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October 31, 2009

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I know an elderly couple who lives in an apartment complex.  They put a small American flag in their window and were told that was against the apartment rules.  In the same complex a guy in his 50ies put a small American flag on the back of his Harley. One that flapped in the breeze when he was riding.  Another older lady had a flag on her car. One of those you hook over a door like you see supporting a college team.  All of them were in violation of apartment rules.  The manager said he didn’t want to offend anyone by flaunting the American flag in their face. His statement, “We have people from other nations living here and we don’t want to hurt their feelings.”

What has happened to our country that we can no longer fly the Stars and Stripes with honor for fear of hurting feelings? If that had been me, they would have had to take me to court and I’d like to learn the name of a judge who would vote for the removal of our flag.

With the new hate crime bill signed into law by the president almost anything you say can be considered hate. YET the DNC ran a contest desecrating the flag.  The artist painted a flag on a wall and then proceeded to write graffiti over the image.  Finally he spray painted the entire flag black.  I guess this is okay, because it’s done by the DNC and it’s art.  I didn’t watch the video of some fat guy urinating on a portrait of Christ.  That is permissable, but let the image be Mohammed and see what happens.  The guy would be charged with a hate crime.

Look at the guy in Taos who purchased a dilapidated old motel.  He spent $2 million and when he came in he told the employees that they had to speak English in front of him. He wanted Marco to put Mark on his name tag.  In other words he wanted his guests to hear English spoken and his staff to use their English names. He has been in all the news reports which are treating him like a red-necked hick. This man spent $2 million dollars and the politically correct from the East want to tell him how to run his business.  Now Mexicans are picketing him with signs calling him a racist.  The sad thing is he has had to fire several people because he is not getting enough hotel guests to keep a full staff.  Only a few years ago he would have never been questioned.  He would have been met with open arms for what he was doing for Taos.   We are losing little pieces of our freedom every day and there is nothing we can do to steam the tide.  Our hope is in 2010…but we can start with Doug Hoffman in the 23rd District of New York.  If you have not sent Doug money, please do it today.  He can win this race.

I don’t know how it will happen or how soon, but Obama wants to control the Internet.  The Internet is the last bastion of freedom left in America and the left can’t stand it. They are trying to figure out how to tax and control content on the Internet.  Blogs like mine won’t be allowed.  I suspect even Michele Malkin and Ann Coulter will be censored. The Obama administration’s goal is to eventually pull Rush Limbaugh and all the other 500 conservative talk radio hosts off the air. They are not interested in free speech, but controlled speech. Recently Obama has gone after FOX News and Rush.  FOX News’ ratings are up 10% since the attacks started and Rush is getting his largest numbers of listeners ever. 

Some of you will remember I was yanked from eBay for speaking the truth about Obama.  My freedom of speech was taken from me. I know some will say “that it was only eBay”.  Today eBay, tomorrow all blogs and complete control of the media.  Our President has a thin skin.  He will not tolerate criticism if he can stop it.  I think we have one hope to stop this mud slide.  We have to vote in conservatives who love the American life and stand for Freedom. It’s won’t be easy, but neither was it easy for those who founded this wonderful country. 

The left has continued to slam Sarah Palin.  They are touting a poll that says 71% of  Americans don’t think she is qualified to be president.  Like the dude we have now is?  Give her three years to hone her skills and then do the poll.  The left knows they need to destroy her now before 2012.  The left started a Facebook account to counter the lies they say Sarah is telling.  Like the death panel and rationed healthcare.  The problem is she is not lying. There has to be rationed care for the elderly, because the government is cutting back a half billion in funds.  There is a death panel even though it is not called by name. I think the latest bit of shame on the left is they are saying Sarah is greedy.  Iowa wants her to come speak. This is where everyone goes if they hope to become president. Run well in Iowa and you got a shot.  They are saying she is demanding a huge speaking fee.  The truth is she has not quoted a fee.  There is a group in Iowa raising money to pay for a venue LARGE enough to hold the crowd IF she does speak.  Like all smart speakers she now has an agent who deals with her fees and schedule.  Do you think Newt, or Howard Dean speak for free?  Sarah has a right to charge the going rate.  If no one thinks she is worth the fee they don’t have to hire her. This is the freedom of America for now.  First let the good people of Iowa ask and then learn her fee, before you call her greedy. 

I don’t know how long it will be before anti-Obama blogs will not be allowed to remain up. Even though I’m small but growing I expect one day to be removed.  I speak the truth and that shines too much light on the darkness of this administration.   Will   <><   Email    



Malignant Narcissism

October 30, 2009

Three Monkeys

          NANCY       HARRY        BARRY

I read a piece written by AP telling that this week Obama went into a narcissistic rage about people being critical of his date night six months ago.  He can’t let go of the fact the American people were not elated that he would waste thousands of dollars to take his wife to New York City to see a play and have dinner at a time when he was preaching the need to sacrifice. He raged about the American people questioning him flying a chef and crew in from Saint Louis to make him and his friends pizza.  I guess they don’t make pizza in Washington DC. 

Have we ever had a president as vain as Obama?  Some might say JFK, but Kennedy didn’t come close to Obama.  Listen to Obama’s speeches, they are all self-absorbed. When he gives a speech for a Democrat candidate it’s always about Barry, not the guy or gal running.  He uses I, me, mine more than any one I’ve ever seen.  His insecureties are covered by a false egotism.  He knows deep down he is in over his head, but being self-important he continues his ego trip.  Some say conceited, but I think of him acting brave. Have you ever seen two roosters fight?  I’m not talking about a chicken fight put on by men, but one in the barn yard.  The weaker rooster fluffs his neck feathers and flaps his wings.  The old rooster who knows he is good kicks the dirt and waddles his head a couple of times.  He knows he is good, the young is rooster is simply pretending.  Barry Obama is just flapping his wings. He knows in his heart of hearts he is lost as a leader.  His malignant narcissism keeps driving him forward to conceal his weakness.

