Last night after I watched the Bears play Atlanta I crawled into bed.  I was too tired to think.  It had been a long day. I did manage to shower before I fell in bed. The lady I got cleaning the house would slap me around if I got my sheets dirty.   I guess it was around 3am when the biggest ruckus started taking place on my back porch. I jumped straight up in bed, still about half alseep, pulled on my wranglers and slipped into my boots sans the socks.  Sliding the old Army .45 from under my pilliow I stumbled to the back porch and flipped on the light.  Bandit was in a head to head battle with a male racoon. Blood was all over the floor and I could see the coon was winning the battle.  I made the fight equal by puttiing a round between the coon’s eyes.  My concern was the racoon  had rabies.  Bandit was ripped up in several places, but he was still ready to go another round.  He attacked the dead coon, shaking the oversized animal until he realized the varmit was dead.  I wrapped Bandit in a towel and got him calmed down.

Early this moring I took Bandit and the coon into the local vet.  He didn’t think the coon had rabies.  He thought there were several babies in the area and the racoon was protecting them.  The male coon saw Bandit as a threat to his young ones.  The vet patched old Bandit up and I brought him home.  He found his bed area on the porch and went to sleep. I think the vet gave him a shot to knock him out.  He never fully passed out but he sure was woozy. 

Needless to say this old broken down cowboy is tired.  Very tired.  I need my beauty rest. One thing about living in the country, there is always something going on. 

Speaking of dogs.  The two south Texas ranchers are still raving how my dog idea has stopped Illegals from crossing their property. I talked to the old man I went down to help. He said, “Will if King Obama learns my dogs are keeping ‘wet-backs’ out he will probably send in the Feds to grab my dogs.”  Please note, wet-backs is his word and he is 100% Mexican. His family goes back to before Texas was a Republic. 

He also told me a sad story.  Seems two or three ranches down the river (Rio Grande) decided to copy his dog prevention plan.  Only he got a half dozen pit bull dogs.  Some were dogs that had been trained to fight and picked up by the law.  He got them cheap.  He let them run free on his property.  He told my old friend that he was smarter, because his dogs would rips some legs off if anyone tried to cross his place.  The old man tried to tell him the Will Way, but he said I was a gringo and didn’t know anything about his problem.

Last week he found thirty seven goats dead.  The dogs just killed them for the killing. Nothing was eaten, it was simply done for sport.  The old Mexican tried to call but he won’t return his message. He has since killed his pit bull dogs.  The old Mexican told me he suspects that some calves were killed by the dogs as well. 

It’s like anything, you have to follow the winning formula. I choose bloodhounds because General G. is in the dog business.  He knows his stuff.  I was smart enough to listen to an expert. 

Our president reminds me of the rancher who hired the pit bulls.  I don’t know if you realize this, but the Obama administration has declared war on the Fox News Channel.  He has made a big mistake.  Instead of attacking Fox he should have gone on as many Fox programs that would have him.  If he called Rush, he would put him on.  Hannity would love to go one on one with the president.  Glenn Beck would be nicer to him than he thinks.  Neil would treat him with respect.  Bill would do the same. Gretta would let him talk.  Huckebee would pick and sing a tune with him.  Obama has gone to the extreme, like the guy with the pit bull dogs and it has backfired.  Fox’s ratings are going through the roof. 

In closing, some of you may not know Rush Limbaugh is one of the judges for the Miss America contest.  I found out today why they put Rush on the panel.  This is the only way they could prevent Mr. Obama from becoming Miss America.   

Have a good night’s rest,  Will Cooper <><


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