Third Party

Ross Perot 

 First I want to give you a Sarah update.  Her book has now moved to Number ONE on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Since she left office she has had 1070 requests to speak for a fee of $100,000.   120 candidates have asked her to come help them.  By the way Going Rogue, Sarah’s new book just passed Dan Brown’s new thriller on the best seller list.   This is without any promotion or her being on television.  Who else in America is in such demand?   Michael Moore??? (smile)

I have been receiving some thoughful, well informed and well intentioned emails about the need for a third party.  Glenn Beck has been calling for a third party for some time now.  I seem to support the Republicans in all of my blogs, but in truth I’m an Independent.  There is no use me supporting some Independent in a National race, because they would have about as much chance to win as a pig in the pen with a bunch of wolves. The Independent would be gobbled up for breakfast.   On a local level a third party candidate does have a bit of a chance, but not nationally.

I mostly vote Republican, because in our neck of the woods they are mostly conservative.  I believe in a small government and individual rights.  Lower taxes and border security. I supported president Bush in the wars.  9-11 is still fresh in my mind. 

Over the years we have had several serious third party candidates.  George Corley Wallace was before our time, but he had some serious support from people like H. L. Hunt, who at the time was the richest man in the world.  Most don’t know Wallace ran three times as a Democrat.  Wallace made an impressive run and garnered 12 electoral votes total for the three times he ran as a Democrat.  As an Independent he went against Nixon and Humphrey. He got about 13% of the popular vote.  Nixon prevailed because they went hard after the southern block.  Wallace got one electoral vote. 

So most don’t know Wallace ran for the presidency four times. Three as a Democrat.  What I’m saying is he was well known nationally.  In the later part of George Wallace’s life he became a born again Christian and asked the blacks of Alabama to forgive him. I suspect being almost killed by an assassin might have been his spiritual awakening.  Wallace served as governor of Alabama for 16 years. 

Ross Perot made a valient run.  He got 19% of the popular vote, but that only netted him 2 electoral votes.  In fact Perot ran two times on the Reform Party. The second time he got 8% of the vote and no electoral votes. 

Pat Buchanan got one electoral vote when he ran on the Reform Party ticket. 

Ralph Nadar and his Green Party has received the most electoral votes. In two elections, 2000 and 2004 he mustered a total of 18 electorial votes when you put the both together. 

Lyndon LaRouch received one electoral vote for all of his efforts. 

Harry Byrd ran in 1960 as a segorginiost.  He fell flat.

Storm Thurman had his go as a third party candidate.  You know how well that turned out. 

John Anderson, the darling of the youth movment in 1980 picked up one electoral vote.  He was the rage of the colleges and when push come to shove he couldn’t defeat the two big machines. 

The Independents are so scattered.  Following are a few different third parties.

 Constitution Party —Social and fiscally conservative.

Green Party — Socially progressive, fiscally liberal.

Libertarian Party—socially liberal, fiscally conservative.

The America First Party—Socially conservative, fiscally conservative.

American Independent Party

The American Party

Independent American Party

Prohibition Party

Centrist Party

Independence Party of America

Modern Whig Party.

Reform Party of the United States of America.

Working Families Party.

Labor Party.

Socialist Party.

There is a smorgasbord to select from.  The problem with the third party movement is there is no one dominate group that can suck in all the fringe parties to their table. The third parties remind me of the Baptist Church. I think there are 260 different kinds of Baptists.  In one town you can have a Southern Baptist, Fundmantal Baptist, 4 Square Baptist, Independent Baptist, American Baptist, African Baptist and the list could do on and on.  If those Baptist churches could unite they would be a power. As they are now they have small circles of influence.

During the presidential debates it’s almost impossible for a third party candidate to even get on stage.  Look I don’t make the rules, I’m just telling you the truth.  When the third party guy/gal does get on the big stage they have to go against the Democrat, Republican and moderator.  The media doesn’t want to see a third party win.

After the first time Perot ran the debate rules were changed. The third party dude/dudette had to be on enough state ballots to win the general election and he had to have 15% popular ratings.  Neither Anderson nor Perot would have qualified under the new rules.  Do you remember the joke about the south. They gave blacks a sheet of slick paper and a ball point pen and told them to write so they could prove they were literate.  No black could get his pen to pass.  Finally they asked a black man what he thought about the test. He said, “Looks like no colored folks are ever going to vote in Alabama.”    Those who set up the debates make the rules so it’s almost impossible for a third party person to get on stage with the two big shots. 

You who are thinking of a third party.  Know this, your vote for a third party candidate is one more vote for Obama.  You will make sure he is elected a second term.  Ask George H. Bush what Ross Perot did for him.  Clinton only got 38% of the popular vote…Ross 19%…Bush 43%, but Clinton swung the electoral votes.  Had Perot been out of the race Bush would have won by a landslide.   You can thank Ross Perot for Bill Clinton being elected. 

I have no idea who the Republicans will run for President. That’s still a ways away.  I think we have a chance, but not if a third party comes in and grabs 10% of the popular vote. I don’t care who runs they won’t get more than 10%.  It doesn’t take rocket scientist to understand we must work together to vote Obama out to save our country.    Will Cooper <><


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