I ran into a bit of narcissism this week.  I told you a realtor disturbed me watching the Cowboys game Sunday with an offer for my ranch. Maybe I’m also narcissistic, because my men and I enjoy watching the Cowboys play. That’s our golf, our dining out, our weekend trips.  Last night about dark the realtor came back with a firm offer.  He started off telling me how slow real estate sales were and what a good deal he had fought to get me.  He was such a phony. I could tell that the moment he walked in.  Never trust a man who doesn’t like football. He didn’t even know enough about the game to fake it.  Sure proof he was not a Texan.

“What ya got?”   I asked.

“I managed to get you a top dollar offer considering the condition of your ranch.  Your windmills are old and some of your fencing is in pretty bad shape.”

Here he was kicking tires while out of the other side of his mouth telling me he was my friend.  I said, “Lets cut to the chase. I’ve got work to do.”

Mr. Blank is willing to go $2,300 an acre and take it as is. No improvements on your part.”

He had real courage.  I think he took me for a fool.  Did he really think I didn’t know what land was selling for?  Big tracts of land north of San Antonio on the Lampasas River are going for between $4,700 and $6,500 an acre.   Down here in the sticks where I live a good piece of ranch land is selling for $3,700 an acre.  Maybe mine is not in the $3,700 an acre range, but it is at least in the $3,200 range.   I should have tossed him out on his ear.  Instead I handed him back the contract and said, “I hope Mr. Blank can find some idiot who knows even less than I do.  Thanks for coming by, but don’t come again to insult me.”

His narcissistic friend thought because he had a lot of cash he could swoon me into selling for a third of what the property is worth. To be honest I was being tempted. I know of a peanut farm up near Dilley that is for sale.  The farm has been in one family for 100 years and the young kids are not interested in farming. I thought about buying their farm for the twins.  I think they could make a go of it with a 75 acre peanut farm. The land has to be fertile, it has not been used in 40 years.  I would make it their retirement gift from me.  The sale would have also allowed me to put some cash in Mandy, my ex-housekeeper’s bank account.  Cowgirl’s father wants to sell me half interest in his place and he would give her the other. While I’m tumbling in the bed I tell myself that would be a great thing. I can never find a better mate.  Then I realize all the blood, sweat and tears I’ve put into this place. How my deceased wife Lynda’s insurance money helped me get this ranch…then I get cold feet.  I have so much emotion tied up in this small chunk of land. 

Back to the Malignant Narcissism.  You do realize the reason for the Government Health Care Bill don’t you?   It has nothing to do with health or care.  It’s an ego thing with Obama. He wants to prove he could do what Bill and Hillary couldn’t.  It’s his narcissism that is driving him to push this through.  It doesn’t matter how many get crushed in the wake as long as he signs a health care bill.  He has said several times, “The Clinton’s couldn’t pass a health care bill, but I will.”  

He can’t decide on Afghanistan, because what if he guesses wrong?  He had rather do nothing than make a mistake.  This is why he voted present 100 plus times in the State Senate. Mr. Perfect cannot pick the wrong side.  All depends on him being perfect.  Know this, some of the worst leaders in the world suffered from malignant narcissism.  I don’t need to name them, the blood they spilled tells you who they are.  Our president cares for only one person…and that person is named Barry.   

We have thought Obama was lying when he said no illegal aliens would be covered under the healthcare plan.  They won’t.  Obama is going to make all the illegal aliens citizens before the health plan takes effect.  He needs the 30 million voters to win in 2012.

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Worst President Ever


October 28, 2009

Obama toilet paper

First there were tee shirts, then buttons and bumper stickers.  Finally they have come out with a product we can use.  I tried a few rolls and trust me, they will chap your rear.  But then almost everything the new president does is chapping.

Last night I watched a DVD of the English series Cracker, with Robbie Coltrane. He is way too fat, but what a great actor. I remember him in Nuns on the Run, a classic.  He plays a police psychologist.  Our series Closer is taken from Cracker. All those English mysteries are so well written.  All the pieces fit.  After the DVD finished I turned on the TV to catch a few minutes of Gretta on FOX News.  Just as I turned her on she showed a clip of Obama in Virginia stumping for Creigh Deeds against Bob McDonnell.  Right now Bob is up in the polls by 12% and Obama is not going to swing that back to the Democrat Deeds.  Obama stood at the lectern without his teleprompters.   He started out by saying, “Im here to help Tim Kane, er ugh, er, ugh Creigh Deeds.  Tim Kane is the current governor.  He actually said he was there to help Kane and then stuttered and stammered until he got the words Creigh Deeds to come out.   This is a Joe Biden move.  We expect this sort of thing from Bumbling Joe, but not the most fluid and brilliant speaker to ever hold the office of the presidency. The last part is not my words but those of the sycophant media man whose legs tingle when Obama speaks.

Several of you have written to say you sent money to Doug Hoffman in the 23rd District race in New York.  Thank you, or as we say down here in this backwoods area, “Much Obliged.” If you have not sent money then do it today.  We can win that race and put a true conservative in office.  You will know you did your part to give freedom a chance.

Recently at a grade school a small boy asked an innocent question of the president. “Sir, where were you born?”

If you are I had been asked that question we would have answered in one word.  I’d said Texas.  You would say the state you were born in and that would be it.  Obama answered, “I was born in Hawaii. That’s true. Absolutely.” Why did he feel the need to say, “that’s true, absolutely”?  Was that a gaffe?

