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I know an elderly couple who lives in an apartment complex.  They put a small American flag in their window and were told that was against the apartment rules.  In the same complex a guy in his 50ies put a small American flag on the back of his Harley. One that flapped in the breeze when he was riding.  Another older lady had a flag on her car. One of those you hook over a door like you see supporting a college team.  All of them were in violation of apartment rules.  The manager said he didn’t want to offend anyone by flaunting the American flag in their face. His statement, “We have people from other nations living here and we don’t want to hurt their feelings.”

What has happened to our country that we can no longer fly the Stars and Stripes with honor for fear of hurting feelings? If that had been me, they would have had to take me to court and I’d like to learn the name of a judge who would vote for the removal of our flag.

With the new hate crime bill signed into law by the president almost anything you say can be considered hate. YET the DNC ran a contest desecrating the flag.  The artist painted a flag on a wall and then proceeded to write graffiti over the image.  Finally he spray painted the entire flag black.  I guess this is okay, because it’s done by the DNC and it’s art.  I didn’t watch the video of some fat guy urinating on a portrait of Christ.  That is permissable, but let the image be Mohammed and see what happens.  The guy would be charged with a hate crime.

Look at the guy in Taos who purchased a dilapidated old motel.  He spent $2 million and when he came in he told the employees that they had to speak English in front of him. He wanted Marco to put Mark on his name tag.  In other words he wanted his guests to hear English spoken and his staff to use their English names. He has been in all the news reports which are treating him like a red-necked hick. This man spent $2 million dollars and the politically correct from the East want to tell him how to run his business.  Now Mexicans are picketing him with signs calling him a racist.  The sad thing is he has had to fire several people because he is not getting enough hotel guests to keep a full staff.  Only a few years ago he would have never been questioned.  He would have been met with open arms for what he was doing for Taos.   We are losing little pieces of our freedom every day and there is nothing we can do to steam the tide.  Our hope is in 2010…but we can start with Doug Hoffman in the 23rd District of New York.  If you have not sent Doug money, please do it today.  He can win this race.

I don’t know how it will happen or how soon, but Obama wants to control the Internet.  The Internet is the last bastion of freedom left in America and the left can’t stand it. They are trying to figure out how to tax and control content on the Internet.  Blogs like mine won’t be allowed.  I suspect even Michele Malkin and Ann Coulter will be censored. The Obama administration’s goal is to eventually pull Rush Limbaugh and all the other 500 conservative talk radio hosts off the air. They are not interested in free speech, but controlled speech. Recently Obama has gone after FOX News and Rush.  FOX News’ ratings are up 10% since the attacks started and Rush is getting his largest numbers of listeners ever. 

Some of you will remember I was yanked from eBay for speaking the truth about Obama.  My freedom of speech was taken from me. I know some will say “that it was only eBay”.  Today eBay, tomorrow all blogs and complete control of the media.  Our President has a thin skin.  He will not tolerate criticism if he can stop it.  I think we have one hope to stop this mud slide.  We have to vote in conservatives who love the American life and stand for Freedom. It’s won’t be easy, but neither was it easy for those who founded this wonderful country. 

The left has continued to slam Sarah Palin.  They are touting a poll that says 71% of  Americans don’t think she is qualified to be president.  Like the dude we have now is?  Give her three years to hone her skills and then do the poll.  The left knows they need to destroy her now before 2012.  The left started a Facebook account to counter the lies they say Sarah is telling.  Like the death panel and rationed healthcare.  The problem is she is not lying. There has to be rationed care for the elderly, because the government is cutting back a half billion in funds.  There is a death panel even though it is not called by name. I think the latest bit of shame on the left is they are saying Sarah is greedy.  Iowa wants her to come speak. This is where everyone goes if they hope to become president. Run well in Iowa and you got a shot.  They are saying she is demanding a huge speaking fee.  The truth is she has not quoted a fee.  There is a group in Iowa raising money to pay for a venue LARGE enough to hold the crowd IF she does speak.  Like all smart speakers she now has an agent who deals with her fees and schedule.  Do you think Newt, or Howard Dean speak for free?  Sarah has a right to charge the going rate.  If no one thinks she is worth the fee they don’t have to hire her. This is the freedom of America for now.  First let the good people of Iowa ask and then learn her fee, before you call her greedy. 

I don’t know how long it will be before anti-Obama blogs will not be allowed to remain up. Even though I’m small but growing I expect one day to be removed.  I speak the truth and that shines too much light on the darkness of this administration.   Will   <><   Email    



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