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Obama Illegal Alliens

Sarah Palin nailed our Commander in Chief this week for ignoring the war in Afghanistan. Only after Fox News goaded him did he meet with his top general. Even then General McCrystal had to go public to get the president’s attention. McCrystal flew to London to address a group and took the bark off what needs to be done to win.   Did I say win?  The president said, “I don’t think of us winning in Afghanistan.”  He doesn’t like the idea of winning.  He wants us to sit down, sip tea and get along.  Maybe he needs to invite Osama Bin Laden to the White House for a beer.    How did the first beer summit turn out?  There is division in the police of Cambridge that didn’t exist until the president called them racists. He just doesn’t get it.  There is no common sense in the White House.

If not to win then why are we there?  In America we are taught to win.  We win spelling bees.  Let me correct that statement. You win spelling bees, I win goat roping contests.  When we toss horseshoes we try to win.  We try to win when pitching washers.  Every Friday night in the fall thousands of high schools across this great country play football games filled with locals wanting to see their team win. They don’t to the game to see their kids play. They go to see them come home with a victory. America is built on winning.

Recently the Detroit Lions of the NFL broke a 19 game losing streak. You would have thought they won the Super Bowl.   We win elections, we go to horse races to see who wins. Those who gamble in the jillion casinos, go to win.  They may stick $1,000 in the slots, and win $200.   When they get home they tell their friends, we won $200, not that we lost $800.

Our Commander in Chief doesn’t think winning the war is important. I’m confused on what does he think, enough is enough?  He is being dragged, kicking and screaming to the table with his generals.  He cannot make a decision.  It took him three days to give the okay to kill the Muslim pirates who held an American Ship Captain hostage.  In truth he cannot be blamed for his weakness.  Michelle runs their home and tells him how to think.  Now that he is president and Commander  in Chief those duties fall on him.  He is paralyzed.  He is in over his head and totally lost.  If he makes the wrong move then it will all be on his head.  BUT if he doesn’t make a move it’s going to be on him anyway.  The poor guy has the chicken with its head cut off syndrome.  A chicken will run around for five minutes with no head.

Right now the moral of our brave young men and women are at an all time low.  They are asking themselves, why are we here? What is our purpose?  In Iraq under Bush we had goals and the men and women knew what they were.  Bush was a good Commander in Chief.  I thought Bush was too liberal with his spending, but where the troops were involved he was 100% behind them and led with strength. Now the troops have no clear enemy.  We won’t get it, but we need a Commander in Chief who will make choices and set goals for the military to achieve.  Today they are over there trying not to be killed or maimed.  It’s a miserable place for a soldier to be.  There are no hills to charge or ground to take. They sit and wait for a sneak attack.   Even seasoned veterans are depressed.

Please allow me to make an analogy.  If you were starting up a new NFL Football team and you had your choice of Bill Cower or the director of the Dallas Ballet, who would you choose for coach. Bill Cower has won three Super Bowls and the Ballet Director has never been to a football game on any level.  When I make it this clear then even those not interested in football can make the correct choice.  The United States needed a Bill Cower for our Commander in Chief, but we got the Ballet Director.

Even the French, who raise the white flag long before they are asked to surrender are saying we have a pantiwaist for president.

It’s time we committed enough troops to go in and finish off the Taliban.  It that means crossing over in to Pakistan then so be it.  It’s time we went in and arrested or killed Osama Bin Laden.  Let’s put boots on the ground in large numbers and then give them permission to win.

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