Am I For Real?

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Last night I got three different WordPress Comments asking the question, “Are you for real?”   I got two more emails wanting to know if I painted my own art.  One person today wanted to know if I repair fences.  This has not happened since the retired art teacher from California came to the consclusion that I was an Asian lady who was doing my art under a man’s name.  The retired teacher said he could tell by my brushwork that a woman did it. My suggestion to him was he needed to go back to school and relearn his brushwork studies.  I’m an old, broken down, 48 year old cowboy, who runs  the Skinny Cow Ranch.  However with all the nice rain I’ve received these past few months my old cows are no longer skinny.  I can’t even count their ribs.   I’ve had Doug and Clyde over baling my hay so it looks like I’m set for the winter. 

 I’m not married. My wife and unborn son were killed by drunken drivers.  I date some, but with the economy in such shambles I hate to take on a family, not knowing if my cattle ranch will survive.  I hover around 6′-2″ and am down to 197.  Without Mandy’s cooking I’m about to dry up and blow away. Had my teeth cleaned this morning and sat in the chair with white knuckles. I’m a certified wimp in a dental chair.

One might have asked, “Are you for real?”   meaning how can you say such things about General Joe Biden.  Or, “where do you get off being so critical of the president?”  Then again he could be saying, “how can anyone as stupid as you be allowed to write a blog?”  You can take “are you for real” to mean many things. BY THE WAY…when you write, please sign your name. Some asking questions didn’t sign their emails.

1. I do my own paintings.  Case in point.  I’ve painted about 20 commissioned portraits for my clients in the last three years.  If I was sending the work to China and having them do my art it would be impossible for me to deliver them so quickly and for so little money. I would lose money on the transactions.  Shipping the image to be copied and the art back ain’t cheap.  If you have done any International shipping you will understand.  Like it or not I do my own art. It’s wet when the art is posted and I have to let it dry before I can ship.  I post most pieces for 10 days so the paints have time to dry.

2. My address confusion.  My ranch is located south by southeast of San Antonio, sorta between the Alamo city and Corpus Christi.   The art is shipped from a different town and location. Early on I had a host of retired people wanting to drop by and buy me a cup of coffee in the local Dairy Queen or come spend a day watching me ranch.  One couple wanted to move their camper down to the ranch.  They said they would pay for their electricity.  I had a few ladies who asked for a job as my housekeeper when Mandy retired.  Some wanted more than to be my housekeeper.   I decided I wanted my privacy.  I’m lucky to have two top of the line, professional artists who have their staff handle my shipping.  They are set up to ship and collect eBay money.  I also use their email account.  My email address is but I also get emails at their account that are forwarded to me.   Mikki Senkarik is one of the top female painters in the world and her major paintings sell for thousands of dollars.  To view Senkarik’s work go to .  I’m lucky to have these people in my camp.  Without them I would NOT be on eBay.  I wouldn’t open up my ranch to the traffic and trust me, if people knew how to find the ranch some would show up. There are a lot of retired people with free time on their hands.  It never occurs to them I have to work 14 hours a day just to keep my head above water.  I ranch around 2,500 acres with two men and myself. I’ve had to let some of my cowboys go because of tight times.

3.  I have no cell phone. I tried one for a few weeks and found I was too connected.  I don’t give out my landline number and I don’t talk to my eBay clients.  If I open that door I’ll spend half my time on the phone.  My telephone is for ranch business.  I probably spend less time on the phone than anyone you know. I do my best to answer all emails. 

4. If you don’t think I paint my own art then don’t bid.  If you are not bidding then it is none of your business who does the art.  If you do bid then you already know I do my own paintings. I have many eBay clients who own several Will Coopers.  I welcome you to bid, but I’m not going to send you my DNA to make you believe I did the art or wrote this blog.

5. Not bragging, just a fact.  A lot of the art I paint is pretty darn good.  What professional artist who can paint at my level would do those for me and let me sign my name?  He or she would have to be brain dead to do them and sell them to me cheap enough for me to sell on eBay.  Under their own name they could get a lot more money than I could pay them. 

6. I’m not a professional writer.  I write from my heart.  It’s no secret I don’t want a big government, higher taxes or some bureaucrat in Washington DC telling me what doctor to use. I think our current president is the weakest man we have ever elected.  Well, we didn’t elect him and I certainly didn’t vote for him, the kool-aid drinkers elected him and now many are having buyer’s remorse. What he is doing to our military is a shame.

7. It is what it is. I assume some of you have been burned on eBay.  My art may never be worth what you pay to win and then again I might get to be fairly famous.  Everyone starts at the bottom.  I suggest you bid and win to enjoy.  If it turns out that you own a famous artist’s work then that’s a bonus, otherwise you have enjoyed the paintings. Am I for real?  You have to decide, I won’t try to convince you.  I will say I’m real enough to feel anger, fear, pain, joy, sadness and elation.  I’m real enough for Christ to be my Lord. Will Cooper <><

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