It’s Not His Fault

Obama Dixie Flag

I’m pretty quick to blame things on Obama because he is deserving.  I posted a disgusting flag yesterday when the maker had removed the field of stars from our American Flag and replaced them with an image of Obama.  This is another version of a flag being sold on eBay.  This time they desecrated the flag of the south.   Being a Texan I know what the Lone Star means to me.  I have friends from the south and the Dixie flag means as much to them.  None see it as a slavery flag.  They see their flag as setting them apart from the north.  The Spirit of Dixie is still alive in the south.

Most people think the Civil War was was fought to free the slaves.  That was not the case, the slaves were a bi-product.  South Carolina was getting ready to secede from the Union when Lincoln  came into power.  Lincoln was dead set on stopping them.  The South was not happy with the tax burden put on them by the north.  The Civil war was fought over power and money. Most people forget there were many slaves in the north.  The number was smaller because there were no giant plantations in the north where as many as three hundred slaves worked.

The northern states tried to keep Texas from joining the Union because we would have been a slave state.  Granted, there were a few who thought slavery barbaric, but the majority in the north and south didn’t.   If  Texas came into the Union they would switch the balance of power in the House.  A slave counted 2/3 of a person.  Since Representatives are issued according to population Texas would have sent several to Washington.

One day I’d like to teach you how Sam Houston tricked Washington into letting Texas become a state.  Today we are wishing we were not part of Washington.  I for one would vote for secession.

People in the south fly the Dixie flag because they are proud of their southern heritage.  There is more racism in the north than in southern states.  However, the president has managed to stir the race pot down south as well.  The president and his crew have managed to make race into a divisive and incendiary divide all over the country.

But we can’t blame Obama for the flags.  He didn’t print the two flags I’ve shown.  These flags are the results of kool-aid drinkers.  People who are part of the Obama cult.  I can find no American leader who has garnered such a cult following.  The worship of Obama has gone past respect or being a fan.  It’s Messianic in proportion.  They believed he could lower the waters.  We joke about it, but it’s true, his cult followers felt he had magical powers.  They fully expected him to supply them gas for their cars, homes to live in and money for their bills.

The White House has dolled out millions of dollars in grants for artists to produce Obama art.  I suspect the two flags were done with grant money. Your and my money is given to artists who follow the Master as if he was their god.   Hundreds of skilled artists did Hitler art and today we have hundreds of artists doing Obama art.  The parallel is frightening.  I was emailed an application to apply for a grant to make art.   What a horrible waste of the American people’s money.  I want to paint art that I sell.  I don’t want a handout. I’m not a beggar. If I lost my ranch I’d dig fence posts or rake leaves.  I’d work at a car wash…I’d do anything rather than take a handout.

I’ll leave you with something nice to look at.  I’m posting my painting below.    Will



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