Property of the State

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On our way back from helping a rancher in need out around Sanderson we passed a passel of men in orange jump suits on each side of the road.  Five or six men on horseback, with shotguns in their hands were keeping watch. I commented to the man riding with me, “Where would they go if they escaped way out here?  Sanderson is in the middle of nowhere with the closest town 40 miles away. The area is not known for it’s trickling streams.  Water would be a hard thing to find.

My friend asked, “What was that written on the guys in orange backs?”

“PROPERTY OF THE STATE,”  I answered with a half  hearted chuckle.

“Will, you do know this is what’s happening to our country under The One?”

I know, I’ve seen the huge press to make us all property of the state.  This current administration wants to control every aspect of our lives.  All of you know I think smoking is a stupid habit and that you should seek medical help to stop.  But it’s your body if you want to kill yourself. The government should not own you and be able to tell you what habits you can  and can’t have.  Unless you are harming others it’s no one elses business.

The big push on health care is so the government can make us property of the state. Know this, if this health care passes as the Democrats are proposing then all of us will be state property. If you are too heavy then the state will come in and tell you what you can eat. You are a health risk and under the new bill they will have the power to tell you how much you can eat.  If you are obese you are an added burden to your health; therefore you must be controlled. A government worker will come to your home and remove all chips and cookies. They will give you a list of “healthy” foods.  Like delicious celery sicks and skim milk.  No ice cream for you and a limited amount of bread.  Forget about cake and twinkies.  The government knows what’s best for you and if you want to be covered medically you will obey.  It’s simple, DO what you are told or do without treatment.”

There is talk of an approved list of foods you can get with food stamps or Welfare money.  I know you are thinking, what’s wrong with that?   What’s wrong with that is the government has no business trying to run anyone’s life.  Down in my neck of the woods there are a lot of people living on food stamps and welfare checks.  I see what they buy and I’m appalled. Especially when they have four or five kids clinging to their mother’s dress.  The top of the list is smokes and beer.  What’s leftover goes for food.  The last time I was in our local HEB.  HEB is not short for Jew, but Howard E. Butts the original founder of the biggest grocery chain in Texas.  A Mexican woman in front of me had two cases of beer, a carton of smokes and big bags of chips.  Dumb butt me, I asked if she was having a party.  She had six kids and the oldest one was about seven.  I saw no candy for the kids.   I know, I know candy is bad for the teeth, but for goodness sake a child needs to know the taste of candy.   I got six giant Baby Ruths and without asking permission gave each of the kids a bar.  The gal checking out sorta panicked, she felt she needed to ring the candy up.   I assured her we would take care of the candy when she got to me.

Under state controlled health care it will be forbidden for kids to eat candy.  Those little Mexican kids didn’t say a word, but their eyes spoke very loudly, “THANK YOU!!!”

The current battle we are in is one we have to win.  If we lose then we will be slaves in a former free society. The government can decide our guns are not healthy and take them. They will mandate what cars we drive, big cars put out too much bad gas and that’s not good for our health…thus the pick up trucks must go.

When this is all over, we will either be free or property of the state.  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the president want to enslave us through the health care bill.  We want our freedom.  It’s my life and if I want to destroy it chasing wild women, drinking too heavy and learning to smoke then the government has no right to tell me what I can and cannot do. Never mind that no wild woman would want me, one drink and I’d be drunk and smoking anything would make me sick, no government lackie has the right to tell me that is not permissible under my new health plan.   I for one am going to fight for freedom.  Stay the course with me.  Will Cooper <><


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