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Is Today Saturday???

November 29, 2009

Proof the Secret Service failed to protect the President.

During the holidays I’m having trouble knowing what day it is.  I was getting spruced up for church and then realized I was a day early. There were a lot of major college football games Thursday and Friday and that led to my confusion.  I’m not adjusted to Friday Football. But I got things straight now.  (smile)

Last night I tossed and turned thinking how close our president came to being assasinated.  No attempt was made, because it’s pretty clear the couple who crashed the party were there for the thrill and photo-opts.  NO ONE should be allowed to shake hands with our president unless they have a high level security clearance. The government tried to lie and say they never got near the president, but the above photo showed up of Michaele Salahi shaking hands with Obama.  Think a moment at the breach of security that had to take place for this to happen. I may sound a little 007, but with today’s knowledge there are poisons she could have had on her hand.  If a person can get close enough to shake the president’s hand they are close enough to do harm.  The VERY LAST thing America needs is for something to happen to our president.  Make no mistake, there are plenty who want him removed.  Pray he stays safe until the 2012 election and we can legally put someone in his place. 

I’m reminded of the “24”  TV Series a couple of years ago. President Palmer, the big tall black guy, who made a great presidential character had a woman in the rope line shake his hand.  He fell to the ground in an instant from the chemical that was transferred to his skin.  That may be Hollywood, but they do use things that are available or in the experimental stage. I feel less secure today than I have in 8 years. 

One of my eBay family members wrote, “Can you imagine someone getting that close to Reagan or W?”   No, I can’t. Their Secret Service crew were much more careful than the current bunch.  The Perky One (Katie Couric) said she was shocked at the ease in which she was allowed into the state dinner. Sarah Palin calls Katie, ‘the Perky One’.  Maybe this close call will cause them to tighten up security.  I know some of you reading my blog might be thinking we would be better off with another president.  Not so. An assassination would kill what little economy we have. Our country would go into a tailspin.  Trust me you don’t want any negative thing to happen to our president. 

I don’t approve of the way he is running the country, but I would give my life to protect the president. We must honor the office. Looks like the Secret Service is getting ready to blame Michaele and Tareq Salahi for the screw up.  Let’s face it, the Secret Service dropped the ball on this case.

You probably don’t know this but the environmentalists are forbidding our Border Patrol to chase the illegal aliens in the desert.  The desert is protected against vehicles driving in some parts.  The trucks will disturb the plants.  Meanwhile the illegals are pouring through the Arizona desert, leaving their trash and stomping the vegetation with their feet.  That’s okay, but our Border Patrol can do nothing to stop them.  The Border Patrol has brought in horses to use to patrol the desert. 

Don’t you think the terrorists know about this breach in security?  Right now we are weaker than we were when 9-11 happened. Strangers can get close enough to our president to shake his hand.  A terrorist can become a Major in the Army and kill 13 and injure 30 to 40 more.  Illegals now have a safe zone they can pass through, thanks to the tree huggers. 

Russia just got hit. The terrorist blew up a train between St. Petersburg and Moscow, killing 26 people and wounding another hundred. It’s thought they used some kind of chemical bomb to derail the passenger train.   We are living in troubled times.  Pray for our country.  Good night. 



What’s Going On???

November 28, 2009

Sarah at Fort Bragg

Patty, I agree with you, Sarah Palin is God’s gift to America.  I have started reading her book.  It’s typical, the left-wing press is slamming the book as no literary masterpiece. She was not writing a classic, but telling her story and from what I’ve read telling it very well.

I know a lot of you who read my blogs are on the left.  I encourage you to buy a copy of Sarah’s book and see what she has to say.  Maybe some of your fear will go away after you have a better understanding of what she is all about. The book is full of humor, love and hope.  Those of you on the right go today and get you a copy. It’s important you read Sarah’s book.  Wal-Mart has them on sale or you can order a copy on . It’s  a thick book but an easy read.  If an old broken down cowboy like me can zip through the pages then you will be able to read as fast as you can turn the pages.

