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Today I made a considerable cash contribution to Doug Hoffman in the 23rd District of New York.  I’m really ticked off. The Republican party is running ads for Dede Scozzafava against Doug Hoffman, who is the only conservative in the race. Newt screwed up when he gave liberal Dede his support.  This week Sarah Palin and a lot of other big name Republicans have come out in support of Hoffman.  Even Governor Tim Pawlenty has endorsed Hoffman.  Last week Hoffman was running a distant third in a three person race.  The polls today have him out front by 3.  It’s time you got out your credit card and sent Hoffman some money.  I think it’s www.doughoffmanforcongress.com . If not Google Doug Hoffman.  Put your money where your mouth is. If all you can afford is $5 then send that. You all have been screaming how much we need to elect conservatives, so here is your opportunity to take action and stop talking.  There is a good chance we might win in New Jersey and it’s looking like a lock in Virginia.   If you want to strike fear in the belly of the Blue Dogs, help Doug Hoffman get elected.  We need the Blue Dogs to stop Obamacare.  If they see a guy who was polling 19 points surge to the front because he is conservative, trust me they will wilt.

There is a lot of talk about uniting the country.  The left wants us to come to their side, thus uniting the country.  Remember when Joe Wilson shouted out, “You Lie!” when the president was telling one fib after another?   Disgrace is what the left said happened.  Joe should be impeached, better yet hung by his testicles from a cherry tree in front of the Capitol building until he recanted.

Then a few weeks later Alan Grayson, Democrat House Member from Orlando made graphic charts saying Republicans wanted old people to die, because they didn’t want government run health care. He went on several talk shows to reinforce his lunacy. Now he has completely gone over the waterfalls.  On a radio talk show Alan Grayson said Linda Robertson, an aid to Ben Bernake, Fed Chairman, was a whore.  He flat out used the word whore to describe Mrs Robertson.  As my granddad would say, “Never in my born days have I seen such a thing.”

Where are the censor moves now?  Why isn’t Congress all riled up about this despicable act?  To the Democrats credit a couple of the House Members did say he was out of line.  How can they expect us to unite with a nut job like Grayson?  Why would I want to unite with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?  We have nothing in common. I can think of nothing I can agree with them on.  Why would I want to unite with Joe Biden?   Why would I want to embrace Obama’s point of view?   From where I sit they are trying to destroy the free market system and things that have made our country great.

I didn’t unite behind Obama when I voted.  I told you way, way back he was a Socialist and wanted to bring in a share the wealth program for America.  You and I work hard for what little we earn. We love to give to charity, but we want to make it a gift and not have our money confiscated to spread around to the lazy millions  who are too fat to get a job.

I went to the Mega Wal-Mart in south San Antonio.  It was mostly filled with fat Mexicans with four or five welfare kids tugging at their dresses.  Did I say dresses?  Their baggy pants. I would estimate 75% of the adults in the store were fat.  I don’t mean overweight, I MEAN fat. I’d rather give my money to a bum on the street corner who I know is going to buy a bottle of cheap wine that see the government grab my money and send it to the crowd I saw in Wal-Mart.

Unite, NO…way.  Obama wants to change the American Value System.

Unite…Why?  Obama wants to institute a Marxist concept of re-distributing the wealth.

Unite with a man who says the United States is an arrogant country?  We have an arrogant president, but our country is made up of humble, God-loving, caring people.  We don’t have a big head.  We know we have a great country. It’s not arrogance if you are telling the truth.

Why would I want to unite behind a man who has played more golf in the first ten months of his term than president Bush did in one full term.  Instead of taking care of our troops, he is trying to improve on his golf game.  Does this man not realize how he is killing the moral of the troops?  Does he even care?   I think the answer is he doesn’t care. When he was campaigning he said he wanted to reduce the troops by 25%.  He has removed our missile shield in Poland.  He told Russia he was going to do away with our nukes.

The Mexican population is really upset that he has not already given the illegal aliens citizenship.  Remember he promised to do so when he was campaigning.  Why would I want to unite behind a man who wants to add 30 million illegal aliens to the voter roll?

Why would I want to unite behind a man who wants to treat radical Muslims as if they stuck up a 7-11?   He wants to try the terrorists in American courts with pro bono lawyers.  He has made Israel our enemy.

Okay I’ll admit I’m an old country boy and sorta hard-headed, so if one of you lefties can give me a good reason to unite behind Obama I’ll give it serious consideration.  You better bring your A game.  My boot heels are dug in pretty deep.   You are going to have to show me that deep down Obama believes we are a Christian Nation.  That he will stop going abroad and bashing our country.  That he is willing to become Commander-in-Chief rather than the next Tiger Woods.  Your work is cut out, because Obama is who he is.  He is not going to change. This is why America will make him one and done come 2012.    Will Cooper Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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