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Basta in Spanish means Enough.  I think most of you reading this blog are shouting basta, basta, basta!  Basta Obama!  Basta big government!  Basta taxes!  I’m using Spanish.  I need to teach you so you will be able to speak the language of the land. Like a cut ant colony, Mexicans are swarming over the border into every nook and cranny in America. Soon they will demand English be banned and Obama will gladly obey.

I got a call late, late, late last night from a Wyoming cowboy I hadn’t spoken to since back when I was trying to rodeo.  My big old body was not rigged right for bull riding or bucking horses. I naturally gave all of it a macho shot. Finally I came to the conclusion I was a pretty good hand at roping.  I soon found out unless you have a horse between your legs to do the work you won’t win much money.  It was fun once the rodeo started but the days driving miles and miles to get to the next event, sleeping in the truck and pulling a horse trailer…nuff said.

My old cowboy buddy was a few sheets to the wind.  In other words he had been drinking for a few hours before he graced me with his call.  Seems he ran into a mutual cowboy friend who had my phone number.

“Will”, he said with a thick tongue, “we got illegal alien problems up here and we are up to our ears in being tired of them.”

I sleepily thought, ‘Sam, you don’t have a clue about illegal aliens.’  But I put on my Mr. Nice face and asked, “What’s happening?”

I opened up a book of complaints. I let him speak for 45 minutes.  The more he talked the more I realized why I didn’t like him when we were on the circuit.  MR. NEGATIVITY. He paused and I used that moment to excuse myself and get him off the phone.  I looked at my clock and it was 4:15am.  I lost an hour of much needed sleep.  But he did get me to thinking about the illegal problem.

Yesterday there was a gun battle in Nuevo Larado near the International Bridges.  At least a dozen people were killed, maybe more. The police are not saying.  Two of the cars involved in the gun battle had Texas plates.  State troopers were called to protect the bridges on the American side.  One group of drug cartel members made a run for it and the army took chase. Along the chase route the drug gang blocked the road with cars.  I’m not sure how that happened, but the army rammed their way through.  The drug gang members escaped.  It’s pretty clear this gun battle was between Texas based drug people and the Mexican army.  Three or four weeks ago we had a similar gun battle across from Brownsville.  In that battle an America mother and child were killed by stray bullets.

Tucked in the back of the San Antonio Express News was a tiny article addressing the drug deaths in Juarez, Mexico, across from El Paso.  In 2008 from January to mid October there were 1,171 murders.  This year from January to mid October there have been 1,986 murders.  I’m sure before this blog is posted the murder rate will already be past 2,000 people.

In a small town not far from my ranch six illegal aliens stole a black Ford Explorer and were spotted by police about 30 miles south of San Antonio.  The local cops tried to get them to pull over, but the driver hit the gas and traveling at 100 miles an hour headed north.  The Bexar county Sheriff’s office was notified.  Bexar is the county San Antonio is in and it’s pronounced, Bear.   When the Explorer hit heavy traffic he lost control and crashed.  It’s a miracle no innocent people were hurt.  The Explorer carried five men and one woman.  The truck was totaled.

The sad part of the story to me is the Mexican couple who owned the truck that was stolen and destroyed.  They had traded in their good, pickup truck on the Explorer during the Cash for Clunkers debacle.

What will happen to the six illegals?   Nothing. They will be given free passage back to Mexico.  Basta!!!   I’ve had enough of illegals coming over here and doing crimes with no punishment.

We had a meeting of the small ranchers and farmers in a 50 mile radius from here.  Not everyone attended.  It was an eye opener.  Everyone is having things stolen. I’m so isolated and off the road it’s not easy to get to my equipment,  but so many are along roads with easy access to their barns and tool sheds.  Hot items are hand tools, skill saws, drills, acetylene torches,  anything that has a little value. One farmer lost a 4 wheeler, another two children’s bikes.  Several saddles have been stolen.  It’s not enough for us to face drought, low cattle prices, and high feed costs, we have to endure crooks stealing what little we have.

This will cause you to blow your stack.  Taxpayer money is being redistributed to welfare recipients for free cell phones. This program was started after Obama took office. I do think enough is enough. This guy is about to sink our ship. There is a number you can call to get a free Obama phone, which gives 70 free minutes of time.  Sure beats working for a living like us stupid half-wits.

My final basta. Obama tried to block FOX News from being in the pool of reporters who interviewed his pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg.  The other news networks said they would not do the interview unless FOX was included.   In all my born days I have never seen a president try to exclude a major network from an interview.  BASTA!!!   Bring back the freedom of the press, the right to speak out thoughts.  This round was clearly won by FOX.  Obama tried to isolate and target FOX and cut them out of the news loop.  Nice try, but this is America and the other networks know that could happen to them, so they stuck with FOX.   In the meantime, stay the course and remain positive.  America is in God’s hands.  Will Cooper

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