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This is a word we knew would come and with the health care government take over in doubt we expect the president to turn his attention to Amnesty.  Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  He is falling in the polls and after the mess up with the Olympics he will drop more.  People are seeing that he is not a leader.  A leader would have gone to the Olympic Committee and brought home the games for Chicago. You know if Ronald Reagan had gone he would have returned victorious.   If you know you are about to lose 15 to 20 million votes from people who discovered you are a fraud, then what do you do? You grant citizenship to the 15 to 20 million illegal aliens living here to replace the lost voters.  The Illegals will vote as a block for Obama.  With the new illegal citizens he can pick up the needed votes to win again in 2012.

ACORN is on the ropes; however, the president will pick up their slack with illegals.  Make no mistake Axelrod and Rham know what’s going on. They know the devastation Hanna Giles and James O’Keefe inflicted on ACORN.  It’s now known 43,000 of Al Franken’s votes were generated by ACORN.  He won after three recounts.  Norm Coleman (R) won the first time by 400 votes, but Franken’s bunch just kept re-counting the votes until AL won.  If it’s proven a few hundred of those votes came from ACORN there will be a re-call in Minnesota. We still might get rid of Franken. (smile)

You can see the importance of illegals being made legal.  ACORN votes can be challenged, but the votes of 20 million new American’s would be above reproach.  Mexicans will replace the loss of ACORN votes.

I read an article from a border newspaper which said there is a ground swell in Mexico expecting amnesty to become real.  The moment the bill is signed and it’s clear that illegals will be given citizenship as many as 40 million more Mexicans will rush to the border and across. Once here they will get citizenship.  Perhaps the president is hinging his second term on having 50 million new Spanish speaking citizens to vote for him.  No matter how strong our man/woman candidate is we won’t stand a chance.  50 million votes would tilt any scale. There are scores of Amnesty lawyers who are poised to start working on the papers.  I understand families from Mexico are already lining up lawyers over here to represent them.

A lot of rich Mexicans are finding ways to become legal over here.  We have a couple of kinds of business visas that allow them to buy an American business and move here. One guy recently came to San Antonio and invested a few million. The drug cartel had cut off his feet to make his family pay a ransom.  One guy came with one hand missing.  If those were the kind we were getting that would not be bad…but when amnesty comes in we will be flooded with Mexican gangsters.

In the past those who came to America learned to speak English. They became American. Today the Mexicans don’t want to learn English, they want our signs and packages to be in Spanish.  Even New York City is teaching bi-lingual…Spanish/English.  If you are from another country other than a Spanish speaking one you are out of luck. You learn English or sink.  Not so for the Spanish speaker.

95% of all arrest warrants in California are for illegal aliens.  The drug business has spilled over into America.  75% on California’s Most Wanted List are illegal aliens.

I saw a piece this week that said 1/3 of those in Federal Jails are illegal aliens.  Not that they are being held to ship back, but for crimes they commit here.  I know you saw in San Francisco the police arrested an illegal alien but since it’s a sanctuary city he was not turned over to ICE.  Last month he killed a father and two sons at their place of business.

The FBI said half of all gang activity in the country is illegals who are part of drug cartels. Thanks to ACORN half of all HUD property occupants are illegals.

The fasted growing media in America is Spanish speaking television and radio.

Los Angeles county has 10 million people.  5 million speak English and 4 million speak Spanish.   40% of those 10 million work for cash. They pay no taxes.  Do you wonder why California is in such trouble?

And let me clear up a myth. Less than 2% of the illegal aliens are picking our crops…BUT 29% are on WELFARE.

Get set to fight to stop the Mexicanation of the United States of America.  Obama is  going to give this a push so he can be re-elected again in 2012.  If he doesn’t get amnesty he will be one and done.   Good Night, Will Cooper <><


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