On the campaign trail when Obama said he planned to visit all 57 states. Was that a gaffe or a slip of the tongue?   There are 57 Muslim states.  Could it be he was thinking of states other than the 50 that fly the stars and stripes?  I cannot imagine anyone running for office who wouldn’t know we only have 50 states in our Union.

Who promised the most transparent administration in the history of government?  Obama promised, “We will post everything online for all of America to read.  Today the Democrats are locking the door so the Republicans can’t get in to give input on the health care bill.  They refuse to post it online for the American people to read.  What they now realize is a few of us know our ABCs.  We can read!!!  That has to be startling news to the elitists.  I realize I talk slow and really slang my words.  I make President George W. Bush sound polished…but I can read.  This is the most secretive administration in the history of America.  Do we say Obama lied, or is a gaffe?   I report, you decide…to quote FOX News.

In fact I’m reading a book all of you need to get a copy of.  The Muslim Mafia.  A brave 29-year-old man, grew a beard, pretended to be a Muslim convert and infiltrated the highest Muslim front in America.  He came out with over 100,000 pages of incriminating information.  The group he became an intern with is CAIR (Council for American Islam Relations). They are a front group for Hamas.  They are the ones who got Jimmy Carter a meeting with Hamas.   It’s a big book, but a good read if you love America.


How did Obama get the Nobel Peace Prize?  He used taxpayer money to travel to Strasbourg, Prague, Ankara, Istanbul,  Cairo and finally to the UN General Assembly. At each stop he painted a picture of an exceptional America. Exceptional in moral culpability and heavy handedness.  Exceptional guilt for America’s treatment of other nations and peoples.  As he put it, “With varying degrees of directness or obliqueness.”   He indicted our country for arrogance and divisiveness toward Europe.  He slammed us for the maltreatment of the natives.  We are a nation of torture.  He degraded America for Hiroshima and Guantanamo saying we were a country that tortures. “We had unilateralism and disrespect for the Muslim world. We are no longer a Christian Nation.”  These were not gaffes, just him showing his total disdain for America.

Those were the things the Nobel Peace Prize bunch wanted to hear.  They loved him for telling the world what a horrible country the United States of America is. The more he bashed our country the deeper in love the Peace Committee fell.  He is absolutely wrong. We are a Christian Nation and we are the most giving people in recorded history.

Here is Change you can believe in. Obama has 1180 days left in office from the date on this blog.   He is one and done.     Will  <><   Email:

PS:  I forgot to tell you about a sign I saw this week on my way into San Antonio.  It read:  I’m not racist, I don’t like his other half either.”


October 28, 2009

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Today I made a considerable cash contribution to Doug Hoffman in the 23rd District of New York.  I’m really ticked off. The Republican party is running ads for Dede Scozzafava against Doug Hoffman, who is the only conservative in the race. Newt screwed up when he gave liberal Dede his support.  This week Sarah Palin and a lot of other big name Republicans have come out in support of Hoffman.  Even Governor Tim Pawlenty has endorsed Hoffman.  Last week Hoffman was running a distant third in a three person race.  The polls today have him out front by 3.  It’s time you got out your credit card and sent Hoffman some money.  I think it’s . If not Google Doug Hoffman.  Put your money where your mouth is. If all you can afford is $5 then send that. You all have been screaming how much we need to elect conservatives, so here is your opportunity to take action and stop talking.  There is a good chance we might win in New Jersey and it’s looking like a lock in Virginia.   If you want to strike fear in the belly of the Blue Dogs, help Doug Hoffman get elected.  We need the Blue Dogs to stop Obamacare.  If they see a guy who was polling 19 points surge to the front because he is conservative, trust me they will wilt.

There is a lot of talk about uniting the country.  The left wants us to come to their side, thus uniting the country.  Remember when Joe Wilson shouted out, “You Lie!” when the president was telling one fib after another?   Disgrace is what the left said happened.  Joe should be impeached, better yet hung by his testicles from a cherry tree in front of the Capitol building until he recanted.

Then a few weeks later Alan Grayson, Democrat House Member from Orlando made graphic charts saying Republicans wanted old people to die, because they didn’t want government run health care. He went on several talk shows to reinforce his lunacy. Now he has completely gone over the waterfalls.  On a radio talk show Alan Grayson said Linda Robertson, an aid to Ben Bernake, Fed Chairman, was a whore.  He flat out used the word whore to describe Mrs Robertson.  As my granddad would say, “Never in my born days have I seen such a thing.”

Where are the censor moves now?  Why isn’t Congress all riled up about this despicable act?  To the Democrats credit a couple of the House Members did say he was out of line.  How can they expect us to unite with a nut job like Grayson?  Why would I want to unite with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?  We have nothing in common. I can think of nothing I can agree with them on.  Why would I want to unite with Joe Biden?   Why would I want to embrace Obama’s point of view?   From where I sit they are trying to destroy the free market system and things that have made our country great.

I didn’t unite behind Obama when I voted.  I told you way, way back he was a Socialist and wanted to bring in a share the wealth program for America.  You and I work hard for what little we earn. We love to give to charity, but we want to make it a gift and not have our money confiscated to spread around to the lazy millions  who are too fat to get a job.

I went to the Mega Wal-Mart in south San Antonio.  It was mostly filled with fat Mexicans with four or five welfare kids tugging at their dresses.  Did I say dresses?  Their baggy pants. I would estimate 75% of the adults in the store were fat.  I don’t mean overweight, I MEAN fat. I’d rather give my money to a bum on the street corner who I know is going to buy a bottle of cheap wine that see the government grab my money and send it to the crowd I saw in Wal-Mart.

Unite, NO…way.  Obama wants to change the American Value System.

Unite…Why?  Obama wants to institute a Marxist concept of re-distributing the wealth.

