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This is my 116th or 117th blog.   I always knew I was long winded, but this takes the cake.  Your responses are really appreciated.  I love that you freely express how you feel about what I’m saying.  I’ve gotten the most feedbacks on the Roman Polanski blog.  90% said he should be given the death penalty.  I recommended castration, but you thought that was too mild.  The little girl he raped was 13 and he was 44.  He drugged her, got her drunk and then did all sorts of horrid acts to her.  He has already been convicted.  He skipped before he was sentenced.  I’m confident he will fight extradition.  With California being broke I’m not sure how hard they will push.  I blame fhe French for protecting the scum bag all these years. Now France and Poland are asking the US not to bring him back.  Just because Hitler killed his mother doesn’t give him a go free pass to rape children.

Thank you for sharing my blogs with others. It means a great deal to me that you would take the time to pass on what this old broken down cowboy has to say. Please continue to spread these blogs around.  I try to bring you things of interest and not say things that I don’t think are true. Unlike Rush, I’m not 99.3% correct all the time, but I try to be.

Several expressed their thoughts on Sarah Palin. One thoughtful reader told me of what was said on Little Green Footballs.  I looked up what they had written.  The author complained that the person who helped Sarah write her  book was a right wing nut job.  The lady, Lynn Vincent, doesn’t believe in abortions.  Neither does Sarah. Neither do I.  The woman believes God created the heavens and earth.  Sarah does as well.   I happen to agree with the writer and Sarah on both issues.  I guess that makes me a right wing nut case.  If we don’t think babies should be killed and that God made the heavens and earth then we are extremists according to Little Green Footballs.  A few years ago this was a normal belief, but the left has demonized this kind of thinking.  Thank you for pointing me back to Little Green Footballs.  I used to read them, but they got a little whacked for me.  I did Bookmark their site so I can check from time to time. One thing I must remind you of Sarah got a 7 Million Dollar advance on her book. She can’t be all that dumb.  

I mentioned that Bill Ayers ghost wrote Obama’s two books. Lynn Vincent could never be as radical as Ayers.  His writing Obama’s books didn’t slow down the president being elected. Even though Lynn helped, the book is in Sarah’s words. 

It doesn’t matter what Sarah does the left wing is going to go after her with bitterness and gile. Let’s see what happens after the book tour. It will be interesting to see where Sarah is in the polls then. 

My friend mentioned Sarah didn’t have any experience.  She has more than the current president and for the next three years she is going to be gaining International experience.  The book will allow her and Todd to get their legal bills paid and then travel the world.  You will see a new Sarah come 2012.   I promise.  Who do you think the Democrats fear the most?  You know that answer without me giving you a clue.  Who do they attack the most?  No one on the right can excite a group like the Hockey Mom from Alaska. 

Bobby Jindal the governor of Louisana would make a brilliant president. But he would come off on television like Nixon agaist Kennedy.  Like it or not a candidate has to read well on a camara.  The election is not won from the back of a train, or the radio.  It’s won on television. McCain came off as being dull and Obama electric.  The moment you saw them on the stage together you knew the race was over.

I’m not giving anyone my endorsment. It’s way too early.  Some of the people who are getting in position may not even be alive. Three years is a long time.  Look at Mark Sanford from South Carolina.  He was on everyone lips as a good choice until he pulled a Bill Clinton. How fast can they fall?   Fast!!! 

Thank you for telling me your thoughts on things I write. Thanks for your responses or as we say in Texas, “Much Obliged.”     Will <><


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