Cars vs Walking

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Prince Charles, the future King of Great Britain, wants people to abandon cars and either take mass transit or walk. I like Charles and think he is a pretty good guy. But he doesn’t have the slightest clue what he is asking. I can see me walking into town, throwing three or four 50# bags of feed over my shoulders and trudging back home.  If I got an early start I could make it to the feed store and back in one day, if I was walking.  Let’s face it, I can’t carry two fifty pound bags home.  I might could get one home if I stopped several times to rest my back.

He is no doubt a well educated man, but he has no common sense. America couldn’t last one day with no one driving.  As my grandfather would say, “He can’t poor urine out of a boot.”  It’s not just Charles, we have a nation full of people wanting us to drive high charged golf carts.  In some areas people are driving three wheel cars.  There is room for one passenger. It takes six of these small ‘things’ to carry the same number of people that can ride in a mid-sized car.  The little three wheeler is dangerous beyond words. No one can see them. If they are in a wreck the chance of surviving is very low.  It’s like those on motor bikes. The San Antonio paper has at least one and some weeks two or three deaths of people on motor bikes.  Young people buy those crotch rockets that go from zero to 100 in a flash.  Last week I was on the Interstate doing around 70 which is the speed limit.  Two kids riding the white line zipped past in a blur, one chasing the other.  They had to have been going 110 miles per hour. Had a car decided to switch lanes they would not expect a bike to be beside them. The driver would have checked his rear view and side mirrors and saw he was clear.  Little did he know a bike was traveling on the white line in an excess of 100 mph.

To me i’s a no brainer, we must have cars and trucks. Walking might work in remote villages in Kenya, but that is not an option in America.  Which brings me to Cash for Clunkers. This program was without question dumber than dumb. I don’t even think Jimmy Carter would have done anything this stupid.  We take 750,000 old cars off the market. Cars that a lot of people could use. My first pick up truck was a clunker.  It served my purpose.  It gave me transportation and girls didn’t seem to mind getting in on the driver’s side, because the passenger door wouldn’t open.  If I got one in my pickup truck she couldn’t get out. (smile)  My old truck belched smoke and coughed when I started it up, but it took me where I needed to go. Thanks to our president 750,000 people will be denied a car or truck they could afford.  The clunkers were destroyed.  That’s Un-American.

I read a piece last night that said 25% of those who traded in their clunker for a new car or truck is now having buyer’s remorse. They are sick that they are saddled with car payments.  Money they need for their kid’s school clothes and food is now going to pay for their new truck or car.  When I heard about the program my immediate reaction was a lot of people who cannot afford a new car are going to be duped into buying with this clunker deal.  I was right.  I ran into a  local Mexican at the feed store a few days back. I commented on his new F150 Ford pick up truck.  He told me, “I got it on the Cash for Clunkers deal.  I traded my old truck in.”

I couldn’t help ask, “Was your old clunker in pretty bad shape?”

“No, Will. As a matter of fact it had new tires and ran like a kitten purring.  I got all tied up in getting more than I thought it was worth and put me and my family deep into debt.  My truck payments are over $450 a month and I don’t make a lot of money.  I feel I have been cheated by my government.  I voted for Obama, but I won’t again. I just hope I can keep making the payments.  I have to have a car to get to my job.”

I cannot begin to tell you how angry I was as I drove off.  I have a pretty good idea what he earns and I know in time he will lose the new truck and there won’t be any clunkers for him to buy.  Thousands of people went into debt to take advantage of the cash for clunkers.  That scam is going to destroy a half million families. And these people want to run our healthcare???   This cash for clunkers has done more damage to the car industry than any one thing.  Now dealers are being forced to give deep discounts just to sell a car.  I’m ’bout as riled as I can allow myself to get.  I still have a ranch to run…might I add a non-profit ranch.  Maybe I need to apply for a grant. I can say I employ minorities.  Have a good night. Will Cooper <><


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