Unite with a man who says the United States is an arrogant country?  We have an arrogant president, but our country is made up of humble, God-loving, caring people.  We don’t have a big head.  We know we have a great country. It’s not arrogance if you are telling the truth.

Why would I want to unite behind a man who has played more golf in the first ten months of his term than president Bush did in one full term.  Instead of taking care of our troops, he is trying to improve on his golf game.  Does this man not realize how he is killing the moral of the troops?  Does he even care?   I think the answer is he doesn’t care. When he was campaigning he said he wanted to reduce the troops by 25%.  He has removed our missile shield in Poland.  He told Russia he was going to do away with our nukes.

The Mexican population is really upset that he has not already given the illegal aliens citizenship.  Remember he promised to do so when he was campaigning.  Why would I want to unite behind a man who wants to add 30 million illegal aliens to the voter roll?

Why would I want to unite behind a man who wants to treat radical Muslims as if they stuck up a 7-11?   He wants to try the terrorists in American courts with pro bono lawyers.  He has made Israel our enemy.

Okay I’ll admit I’m an old country boy and sorta hard-headed, so if one of you lefties can give me a good reason to unite behind Obama I’ll give it serious consideration.  You better bring your A game.  My boot heels are dug in pretty deep.   You are going to have to show me that deep down Obama believes we are a Christian Nation.  That he will stop going abroad and bashing our country.  That he is willing to become Commander-in-Chief rather than the next Tiger Woods.  Your work is cut out, because Obama is who he is.  He is not going to change. This is why America will make him one and done come 2012.    Will Cooper Email:


October 26, 2009

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I’m not talking about which hand you use but your political position. Frankly I’m amazed at the number of left wing people who write me. They love telling me how stupid I am and how off base my thinking is.  I never have claimed to be a scholar in any fashion or form.  I am what I am.  I always answer them with kindness but if they keep on keeping on I can be firm, like I had to be this week.  After a few email exchanges he wanted to give me some advice. Advice from a lefty is the last thing I need. I did tell him he had nothing to offer me.  They always respond the same way.  He said, “I was going to buy one of  your paintings for my brother who went to Texas A&M.”  It’s been my experience that the lefties always say they were going to buy when you tell them to shove off.  I seem to always have one liberal writing me.  Maybe it’s just the way I wear my hat.

I’ve made it clear in the past, I’m not going to tone down my thoughts just to sell a cheap painting on eBay.  I’m smart enough to know everyone on eBay is looking for a deal. I know the art will sell for nickles, much less than what the piece would sell in an art gallery. But I’m not in an art gallery, I’m on eBay.   I’ve accepted that and continue to paint.  I’m using my eBay sales as an excuse to learn to paint. Everytime I sell a painting, I have to do another to take its place.  You learn to paint, by painting.  Putting miles on your brushes. Right now I’m having a difficult time finding painting space. I mean a blank in my schedule that will allow me to sit at the easel.  I would have more time if I ceased doing blogs, but how can I do that when the Nation is holding on by a thread?

Yesterday a realtor came out during the Cowboy/Falcon game.  He didn’t understand that’s a NO-NO. I don’t do company when the Boys are playing.  I made him sit and watch the game  till half time. He tried to talk and I flat out told him, I’m watching the game.  One of my men got him a cold beer.  He sat and pretended to be watching.  I don’t drink but my men do.  The Realtor said he had a buyer interested in my ranch.  It would be a cash transaction and believe me, money does speak.

Here is the problem, my men would have to find another job.  The new buyer wants to start an exotic animal ranch, where he brings in people to hunt for trophies.  That is big money in Texas.  He would have to install a deer proof fence and build some camp cabins.  The realtor said money was not a problem. I grimaced when I started to add up the cost to fence this place and build hunting cabins. What you and I call a cabin is not what his clients would be wanting.  My mind got dizzy thinking about the kind of money you would need to convert this chunk of land into a hunting resort.  Then add in the stocking of the ranch.  Ouch!!!

After he left the men and I talked.  Both said, “take the money and don’t worry about us.” Great guys, I knew that was what they would say.   They are in their fifties…twins…and where can they go get a job?  The only thing they know is ranching and they know that very well.  There are not many jobs for an uneducated, 55 year old Mexican whose only skills are on the back of a horse with a rope in his hand. Their job skills worked well in the 1890ies.

I went over last night and talked with Cowgirl and her family.  She asked me a great question, “Will, what do you want to do?”   Her dad smiled.  That family knows me so well. I love being a cowboy.  I love getting up facing the sun. I love bitching to you guys.  Not all days are great, but every day out here on the ranch are good.

Besides I don’t know if the realtor was blowing smoke or not. I honestly think the realtor is a lefty and it turns my stomach to think of letting him earn such a large commission. Thanks for listening to me think out loud.   Will <><


What IF

October 26, 2009

Obama Change Micheal and Laura

Obma and Dress

As a kid we often played the “what if ” game.  What if Babe Ruth was facing Sandy Koufax? What if  Earl Campbell had gone from high school straight into the NFL?  What if Casey Tibbs had drawn Big Red, the meanest bucking bull of that time.  There is no way of knowing how any of these would have worked out.  But as kids we would argue on the merits of why Ruth would win or how Casey would ride.  All and all it came down to IF.  No one could know the real out come.

What if Laura Bush had got off Air Force One looking like Mrs. Obama does in the top image?  Vanity Fair would have done a full spread, probably put Laura on the cover talking about what a hick she was.  The libs would have been screaming how disgraceful.   But when Mrs. Obama got off looking like she had been working in the yard all day, the press loved her.  They told us how cool it is for her to look so sloppy.  Can you imagine Hillary wearing shorts?   Her piano legs would have really been exposed. On second thought she did wear that bright orange pant suit to the Democrat Convention. Let me change that to Jackie Kennedy, Pat Nixon, Nancy Reagan, Rosalynn Carter, Betty Ford or Barbara Bush.  Can you see any of these first ladies coming off  Air Force One looking like this?   When I saw this image I thought of the Jeffersons...moving on up!

