Obama flag

If this doesn’t chill your spine then check your pulse, you might be dead.  This flag is being sold on eBay.  This flag is not something made up in Adobe Photoshop, but is an actual flag.  They removed the blue field with stars and replaced them with an image of The ONE.   This is one of the most egregious slanders of our flag I’ve ever seen.  I wouldn’t want to see a US Flag with George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan on it.  This is a disgrace to what our young men and women are giving their lives for.  How much more disgrace can this man bring on our country?

In Oregon an apartment complex refuses for any resident to fly an American flag.  One father with a son in Iraq had a flag on the back of his Harley.  He was told to remove it. One couple had a flag in their window and it was banned by management.  The apartment complex management’s reason was they had a diverse community and the flag could offend some people.  When in America does flying Old Glory become offensive?  If you are offended then go back to where you came from, where there are no American flags.

I had planned to talk about the similarities between the Gipper and a Pit Bulldog in Lipstick.   They are more alike than you might think.   Most of us don’t remember how much the liberal press hated Ronald Reagan.   We see their hate for Sarah Palin, because it’s happening in front of us.  Reagan was some time ago and distance tends to make us forget the ugly stuff.  As a group we Americans don’t like ugly.   We all want to go along to get along.

Let me lift your memory veil.  Ronald Reagan was vilified in the press.   Remember he was nothing but a “B” Movie actor and not a very good one at that.  Even though he was extremely articulate he was said to be a baffoon.  The liberal press wrote about how dumb he was.  They did the same thing to Bush.  Even though Bush made better grades than Al Gore or John Kerry, they were said to be smarter.  The liberal press said Reagan spent too much time in college thinking about sports to make a good leader.  The press never let anyone know Reagan wrote all of his own radio speeches.  He wrote them in long hand…many were brilliant.  The liberal press mocked him for attending a small college.  The American people looked past the negative media and he won both times in a landslide.  We know what is real and Reagan was real.

Let’s look at Sarah Palin.  She went to a small college in Idaho.  Just like Reagan.  She was a point guard in basketball…that made her an athelete just like Reagan.  Reagan governed the most populated state in the country and Sarah the largest state.  Ronald Regan went on radio to bypass the liberal media.  He didn’t want them to change what he was saying.  Today Sarah is using Facebook and Twitter to get her message out.

Remember the liberal press tried to make it look like Sarah was a shopaholic. In truth she and her daughters shop at a re-sale boutique in Alaska.  It was the Republican Party that spent $150,000 on her wardrobe. Most all of those clothes were returned to the RNC and auctioned off.

When Ronald Reagan left the governor’s office in California the experts were saying he was washed up.  This is the last office he will hold.  When Sarah left the governor’s office early in Alaska the experts said she has lost all hope of any future in politics.

I think Sarah is Ronald Reagan in a dress….Ronette.  She has much better looking legs than Ronnie.  Those who think her dead need to re-evaluate their thoughts.  She now has over 1,100 offers to speak at $100,000 a pop.  Someone thinks she has some things to say.  Her book went to number one, BEFORE it had a cover…BEFORE the final edit.

I read a blog saying how un-organized she is and that she is clueless.  This dude is dreaming.  You wait until the book hits the shelves.  You wait until she goes on her book tour.  Right now she is doing the finishing touches on her book.  That is her first goal.   It’s too early for her to be out on the campaign trail.  She needs to hone her foreign policy skills.

Barring an unnatural event, I think we are looking at the next president of the United States when we see an image of Sarah. Everything is setting up for a conservative revival. Let the Democrats keep on pushing the socialist agenda and we will vote them out.  Keep it up Harry, keep it up Nancy, keep it up Barry and we will be singing your goodbye song.

Will Cooper <><


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