Too Real!!!



Please excuse my lack of computer knowledge. I get Ping Backs, but I don’t know what they are.  I do good to just get a few words posted.  Let’s face it, I’m really country.

I keep thinking I’ll wake up from this nightmare. That this is not really happening to my great country.  This kind of crazy stuff happens in Russia, Cuba or some third world country.  Things like we are seeing are a shocker to all of us.   For some reason when I turn over and sleep on my left side I get ‘stopped up’ and then all sorts of crazy dreams happen.  I can never remember them, but I’ll wake up with my heart pounding.  I flip back over to my right side and sleep like a baby.  Do you think I’m so right winged that I can’t even sleep on the left?  I don’t know what else could be the problem.

Lately I feel like I’m sleeping on the left all day long.  I click on the news or start reading blogs and it all seems so unreal.  I was thinking about the news attention junkie family from Colorado that faked their six year old floating away in a helium balloon.  Smart people say the balloon could only pick up 8 pounds and I’m sure the hoax family knew that. The balloon was in the air for 20 minutes before they called the media.  Their first call was to a television station and then 911.  Two hours of air time was devoted nationally following the balloon. People stayed riveted to the television waiting to see if the little boy was dead when the balloon finally landed. When the story unfolded this family had been on Wife Swap two times.  I’ve never watched the show, the concept is too sick for me.  The little boy let it slip on Larry King, “We did it for the show.”  In other words they did the hoax to be on television.

This morning I received an email saying the government is going to add a gun tax onto our IRS forms this year. I don’t know if this is true, but nothing shocks me these days. 

We have our generals asking for additional troops and the president is studying the matter. What’s to study?  I can answer that.  If he sends the men/women needed the far left will be all over him. Code Pink will protest in front of the White House.  Last night he spoke at a $34,000 a plate dinner in San Francisco.  The TEA Party people turned out in the thousands to protest AND so did the lefties.   He caught as much flack from the left as he did from the right.  I don’t think he has a choice but to send troops to Afghanistan.  I think that’s a given and when he does it’s going to get nasty.

As difficult as it is to believe the president is already campaigning for 2012.  He spent four hours in New Orleans so he could deliver a Yes We Can speech.  He was speaking to the right bunch.  A lot of people in New Orleans are still waiting for the government to fix things for them.  One plant asked, why don’t you give us the money to fix New Orleans.  He aswered, “I can’t write checks or I would give you the money you deserve.”  Made my stomach turn over.  Gulf Port/Biloxi didn’t ask for a handout and they are back on their feet and growing by the hour. 

All of this is too real for this old country boy.  I’m just a broken down cowboy who wants to turn the clock back and make all of this go away.  I want my America back.  I don’t want to open the newspaper each morning to read about another one of my freedoms being taken away. 

Remember I told you to keep an eye on immigration.  Last week the president canceled the contracts with 300 private prisions that house Illegal Alliens.  Only the hardened criminals will not be released.   And on top of that, he canceled 600 miles of the Border Fence.   Now why would he be doing that unless he had plans for the Illegal Alliens???   I have not cried “Calf Rope” but I’m getting close.  My mind cannot take all these changes. 

 Each day we are over run with things that normal people consider insane.  Just when you think you have seen it all you flip on your left side and another nightmare worse then the first comes into play.   In San Antonio a 24 year old man killed his three month old son.  The father, wife and child were staying in a homeless shelter. The father got tired of baby sitting the kid while his wife went to the community shower.  So he banged the baby’s head against the crib. When the police did the perp walk, he strutted across like he was something special. Seeing him strutt with his bleached hair and fuzzy moustach made me want to drive north and bang his head against a wall and see how he liked it.

Please just shake me awake and let me wake up to find this all gone away.  Will


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