What if Larua Bush had worn the dress in the second image?  Would Vogue have said she was one of the best dressed women in the World?   Of course not. They would have told the truth, that she looks like a pinata.  I cannot imagine anyone wearing that dress and certainly not the First Lady.  The Obamas have taken Lady out of the title.  No lady would be caught dead in such an ugly dress.  No one but a kool-aid drinker.

What if Laura has used 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to plant one tree to save the planet?  What if Laura Bush had caused the government to spend $40,000 so she could buy a few veggies at the farmers market?   Would you say there is a double standard in the press?

What if George W. Bush had been the first president who couldn’t go to the bathroom without his teleprompter?  What if George W. Bush couldn’t do a press conference without his teleprompter?  How long would it have been before all the liberal media was telling us what a dunce our president was. Bush would have become the laughing stock of Washington. This would have been the proof the libs were looking for to prove smarter people were behind the scene pulling the strings.  But our current president is said to be brilliant because he needs the teleprompter crutch.  I’ll bet my boots, my best boots that Obama will take his teleprompter to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.  Any takers?  We are told Obama is a brilliant speaker, but he is just reading all he says.  When he is off teleprompter he is in trouble.  He stutters and stammers and gets things all screwed up.  In truth he makes Joe Biden look smart when he is not reading a script.

What if George W. Bush had given the Queen of England an I-Pod with videos of his speeches?  It’s so absurd you cannot even visualize this happening. The act was so juvinal that we cannot comprehend George W. Bush handing such an arrogant gift to the most respected woman in England.  She is not Royalty to us, but she is to the people of England.

What if George W. Bush had gone after NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS the way Obama is going after FOX News?  Again we can’t even imagine Bush being so stupid.  Yet the media loves to tell us how dumb Bush is.  Bush knew enough you don’t shun a major network. Bush was vilified more than any sitting president and to our chagrin he never fought back.  We all wanted him to go after those slandering him.  He adhered to the theory that if you let a pile of cow dung dry it will lose its smell.  If you stir it with a stick you end up sending off a read stench.

What if George W. Bush had gone to Saudi Arabia and bowed to the King?  That is as impossible as Babe Ruth facing Sandy Koufax.  It would never happen.  Obama bowed to a foreign power and now no one in Europe or the Middle East respects him.  They see our president as a weak man.  The president of France said so.  He said Obama is an amateur.

What if George W. Bush had gone shopping in Paris and refused to have dinner with Nicolas Sarkozy.  Sarkozy felt shunned and is still upset over this.  This is not how you win friends. Sarkozy asked Obama to have dinner with him and our president refused.   How smart is that?

What if George W. Bush had been so Spanish illiterate as to refer to “Cinco de Cuarto” in front of the Mexican ambassador when it was the 5th or May…which is “Cinco de Mayo”.  Obama screwed it up when he tried again. Would you have winced in embarrassment if this had been Bush?

What if the president was insisting everyone take the H1N1 flu injection and his own two daughters were not taking the shot?   This is what is happening, the Obama girls are not taking the H1N1 shot!!!  Do they know something we don’t?   I’m not taking the shot, but I’m also not telling everyone else to take it.

I can play “what if” all day, but you get the picture. The leftist media cannot see any mistakes the ONE makes and amplified everything Bush did.  So much for fair and balanced.

Will Cooper <>     Email address:


October 25, 2009

 lone-ranger and tonto

The Lone Ranger had a bi-lingual sidekick named Tonto. Tonto understood all native Indian languages and spoke Spanish as well. He was a pretty talented feller…knew medicine and could operate a telegraph.  The name Tonto probably comes from the Tonto National Forest in Arizona.   Tonto was the sluth who rode into town and found out what the evil banker or big rancher was up to.  Tonto was the Lone Ranger’s CIA.  When Tonto returned they spoke in whispered tones, all the audience got to hear was, “Here’s our plan.”  

Many of you know the Lone Ranger story, if not here goes.  Five Texas Rangers were ambushed and shot to pieces.  They were left for dead.  Tonto, the faithful Indian, stumbled upon the brutal murder moments after it happened.  One ranger was still alive. His name was Reid.  His first name is never revealed.  I can tell you this, he was not part of the Harry Reid side of that name.   Tonto dug five graves and took the wounded ranger to a cave.  He nursed the ranger back to health. 

The evil guy who sprung the trap was that dasterdly Butch Cavendish.  No one in Texas likes a back shooter, but that is what Cavendish was.  Later the Lone Ranger and Tonto deal with him. 

Tonto called the Lone Ranger Keen-O-Sahbee. It has been said if the Lone Ranger had found out what that meant it would have ended a good friendship. 

They needed a horse for the ranger to ride.  At one time there was a legend of a great white horse in Texas.  Books and stories were written about the wild white horse’s superior abilities.  It was said the white horse could pace faster than any horse could run.  J. Frank Dobie wrote of the pacing white horse in his book Mustangs.  The white stallion kept a remuda of forty mares.  He was the dominant stallion of the west.  What would be a better mount for the man who would save the west?   The brilliant Tonto devised a trap at the end of a canyon. The two manuevered the stallion and his mares into the neck of the canyon, driving them to the end where a pen was waiting for them.  As the story goes, the stallion walked over to the Lone Ranger and nuzzled his face. 

Tonto had discovered a silver mine on the Texas-Mexican border.  Why shoot lead when there was such an abundance of silver?  Since the white horse gleamed in the sun the Lone Ranger decided to name him Silver.  I have yet to learn why he would say, “Hi, Ho Silver, Away!”    I probably said Hi, Ho to my stick horse when I was a kid,  but come on, not even the Lone Ranger should be able to get away with Hi, Ho. 