Sarah and Michele Bachmann are scheduled to speak at a giant TEA Party event in Tennessee  Feb 4-6 in 2010.  Sarah is the keynote speaker. I’m thinking of dressing in drag and slipping into the convention because they probably won’t let a broken down old cowboy like me in.  I guess I’d have to shave this hair off under my nose.  I could go to Barney Frank for lessons on how to speak like a girl.  I might be a tad tall, but I’ll just tell them I’m a member of the WNBA.   (smile)

Sarah will not even talk about running for President in 2012, but you watch this.  She is going to magically show up in Iowa and give a couple of speeches. I think a farmer’s group might ask her to speak and then some woman caucuses. When she hits Iowa it’s all over but the shouting.  No one has connected to the common man and woman like she has.  People identify with her. They say, “She is one of us.”    They are right.  Nothing pretentious about Sarah Palin.

Milt Romney is falling with Republican voters.  He is below 50%.  I like Huckabee, but he is in the proverbial between a rock and a hard place. He needs the same evangelical voters that are so attracted to Sarah.  If he goes after Sarah he will look like a bully.  If he doesn’t, he is considered weak.  Huck is even better than Sarah at impromptu speeches.  He is a Baptist Preacher and knows how to think and speak on his feet, but Sarah is no slouch.  Mark this down, if Sarah shows up in Iowa she will win strong. Whoever wins in Iowa have a leg up on the rest. In three years that mess about her not being qualified will be gone.  She is better qualified to lead than our president. She would listen to the Generals on the ground.

Her next move will be to help conservative Republicans win office.  I think our next president is going to be a hockey mom from Alaska.

The couple who crashed the White House Party. The guy with the plugs in the middle is Joe Biden

Did you see where two people crashed the White House State Dinner?  A white couple, Michele and Tareq Salahi who were dressed to the nines walked right in the party. The couple had their picture taken with Obama, Biden and several other high level people. The press is saying Obama was never in danger.  He was not in danger, because the couple did the stunt for reality TV.  If our security is so lax that just anyone can go to a state dinner, our president is definitely in danger. What if their purpose had been to place a GPS tracking device to pin-point the president’s exact location, where a small hand-held rocket could have been used?  The couple could have put the president in a pinpoint location and probably also taken out Joe Biden, our vice president.   We have gone back to a pre-9-11 mentality.  The worst thing that could happen would be for our president to be killed.  Probably worse than that if both the president and vice president were killed, we would have Nancy Pelosi as our leader.

Pray for the president that no harm comes to him. Our great country is sitting on a ledge…something of the magnitude of what I just mentioned would send us over a cliff.  Pray that we tighten up our security.  When an unknown man and woman can just walk into a room where the president is meeting guests, without being stopped, our country is in danger.  I’m very afraid we will be hit again by terrorists this coming year.  I hope I’m wrong.



November 27, 2009

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I’m up early today. I woke up around 4:30 and could not fall back to sleep.  On this Thanksgiving Day I want to thank all of you who continue to write comments.  I don’t post the comments, because some use language I don’t think needs to be passed around.  I appreciate the left who attempt to set me straight.  If I misspell a word you guys are ever faithful to point out my error. I am thankful you read what I write.  So many support what I say and you let me know.   I’m thankful for those of you who agree and those of you who think I’m a country hick and need not attempt to write.  My right readers give me the gas to go forward and you on the left make me want to learn to write better. So I would be remiss if I didn’t thank everyone who follows my blogs.

This morning I lay waiting for my rooster to crow, but either I got up early or his clock is broken.  I was thinking how fortunate I am to have been born in America. Being a Texan, I’m also grateful I was born in this state. I have been making notes and writing a little.  I want to write a historical novel that covers the Mexican-American War.  We all know about the Civil War, the War of 1812 and two world wars.  No one talks about the war that doubled the size of the United States.  The two great generals of the Civil War served in the Mexican-American war.  From the first week I started writing on eBay you good folks have encouraged me to write a book.  You were thinking of me putting down our adventures, but I think a subject like the Mexican-America war would have a lot of interest.  Especially with immigration being the next push from the White House.

