What IF

Obama Change Micheal and Laura

Obma and Dress

As a kid we often played the “what if ” game.  What if Babe Ruth was facing Sandy Koufax? What if  Earl Campbell had gone from high school straight into the NFL?  What if Casey Tibbs had drawn Big Red, the meanest bucking bull of that time.  There is no way of knowing how any of these would have worked out.  But as kids we would argue on the merits of why Ruth would win or how Casey would ride.  All and all it came down to IF.  No one could know the real out come.

What if Laura Bush had got off Air Force One looking like Mrs. Obama does in the top image?  Vanity Fair would have done a full spread, probably put Laura on the cover talking about what a hick she was.  The libs would have been screaming how disgraceful.   But when Mrs. Obama got off looking like she had been working in the yard all day, the press loved her.  They told us how cool it is for her to look so sloppy.  Can you imagine Hillary wearing shorts?   Her piano legs would have really been exposed. On second thought she did wear that bright orange pant suit to the Democrat Convention. Let me change that to Jackie Kennedy, Pat Nixon, Nancy Reagan, Rosalynn Carter, Betty Ford or Barbara Bush.  Can you see any of these first ladies coming off  Air Force One looking like this?   When I saw this image I thought of the Jeffersons...moving on up!

What if Larua Bush had worn the dress in the second image?  Would Vogue have said she was one of the best dressed women in the World?   Of course not. They would have told the truth, that she looks like a pinata.  I cannot imagine anyone wearing that dress and certainly not the First Lady.  The Obamas have taken Lady out of the title.  No lady would be caught dead in such an ugly dress.  No one but a kool-aid drinker.

What if Laura has used 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to plant one tree to save the planet?  What if Laura Bush had caused the government to spend $40,000 so she could buy a few veggies at the farmers market?   Would you say there is a double standard in the press?

What if George W. Bush had been the first president who couldn’t go to the bathroom without his teleprompter?  What if George W. Bush couldn’t do a press conference without his teleprompter?  How long would it have been before all the liberal media was telling us what a dunce our president was. Bush would have become the laughing stock of Washington. This would have been the proof the libs were looking for to prove smarter people were behind the scene pulling the strings.  But our current president is said to be brilliant because he needs the teleprompter crutch.  I’ll bet my boots, my best boots that Obama will take his teleprompter to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.  Any takers?  We are told Obama is a brilliant speaker, but he is just reading all he says.  When he is off teleprompter he is in trouble.  He stutters and stammers and gets things all screwed up.  In truth he makes Joe Biden look smart when he is not reading a script.

What if George W. Bush had given the Queen of England an I-Pod with videos of his speeches?  It’s so absurd you cannot even visualize this happening. The act was so juvinal that we cannot comprehend George W. Bush handing such an arrogant gift to the most respected woman in England.  She is not Royalty to us, but she is to the people of England.

What if George W. Bush had gone after NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS the way Obama is going after FOX News?  Again we can’t even imagine Bush being so stupid.  Yet the media loves to tell us how dumb Bush is.  Bush knew enough you don’t shun a major network. Bush was vilified more than any sitting president and to our chagrin he never fought back.  We all wanted him to go after those slandering him.  He adhered to the theory that if you let a pile of cow dung dry it will lose its smell.  If you stir it with a stick you end up sending off a read stench.

What if George W. Bush had gone to Saudi Arabia and bowed to the King?  That is as impossible as Babe Ruth facing Sandy Koufax.  It would never happen.  Obama bowed to a foreign power and now no one in Europe or the Middle East respects him.  They see our president as a weak man.  The president of France said so.  He said Obama is an amateur.

What if George W. Bush had gone shopping in Paris and refused to have dinner with Nicolas Sarkozy.  Sarkozy felt shunned and is still upset over this.  This is not how you win friends. Sarkozy asked Obama to have dinner with him and our president refused.   How smart is that?

What if George W. Bush had been so Spanish illiterate as to refer to “Cinco de Cuarto” in front of the Mexican ambassador when it was the 5th or May…which is “Cinco de Mayo”.  Obama screwed it up when he tried again. Would you have winced in embarrassment if this had been Bush?

What if the president was insisting everyone take the H1N1 flu injection and his own two daughters were not taking the shot?   This is what is happening, the Obama girls are not taking the H1N1 shot!!!  Do they know something we don’t?   I’m not taking the shot, but I’m also not telling everyone else to take it.

I can play “what if” all day, but you get the picture. The leftist media cannot see any mistakes the ONE makes and amplified everything Bush did.  So much for fair and balanced.

Will Cooper <>     Email address:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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