The Lone Ranger never had to kill the bad guys, he simply shot the guns out of the crook’s hands.  I still listen from time to time to the Lone Ranger on Old Time Radio over the Internet.  It brings back those thrilling days of yesteryear.  (smile)

We don’t have a Tonto or Lone Ranger these days to deal with crime.  Yesterday a 17 month old child was mauled to death by a pit bill dog. This happened in California.  The Lone Ranger would have prevented this from happening.  Somehow he would have known and removed the pit bull dog when the baby was born.   In the news a 7 year old girl from Florida and a 9 year old from Missouri were kidnapped, raped and killed.  A 20 year old college student from West Virginia is missing and presumed dead.  In San Antonio two very pretty girls, ages 21 and 23 broke into a home and robbed a 67 year old woman.  The two young girls were college students.  An 18 year old San Antonio boy shot his 75 year old next door neighbor with a bow and arrow. The arrow went through the older ladies neck and she died.  It seems evil is on the increase.  I told you we are seeing more small things being stolen.

Now a bunch of you are all up in the air that Obama is going to Copenhagen to sign a treaty for us to give the rest of the world billions of dollars.  Look, even if he goes over and signs the climate change bill we are not obligated to shell out funds to every third world country that puts their hands out.  It would have no teeth.  The latest information I can find is he is going to Oslo to pick up his well earned Peace Prize and is going to skip Copenhagen. The two of them are going on at the same time.  Gorden Brown wants him to come to Copenhagen, but Obama knows Brown is one and done.  He doesn’t want to be seen hooking up with a loser.

Did I just say he didn’t want to be seen hooking up with a loser?   I forgot Biden is his VP.   Without question Biden is the most inept vice president we have ever had and there have been many.

Let me close with this story. Last week the baseball game in Denver between the Rockies and Phillies was canceled because of snow.  Al Gore couldn’t be found for comments.  Gore knows there is no global disaster but he doesn’t care.  He has already made over $100 million dollars off this scam.   America, what a country!!!       Will Cooper <><


October 24, 2009

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Basta in Spanish means Enough.  I think most of you reading this blog are shouting basta, basta, basta!  Basta Obama!  Basta big government!  Basta taxes!  I’m using Spanish.  I need to teach you so you will be able to speak the language of the land. Like a cut ant colony, Mexicans are swarming over the border into every nook and cranny in America. Soon they will demand English be banned and Obama will gladly obey.

I got a call late, late, late last night from a Wyoming cowboy I hadn’t spoken to since back when I was trying to rodeo.  My big old body was not rigged right for bull riding or bucking horses. I naturally gave all of it a macho shot. Finally I came to the conclusion I was a pretty good hand at roping.  I soon found out unless you have a horse between your legs to do the work you won’t win much money.  It was fun once the rodeo started but the days driving miles and miles to get to the next event, sleeping in the truck and pulling a horse trailer…nuff said.

My old cowboy buddy was a few sheets to the wind.  In other words he had been drinking for a few hours before he graced me with his call.  Seems he ran into a mutual cowboy friend who had my phone number.

“Will”, he said with a thick tongue, “we got illegal alien problems up here and we are up to our ears in being tired of them.”

I sleepily thought, ‘Sam, you don’t have a clue about illegal aliens.’  But I put on my Mr. Nice face and asked, “What’s happening?”

I opened up a book of complaints. I let him speak for 45 minutes.  The more he talked the more I realized why I didn’t like him when we were on the circuit.  MR. NEGATIVITY. He paused and I used that moment to excuse myself and get him off the phone.  I looked at my clock and it was 4:15am.  I lost an hour of much needed sleep.  But he did get me to thinking about the illegal problem.

Yesterday there was a gun battle in Nuevo Larado near the International Bridges.  At least a dozen people were killed, maybe more. The police are not saying.  Two of the cars involved in the gun battle had Texas plates.  State troopers were called to protect the bridges on the American side.  One group of drug cartel members made a run for it and the army took chase. Along the chase route the drug gang blocked the road with cars.  I’m not sure how that happened, but the army rammed their way through.  The drug gang members escaped.  It’s pretty clear this gun battle was between Texas based drug people and the Mexican army.  Three or four weeks ago we had a similar gun battle across from Brownsville.  In that battle an America mother and child were killed by stray bullets.

Tucked in the back of the San Antonio Express News was a tiny article addressing the drug deaths in Juarez, Mexico, across from El Paso.  In 2008 from January to mid October there were 1,171 murders.  This year from January to mid October there have been 1,986 murders.  I’m sure before this blog is posted the murder rate will already be past 2,000 people.

In a small town not far from my ranch six illegal aliens stole a black Ford Explorer and were spotted by police about 30 miles south of San Antonio.  The local cops tried to get them to pull over, but the driver hit the gas and traveling at 100 miles an hour headed north.  The Bexar county Sheriff’s office was notified.  Bexar is the county San Antonio is in and it’s pronounced, Bear.   When the Explorer hit heavy traffic he lost control and crashed.  It’s a miracle no innocent people were hurt.  The Explorer carried five men and one woman.  The truck was totaled.

The sad part of the story to me is the Mexican couple who owned the truck that was stolen and destroyed.  They had traded in their good, pickup truck on the Explorer during the Cash for Clunkers debacle.

What will happen to the six illegals?   Nothing. They will be given free passage back to Mexico.  Basta!!!   I’ve had enough of illegals coming over here and doing crimes with no punishment.

