Being King

Queen and Nixon Queen and Bill Clinton

This is one of the coolest sets of photos I’ve ever seen.  The one on the left is the Queen of England with Richard Nixon and the one on the right is the Queen with Bill Clinton.  I think what’s interesting is she is carrying the same purse in both images.  Is there any reason to wonder why she is the richest woman in the world???  She bought a purse and that was it.  She didn’t need two purses because she only carries one at a time.  God Love the Queen.

I’m still saddened that our president would insult her.  The First Lady put her hands on the Queen’s back and good people, that is considered bad manners.  Never touch the Queen until she touches you.  The Queen loved George Bush and she was quick to give him and Laura a hug, but that is not the case with the Obamas.  Reading body language she shut the Obamas out.  Look at how her hands are crossed with Nixon and Clinton.  She trusted neither man.  She is a wise woman. I have looked at several photos of the Queen with Obama and it’s very clear she doesn’t trust him. The Queen was never comfortable being around the Obamas.  She stood stiff as a board and clutched her purse with her arms closed.  The purse is a sign of body armor.  She didn’t want them to be able to penetrate her guard.

I’ve said it many times, but can you believe the president of the United States gave the Queen of England an I-Pod with his speeches on the gadget?  I don’t think the Queen of England is going to sit down and listen to  his rantings.  If she wants to listen to inspirational speeches I suspect her cabinet can get her an I-Pod with Churchill or General Marshall Montgomery.  Why would she want to listen to a former ACORN worker???

Seeing the Queen’s purses made me realize just how wasteful our president and his wife are.  It’s clear they never had money to spend. Now that they have the government piggy bank they have gone, as we say down here, “Hog WILD!”   They had never eaten $100 a pound steak, but with you and me paying for it they are ordering from the left side of the menu.

Have you ever been  in a swank restaurant and almost fainted when you saw the prices?   I try to avoid those places, but as a younger man I wanted to prove my cooth, so I ventured out into the world.  The first thing I noticed was the more expensive the place the smaller the plate.  You learn very fast to look on the right side of the menu if you don’t want to end up busted and washing dishes to get out.  I was in Los Angeles one time, got acquainted with this young thang and wanted to impress her.  Her father was some some big Hollywood big shot and they were dripping with money.  I clean up pretty good when I ain’t cowboying so off we went on a night out on the town.  She said we needed to eat at some fancy place where the stars hung out.  I let my ego get the better of my pocket book.  With wine and appetizers the bill came to $1,600.  I think I got three green peas with something I couldn’t tell what it was.  She pointed out a few “B” Movie stars. I was looking for Clint Eastwood or Gene Hackman.  I now realize they had too much brains to waste their money on such foolishness. Then we went dancing at another IN PLACE, which was so loud and crowded that about midnight I took her home.  It didn’t take this old country boy long to realize I would never be California Cool.

The Obamas use your money to fly a pizza maker in from Saint Louis.  He brought his crew and the stuff to make the Pizza.  I figure those pizzas cost you and me $100,000 a slice.  When the First Lady wanted to buy a few fresh veggies she had the streets closed off and thousands of dollars worth of security brought into play so she could spend $40 of our money.  She could have just sent a staff member to the farmers market.

Since the president and first lady have never enjoyed the finer things of life they are making up for lost time. Must be nice to haul out a 747 to go to Paris and London to shop.  The difference between the Queen of England and our leaders is night and day.  Don’t try to read something racial into this statement.

He was elected president, but he sees himself as Royalty.  He wants to be a king and leave the mundane running the country to his lackeys.  England has the Queen for royalty and a prime minister to run the country.  Obama wants his staff to be the prime minister.

This week I had a chicken fried steak that hung off all sides of the platter for $6.95 and that included the salad, ice tea and french-fries.  I don’t mind being country.  Will


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