I saw where Lou Dobbs has changed his mind on immigration. He also is thinking of running for president. Ralph Nader will get more votes than Dobbs.  He is wasting his time and money.  Dobbs did okay on his television show, but he has about as much personality as my old milk cow.

I’m thankful for our military who give so much to keep us free.  I’m thankful the American people are starting to see what a radical president they elected.  He is falling in the polls faster than any president in history.  I don’t see him changing in the direction needed to pull him out of this free fall.  It’s a dual thing.  It’s good he is falling in the polls, but it’s horrible that the American people are suffering because of his radical spending and lack of leadership.

I want to thank you great people who continue to bid and buy my art.  One day in the future I hope to make you proud of your investment.  I will start doing art for some big time galleries who have asked me to paint for them.  When I do that piece you paid $200 for will rise in value to over $1,000.  I may have to sell the ranch to get the time to paint for some major art galleries, but my goal is to be a gallery artist.  I know how well I can paint if I could work full days at the easel.  But for now I’m thankful for eBay and to have you on my side.

Lex (the new girl) and her family invited me for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I declined.  The Twins wanted to come over and let all have a feast.  I declined.  I purchased me a baked chicken at HEB (local grocery) and will watch the Dallas Cowboys play the Oakland Raiders.  I’m going to work on taxes and watch football.    May the Christ of Christmas bless your home and family.    Email:


November 26, 2009

This is what a winner looks like.

Winning is a strange concept to many on the left.  The first time I heard of a little league baseball team playing and not keeping score my mouth fell open.  Parents wanted no scores kept, so failing wouldn’t be so rough on little Johnny or Sally.  The egg-head parents were too thick to understand their kids can count. To their shock the losing team was dejected and the winning team slapping high-fives.  HOW could this be?  There was no score being kept.  They failed to understand the kids could keep their own score. They knew who won.

The American people are watching the president plummet in the polls. Today Gallup had his approval ratings at 39% among white voters.  That’s a 28% drop since he took office. I don’t see the president doing anything to WIN the voters back.  He will learn it’s not easy to win when the real you is exposed.  People keep score, even if there is no scoreboard.

The ex-Jets coach, Herm Edwards is known for saying, “You play to win the game.”   These little kids knew that even if their parents didn’t.

We have a president who has said he doesn’t care about winning in Afghanistan. He may not be keeping score, but the boots on the ground are.  Today the UK came out with harsh words for our president and his delays in making a choice for the war.  His putting off making a decision about Afghanistan is making it more difficult for Britain to explain to their people the need for the war.  I get the feeling the war in Afghanistan is like little league baseball, there is no score board.   We Americans want to either win or get out.  I know that is the way I feel.  If we are not in this thing to win then cut our loses and bail out.  Our leader shows no sign of winning.   He said he didn’t want a win like we had over Japan, meeting on a ship and giving the keys to the country.

On Wednesday nights I watch Friday Night Lights. It’s about Texas High School Football, which is the best in the country.  Coach Taylor has been directing the Dillon Panthers to state championships until this season and the school district split.  He was sent to East Dillon which had no football program.  He had to beg kids to play.  The cops bring him a troubled young black man and Coach is trying to get his life straight and save his own job.  The first game they were getting killed.  I think it was 56-0 at half time. Coach forfeited the game rather than see his young men slaughtered.  Big mistake.  In Texas you finish the game.  Even though they couldn’t win, they were expected to fight the full 60 minutes.  His kids are mostly losers in life and he has to teach them to be winners.   Isn’t that what we want in our leader?  Don’t we want a president who tells us, “I’m proud of the way you are fighting and together we can turn this economy around.”  We want him to tell his generals, “Let’s win this thing.  America is depending on you.”

