Oboma Prom

Okay, okay the picture is probably made up in Adobe Photoshop, but this is pretty much the way other countries see this couple.  They are not the swanky pair the liberal press makes them out to be.  I’m ashamed this pair is my president and first lady.

For the first time in my adult life I’m ashamed of our president.  Michael Obama said during the campaign AFTER her husband became the Democraict nominee that she was proud of America for the first time in her life.   I’ve always been proud of America.  I didn’t like Jimmy Carter, but I never questioned his love for our country.  His weakness was not apparent at first. It took some time to really see what a failure he was.  I was never ashamed of Jimmy Carter until he started “doing lunch” with known terrorists and suggested America should shoot down Israeli planes if they go to take out Iran’s nukes.   His remarks saying we from the south are racist is enough to drive you over the edge.  I guess Jimmy has never been to Boston.  I think there is less racism in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi than the northern states. For the most part black and white live in harmony in the south. You want to see a divided city? Try New York City.

It is an embarrassment that Fidel Castro is praising our president for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  No doubt Hugo Chavez sent Obama flowers.

I was never ashamed of Bill Clinton.  With all of his warts, Bill loves America.  There is never any question what he thinks about this great country.  Note I didn’t say once great country.  Even though Obama thinks we are no longer great, he is wrong.   Bill did things I didn’t agree with.  I’m not taking about the Monica thing.  Clinton was not near as bad as Jack Kennedy was about bringing women to the Oval Office.  We hear how smart Obama is, the truth of the matter is Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar.  Bill Clinton is smart as a whip.  Much smarter than Obama.  Bill Clinton won a statewide race for Attorney General when he was 23.  I think he was something like 26 when he became governor of Arkansas.  Bill gave reasons for us to be ashamed of him, but to me he stood tall for our country.  That counts a lot in my estimation.  Yes, he bombed an aspirin factory and did nothing when the World Trade Center was bombed the first time.  His lack of effort had nothing to do with the way he envisioned America.  Bill thought we were exceptional.  Bill was right.

Obama hates what America stands for.  He wants us to no longer be a Super Power.  Right now we are the only Super Power left.  His goal is to reduce us to a third world level.  He may come close, but not even Obama can bring our great country down.

I was ashamed of  the president when Obama went over to the Middle East and bowed to a Saudi King.  Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would live long enough to see our president bowing down to other rulers.

I don’t want to take the space to recount all the things he has done to embarrass our country.  I’m going to close, because my blood pressure is way too high.  I keep telling myself, this too shall pass.   Good Night, Will Cooper <><


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