We had a meeting of the small ranchers and farmers in a 50 mile radius from here.  Not everyone attended.  It was an eye opener.  Everyone is having things stolen. I’m so isolated and off the road it’s not easy to get to my equipment,  but so many are along roads with easy access to their barns and tool sheds.  Hot items are hand tools, skill saws, drills, acetylene torches,  anything that has a little value. One farmer lost a 4 wheeler, another two children’s bikes.  Several saddles have been stolen.  It’s not enough for us to face drought, low cattle prices, and high feed costs, we have to endure crooks stealing what little we have.

This will cause you to blow your stack.  Taxpayer money is being redistributed to welfare recipients for free cell phones. This program was started after Obama took office. I do think enough is enough. This guy is about to sink our ship. There is a number you can call to get a free Obama phone, which gives 70 free minutes of time.  Sure beats working for a living like us stupid half-wits.

My final basta. Obama tried to block FOX News from being in the pool of reporters who interviewed his pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg.  The other news networks said they would not do the interview unless FOX was included.   In all my born days I have never seen a president try to exclude a major network from an interview.  BASTA!!!   Bring back the freedom of the press, the right to speak out thoughts.  This round was clearly won by FOX.  Obama tried to isolate and target FOX and cut them out of the news loop.  Nice try, but this is America and the other networks know that could happen to them, so they stuck with FOX.   In the meantime, stay the course and remain positive.  America is in God’s hands.  Will Cooper

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Fox News

October 23, 2009

 Happy Harry reid

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When I think of a liberal I think of Happy Harry Reid’s face.  He is the best advertisment we have on why not to be a liberal.  I have been asked why I didn’t post the comments I receive on my blog.  I have some radical liberals that need their mouths washed out with soap.  I will not post their filthy comments. If I only posted the good comments, which by the way are much more in abundance than the ugly ones I wouldn’t be playing fair.  I don’t use filthy language in my daily life and I don’t plan to start posting it for the world to see.   I do appreciate you writing comments. 

On a bright note…before I deal with Fox News, I got about 2″ of rain yesterday. Praise the Lord… We still need a gully washer to fill the stock tanks.  They are bone dry. But at least I have grass and hay for the winter. I am happy. 

Not since Nixon has a sitting president singled out a media outlet and demonized them.  Nixon had an enemies list and now so does Obama.  For Obama it’s Fox News.  Sunday his hacks were on all the Sunday shows, except Fox trying to sell the idea Fox is not a news channel.  Granted Glenn Beck is going after the ultra-radical leftists in the White House, which starts with the president.  Beck has done a good job exposing the radicals.  Like Van Jones the Green Czar, an admitted communist and now Glenn is going after Anita Dunn. Dunn is director of communication in the White House.  Anita was speaking to a group of high school students and said she admired Chairman Mao Zedong.  She clearly said he and Sister Teresa were the two people in the world she admired most. Almost everyone Obama has appointed is a radical and Beck is spot on when talking about them. 

It should be no surprise to us Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishments.  He was given the office of the President of the United States with the same credentials. 

Sean Hannity is not as rough as Beck.  Sean doesn’t devote much time to any one thing.  Beck will spend an hour showing all the warts. Sean does put on liberals to argue with him, not Glenn.  Beck is focused on exposing Obama for the radical he is.  Other than those two Fox is very fair and balanced.  If anything they go over too far to the left for me trying to show the other side.  

I’m sad to see it but in response to President Obama’s complaint that FOX News doesn’t show enough Black and Hispanic people on their network, FOX has announced that in December they will start airing “America’s Most Wanted” twice a week. 

As most of you know I played four sports as a youngster. In baseball the umpire took a lot of flack for a bad call.  Some umpires had what we called rabbit ears. They heard every little complaint…I will admit some fans did get a tad loud and abusive.    Our president has rabbit ears and I’m not talking about those big projectiles sticking out on each side of his head.  Dick Morris said Obama is thin skinned, meaning he listens to everything critical. 

Rush Limbaugh says he is in Obama’s mind.  I think Rush is right. Obama can’t make a speach without referencing some want him to fail.  Rush made the famous quote right after the election, “I hope he fails.”   Rush meant Obama’s desire to change the nation to one in his image.  I think we all want Obama to fail in this task.  I sorta like us the way we are and I think most of you feel the same.  Rush cracked the thin skin or should I say Obama’s rabbit ears heard the statement, “I want him to fail.”  Obama can’t let it go.  He wants to shut down talk radio and get FOX off the air.  In Obama’s radical thinking, you eliminate the enemy.  

We now have the liberals of the 60ies and 70ies in the White House and the king of the group is Obama.  They wanted to change the world back then and were not able to.  Today they are the power and trust me they are changing everything you love about America.  They see us as evil, money grabbing people who have no compassion. They will go to any length to get what they want.  I think one of the most dirty tricks I’ve ever seen is their attempt to knock off Sarah Palin’s new book, “Going Rouge, An American Life”.   Below are the two covers.  The one on the left is the evil knock off.  This book was originally going to be “Sarah from Alaska”, but with the release of the book Sarah Palin wrote around the corner they changed titles.    Note how dark and ominious their book cover is. It says “Going Rouge, An American Nightmare.”   I don’t know if this is a copyright infringment, but there is no doubt this is the most dirty trick I’ve ever seen played.  I’m concerned some people will buy the fake Going Rouge, the slander job by the left rather than Sarah’s own book.  If you thought the election was dirty, you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

Sarah twin

The left is in panic mode. Obama keeps falling in the polls and the healthcare scam has been exposed.  I don’t think they will vote on healthcare this year and if we keep the pressure on Washington, expecially the Blue Dogs, we may still defeat this mess. 

I will say this, the president has not seen the full wrath of the American people.  If he has rabbit ears now, they will grow even larger in the coming months.  I think he is a one and done president.  In fact I know he will be if we get someone better than John McCain or Bob Dole to run.  Lord help the Republicans.  Surely we can beat McCain in picking a presidential candidate for 2012. 

