave them $850,000 to help him get out votes. He worked for ACORN. After law school he was an ACORN lawyer.  I personally don’t think he will allow a full investigation into their corruption, because the money would lead to his door.  My hope is Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana will be able to take the reins and get to the bottom of the corruption.  ACORN and 280 other front organizations are headquartered in one building in New Orleans.  The governor has already ordered a full investigation.  The Fed’s won’t do it but the conservative governor of the great state of Louisiana will dig to the bottom of this mess.  He will cut the head of the snake off.  My money is on Bobby Jindal…      Good Night, Will Cooper


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