Going Rogue

Vice Presidential Debate

Remember recently when the tabliods ran front page stories that Sarah Palin and her husband were getting a divorce?  One paper  exclaimed, “IT’S OVER!!!”  Shortly after Sarah resigned as Govenor of Alaska she packed up and headed for San Diego where she began working on her book.  Her family came along.  No one knew where they were.  Sarah and Todd first went to his old fishing village and set the scene they would be commercial fishing.  Then they vanished.  She took her trusted right hand lady and that was it.  They worked around the clock and when the first draft was finished the team went to New York City.  There they got down to the business of putting the finishing touches on her book.  I love her title: Going Rogue.  That really describes her.

The book was scheduled for spring, but now the release date has been moved up to Nov.17th. Just in time for the Christmas market.  The publisher is printing 1.5 million copies.  The book is 400 pages long. I plan on getting one of the first copies and if luck is with me I’ll finish reading it by mid-spring. 

Some think she will peal back the skin and let the public know how really bad the McCain people treated her.  They treated her like she was some sort of country hick. I’ve heard my share of speakers and I have never seen anyone who electrified a crowd like she does.  Her’s is not a cult following, but people who appreciate the truth being told.  Maybe it helps because she is cute. 

Recently she accepted an invitation to speak in Hong Kong to a group of Asian business men.  I have read several accounts and everyone says she kicked butt.  The people at the meeting were amazed at her knowledge. 

If you will remember back when she stepped down this old broken down cowboy told you Sarah was going to travel and shore up her International portfolio.

The Democrats are surreptitiously trying to act as if she doesn’t matter.  In truth she has them quaking in their lace panties. She is going to be a force in 2012.  King Barry knows she will go for the juglar and call things like they are.  She will point out his weaknesses and keep the Democrats awake at night trying to figure out how to stop the juggernaut coming at them in the form of a  Hockey Mom with lipstick.  

Do you think Sarah would have bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia?   Would she have been buddy, buddy with Castro and Chavez?  She would have told Iran what she would do if they continued working on nuclear bombs.  They would have believed her and folded their tents.

The lead General in Afagahistan has had ONE conversation with the president in 80 days.  One conversation about what the troops need and if they are going to add more. King Barry is in Sweden this week trying to get the Olympics for Chicago.   His General needs him, but he and his family are galavanting around Europe.  I think it is already settled that the Olympics are coming to Chicago.  He wants to go over and claim credit as if he pulled the strings.  Trust me, his visist had nothing to do with where the Olympics are going to be held.  Rio has too much street violence.  Madrid doesn’t have the money and neither does Toyko.  Chicago is the only option and King Barry wants to make it look like he is the reason we are getting the event.  What a piece of work???  

The bet is out on who will buy the most Palin books.  The liberals so they can find mistakes or those of us who want to know more about our future persident.  I’m betting on our side to buy and give copies to family and friends.     Good Night good people, Will Cooper


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