Let me leave you with a story my old buddy at the local Dairy Queen told me.  An 87 year old American arrived in Paris and the French Customs Officer asked for his passport.  As he fumbled through his carry on the agent asked sarcastically, “You have been to France before monsieur?”

“Yes sir, I’ve been here before.”

“Then you should know enough to have your passport ready!”

“Young man the last time I was here I didn’t have to show it.”

The Frenchman was incredious, “That’s impossible, you always have to show your passport to enter France.”

The old man stood as straight as his crooked body would allow, gave the Frenchman a hard look and answered, “When I came ashore on Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944 to help liberate this country, I couldn’t find a single Frenchman to show my passport to!”      Good Night, Will Cooper

Am I For Real?

October 22, 2009

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Last night I got three different WordPress Comments asking the question, “Are you for real?”   I got two more emails wanting to know if I painted my own art.  One person today wanted to know if I repair fences.  This has not happened since the retired art teacher from California came to the consclusion that I was an Asian lady who was doing my art under a man’s name.  The retired teacher said he could tell by my brushwork that a woman did it. My suggestion to him was he needed to go back to school and relearn his brushwork studies.  I’m an old, broken down, 48 year old cowboy, who runs  the Skinny Cow Ranch.  However with all the nice rain I’ve received these past few months my old cows are no longer skinny.  I can’t even count their ribs.   I’ve had Doug and Clyde over baling my hay so it looks like I’m set for the winter. 

 I’m not married. My wife and unborn son were killed by drunken drivers.  I date some, but with the economy in such shambles I hate to take on a family, not knowing if my cattle ranch will survive.  I hover around 6′-2″ and am down to 197.  Without Mandy’s cooking I’m about to dry up and blow away. Had my teeth cleaned this morning and sat in the chair with white knuckles. I’m a certified wimp in a dental chair.

One might have asked, “Are you for real?”   meaning how can you say such things about General Joe Biden.  Or, “where do you get off being so critical of the president?”  Then again he could be saying, “how can anyone as stupid as you be allowed to write a blog?”  You can take “are you for real” to mean many things. BY THE WAY…when you write, please sign your name. Some asking questions didn’t sign their emails.

1. I do my own paintings.  Case in point.  I’ve painted about 20 commissioned portraits for my clients in the last three years.  If I was sending the work to China and having them do my art it would be impossible for me to deliver them so quickly and for so little money. I would lose money on the transactions.  Shipping the image to be copied and the art back ain’t cheap.  If you have done any International shipping you will understand.  Like it or not I do my own art. It’s wet when the art is posted and I have to let it dry before I can ship.  I post most pieces for 10 days so the paints have time to dry.

2. My address confusion.  My ranch is located south by southeast of San Antonio, sorta between the Alamo city and Corpus Christi.   The art is shipped from a different town and location. Early on I had a host of retired people wanting to drop by and buy me a cup of coffee in the local Dairy Queen or come spend a day watching me ranch.  One couple wanted to move their camper down to the ranch.  They said they would pay for their electricity.  I had a few ladies who asked for a job as my housekeeper when Mandy retired.  Some wanted more than to be my housekeeper.   I decided I wanted my privacy.  I’m lucky to have two top of the line, professional artists who have their staff handle my shipping.  They are set up to ship and collect eBay money.  I also use their email account.  My email address is but I also get emails at their account that are forwarded to me.   Mikki Senkarik is one of the top female painters in the world and her major paintings sell for thousands of dollars.  To view Senkarik’s work go to .  I’m lucky to have these people in my camp.  Without them I would NOT be on eBay.  I wouldn’t open up my ranch to the traffic and trust me, if people knew how to find the ranch some would show up. There are a lot of retired people with free time on their hands.  It never occurs to them I have to work 14 hours a day just to keep my head above water.  I ranch around 2,500 acres with two men and myself. I’ve had to let some of my cowboys go because of tight times.

3.  I have no cell phone. I tried one for a few weeks and found I was too connected.  I don’t give out my landline number and I don’t talk to my eBay clients.  If I open that door I’ll spend half my time on the phone.  My telephone is for ranch business.  I probably spend less time on the phone than anyone you know. I do my best to answer all emails. 

4. If you don’t think I paint my own art then don’t bid.  If you are not bidding then it is none of your business who does the art.  If you do bid then you already know I do my own paintings. I have many eBay clients who own several Will Coopers.  I welcome you to bid, but I’m not going to send you my DNA to make you believe I did the art or wrote this blog.

5. Not bragging, just a fact.  A lot of the art I paint is pretty darn good.  What professional artist who can paint at my level would do those for me and let me sign my name?  He or she would have to be brain dead to do them and sell them to me cheap enough for me to sell on eBay.  Under their own name they could get a lot more money than I could pay them. 

6. I’m not a professional writer.  I write from my heart.  It’s no secret I don’t want a big government, higher taxes or some bureaucrat in Washington DC telling me what doctor to use. I think our current president is the weakest man we have ever elected.  Well, we didn’t elect him and I certainly didn’t vote for him, the kool-aid drinkers elected him and now many are having buyer’s remorse. What he is doing to our military is a shame.

7. It is what it is. I assume some of you have been burned on eBay.  My art may never be worth what you pay to win and then again I might get to be fairly famous.  Everyone starts at the bottom.  I suggest you bid and win to enjoy.  If it turns out that you own a famous artist’s work then that’s a bonus, otherwise you have enjoyed the paintings. Am I for real?  You have to decide, I won’t try to convince you.  I will say I’m real enough to feel anger, fear, pain, joy, sadness and elation.  I’m real enough for Christ to be my Lord. Will Cooper <><

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