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It’s beginning to look like ACORN embezzled $5 million dollars.  One of the Radke twins admitted to stealing $900,000 but evidence is showing it was $5 million that went missing. Thank God for Bobby Jindal, the young governor of Louisiana.  He ordered his Attorney General, Buddy Caldwell, to get ACORN’s  and all their associates’ records. They operate some 287 different scam operations out of the one New Orleans office. This is the head of the snake.  We cut off the head and we end voter fraud and helping people cheat on their taxes.  It’s my understanding they are in the process of taking the records now.

Guess what, ACORN is screaming racism.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of everything being called racist. I can tell you this, people who are not racists will be before this is all over.  Let me remind the left, Obama is 50% white and 50% black.  If blacks don’t like what he is doing are they racists?  I tried to tell friends and any who would listen that electing a half-breed would not end the blacks screaming racism. I don’t think I’m racist, but I’ll admit if I get much more of that rammed down my neck, I’ll become one.

Most of us who voted against Obama never gave any thought to his skin color.  We knew he was way too liberal for us.  None of us knew just how liberal. I don’t think we could ever think that far left.

We all need to keep our eyes on New Orleans and pray the state can find the evidence on ACORN.  I suspect a lot got destroyed after the $5 million dollar figure came up.  I think it was Bertha Lewis, the CEO of ACORN that let the $5 million number slip out. Today she is doing the old New Orleans shuffle trying to cover up her mistake.

Several Senators asked for a Federal investigation, but Harry Reid blocked their request.  Makes you wonder how deeply Reid is involved with ACORN.  In Las Vegas the District Attorney is trying 13 or 15 ACORN people, I can’t remember the exact number for felony voter fraud.  Reid is running 10 points down to one Republican challenger and 12 points to the other.  He is in trouble and may be planning on using ACORN to save his skinny butt.  What a disgrace to the US Senate!!!  How did we end up with Reid and Pelosi?   Shame on America for electing Obama, Reid and Pelosi.  Might I add in Barney Frank and Al Franken (who ACORN put in).

I’ve been asked to write for a newspaper.  I suspect after a few articles I will be canned. (smile)  Not PC enough for print.

I’ve had a few of you ask why I thought amnesty was going to be a big push in the next few months.  It’s a gut feeling and just little slips the president has made. When he was in Mexico he promised to work on the amnesty program in the fall.  I think we are in fall.  He has let a few hints drop in some of his small audience tele-prompter speeches. It makes perfect sense. He is getting hammered on the health care take over.  His cash for clunkers was a dismal failure.  The month after the cash for clunkers stopped new car sales fell 45%.  I think his cap and trade is dead.  People have had time to see the scam and that it is a tax increase.  He was a failure in getting the Olympics to Chicago.  That was a big slap in the face.  He has managed the war from weakness.  His general had to call him out to get a response.

AHHHHHHH, but amnesty will get our dear John McCain out pushing for it.  It’s sad, but a lot of Republicans will open the door to citizenship for illegals.  He has his first opportunity at a bi-partisan vote.  One Republican is not bi-partisan but 15 would be.  I suspect he just might get 15 Republicans to vote with him on this.  We know John McCain will go with him.

Add in the fact his ACORN vote getting machine might be in jail by the time he runs again so he will be counting on the illegals from Mexico to vote in a block for him.  I’m starting to see stories of mistreated illegals in the San Antonio Express News. I think we will  win on health care, we will win on cap and tax, but I’m not confident we can defeat citizenship for illegals. It’s hard to stand against them and not be labeled racist.  There that nasty word is again.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Phoenix has been ordered by Homeland Security to stop arresting Illegal Aliens.  Joe said “screw you.” He will continue to do his job.  Trust me folks the president is going to push amnesty.

Good Night, Will <><

PS: A milestone for Ted Kennedy, he has been sober a full month.


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