The Future

Little  Girl

I have no doubt that most of you who read my blogs are concerned for the future.  The president has strapped us with a debt that will fall on the grandbabies of this generation to pay off.  And it doesn’t look like he has stopped spending.  He is tossing around the idea of another stimulus plan.  I wonder why they call it a plan?  The stimulus plan we have going seems to be in the dark most of the time.  No one knows where that money is going.  I saw a figure that we spent $2.3 billion to make or save 33,000 jobs.  I didn’t do the math but I think that comes out to roughly $75,000 dollars per job. If they gave me $75,000 I could hire two strong young men to help run this place, or three scrubs.

Let’s look at the future.  As dark as it is today the sun will shine again.  We will survive this administration.  He may cripple our bodies, but nothing can cripple the American SPIRIT. Like my dog Bandit, we may have some skin danging loose but a needle and thread can patch us back up.  He is going to limp some because of soreness, but nothing will stop him from jumping in the back of my pickup truck when he hears it crank up. Know this, 60 years from now America will still be a super power.  Fret not over what is happening now, we will see this president voted out of office and someone who believes in the American Spirit will take office.  I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future and I’d say we are in good hands. God brought America into being and He will not let us fail.

The real smart people say that Russia is trying to flex its muscles.  Some are saying we may have to go to war with Russia, but the real smart people say that won’t happen. Russia has too many internal problems.  Their infrastructure is crumbling and they don’t have the money to make the repairs.   They are just hanging on.  Others say China will rise to power.  The smart people say that China will never challenge the US. China has no Navy, it takes decades to build a fleet and train personnel to operate the ships.  Besides China is poorly located.  The vast part of their population is in the eastern part of the country.  Right now China, a communist country, is thriving on capitalism.   Yet our president wants us to go toward communism and kill capitalism.  Can’t Obama see communism didn’t work for Russia and didn’t work for China?  Expansion for China is not logical. They have no place to go.  Russia has vast land, but no money.  And how many want to live in the frozen tundra?

What about Japan?  Japan has no natural resources.  They import everything and soon they will have to begin importing labor.  Japan is no threat. They have been in a 20 year recession and show no signs of a quick recovery.  They have a strong military, but their population is shrinking.  They will soon depend on immigrants for labor.  If you have been to Japan you must have been struck by the smallness of hotel rooms and the places people live.

The three coming super powers are nations you never dreamed of.  Turkey.  Turkey is stronger than its neighbors and has a stable economy. As the world crisis increases Turkey is in position to grow and get stronger.  Twenty to thirty years from now look out for Turkey.

America’s battle with the radial Muslims will one day be old news. They are like a feisty dog nipping at your boots. It can do no damage, but is still very annoying. I cannot say when our spat with them will end, but I suspect when the rest of the Muslim world gets tired of taking heat for a handful of radicals.

President Bush didn’t go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan to win a victory.  He engaged the Muslims to pit the radicals against the non radicals.  It’s working, Iraq now has a democratic government and Afghan is trying.  The problem in Afghanistan is the country is divided into a jillion tribes.  Like the Apache, Comanche, Creeks, Crows, Navajo etc.  They are all Indians but completely different in their way of doing things.  The Bush plan is working and will continue unless the current president screws it up…which he can do.

Poland…before you make any polish jokes, the lady whose company does my shipping is Polish.  Seriously, Poland is well positioned.  Russia is going to crumble again and Germany doesn’t have the heart for a third world war.  Germany is a divided country. They have no heart to fight and Russia, on the other side of Poland, won’t have the means. Poland will grow into the super power of Europe.  Mark these words and spread this blog. Polish people are industrious, freedom loving people and they will fight for that liberty.  It may be sixty years, but they are going to be the power in Europe.

England has grown soft and France keeps the white flag near just in case.

Are you ready for it?   Mexico will become a world power that challenges the United States.  Right now Mexico is the 15th strongest economy in the world.  In 40  to 60 years that all will have changed. They will be one of the stronger countries economically. They have a great climate and plenty of labor.

Before I continue with Mexico, need I remind you Turkey, Poland and Mexico are breeders.  We’ve stopped having big families in the United States, likewise in China, Japan and Russia.  In fact in China you are restricted to having one child.  We all depend on immigrants to move into our countries and provide laborers.  These three countries provide more of one thing than we do,  they provide babies in litters.  Like feral hogs they drop a kid every nine months.

In forty years there will be more Mexicans in Texas than all the other races.  This goes for California, Arizona and New Mexico.  You will have a block of Spanish speaking people reaching from the Panama Canal to Denver.   I don’t know what will start the conflict between Mexico and the United States, but I do believe one is coming.  It will come after Mexico becomes a powerful country.  Remember one of the richest men in the world is from Mexico City, Slim Heim.  Richer than Gates or Buffett.  Right now they are dealing with a drug war, but like our radical Muslim conflict this too will end.

In another blog I’ll talk about how those wars will be fought.   They will not be fought with boots on the ground. Sleep well, even with all this doom and gloom the United States of America will survive and thrive.  King David said the darker the night, the brighter the stars shine.  It’s pretty dark right now, but look up, the stars are sparkling. We are going to be fine.     Will Cooper <><


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