I keep a few dozen Spanish goats for a couple of reasons.  My men and their families love goat meat. (Not me).  They butcher a goat when they need more meat.  The other is for goat roping on Sunday afternoons.  It was better when I had five men working.  But there are always a few stray ropers who show up to take part.  To make it fair we draw numbers for the horse we will ride.  I have a few very quick horses and that gives the roper a head start.  When I rope with the guys, I want to WIN.  If I play horseshoes with the men I want to WIN.   It’s different if I’m playing with the smaller children.  I want them to feel the joy of beating Mr. Cooper.

I don’t think the president has ever played competitive sports. If he did, he sat on the bench.  He doesn’t understand the power of winning.   He thinks he won the presidential race. In truth almost any Democrat could have won.  The media had whipped up such a hate for Bush, people would have taken anyone who said they were anti-Bush.  John Edwards could have won.  It will be different in 2012 if Sarah Palin gets into the race.  She is a competitor.  She was a basketball star.  I bet she would use her elbows or knees to get a layup.  Winning means a lot to Palin.  She fights to win.  I think America is ready to have a winner back as Commander in Chiefette. (smile)    Email:


November 25, 2009

The Louisiana Purchase of 1803

HATE  is such a hard word.  People say they hate, but in most cases they mean they don’t like someone or something.  It’s hard to hate. I never found hate toward the young drunk men who crossed the median, killing my wife and unborn son.  Revenge never entered my mind.  I found myself praying for their mothers and fathers who bore the shame and hurt of knowing their sons had caused the death of a beautiful girl and unborn baby.  Those who hate pull that ugly emotion into their soul and it destroys all hope of love and happiness.

We on the right have been accused of hating the president.  I can’t speak for others, but I’ve never met the man and have no reason to hate him.  I’m very unhappy with the direction this country is going under his leadership.  I think sometimes we use the word hate to express extreme dislike. I may say I hate calamari even though I’ve never tasted it.  There is a post script to this, I’m not going to taste it.  (smile) 

I definitely don’t like what’s going on in this health care bill.  Giving $300 Million of taxpayers’ money to get the Louisiana vote is insane.  Let me give you a little history lesson. The Great Napoleon Bonaparte was bogged down in debt and stuck in the Caribbean Islands.  He sent a message to president Thomas Jefferson that he wanted to do a little deal.  He wanted to sell some French land to help him fund his war.  This little chunk of land just happened to come to be known as the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. 

Jefferson had great reservations.  He was not sure how that would affect states’ rights. He was for states’ sovereignty.  As the deal unfolded Jefferson found Bonaparte wanted $11.2 Million and to have a $3.7 Million of debt retired.  That amounted to about 3 cents per acre. Here is the staggering part.  The Louisiana Purchased covered 828,800 square miles. It spread from the Gulf of Mexico including Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, parts of Minnesota, most of North Dakota, all of South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and most of Colorado. 

When we stop and look what the original Louisiana Purchase did for America it’s easy to become disgusted with the cost of this one vote.  That one vote cost twenty times the Louisiana Purchase when you bring the original cost to today’s dollars. 

I don’t hate Obama, but I strongly disapprove of the way he is running our country.  I pray he is not harmed in office or when he leaves office.  This would rip our country asunder. There are several different groups trying to impeach the president and Speaker of the House.  Save the ink.  There will be no impeachment.  Those filing to see the birth certificate can save the paper, it ain’t goin’ to happen.  No Federal Judge is going to be the one to make the call to have the president removed from office.  Yes, I’d like to see the real birth certificate. Yes, I’d like to see some of his school records.  A Colombia law graduate who was in school the same years as the president said he couldn’t find any pictures of him in her year book and never remembered seeing him on campus.  Was he in school at Colombia?  We don’t know because there are no records. There are no papers that he has written available for us to read.

There is a vitriolic, acid hate of Sarah Palin.  The emotions are stronger than dislike…some on the left HATE Sarah.  I suspect they have never met her. How can you hate someone you don’t know?   

Am I afraid of president Obama?  You are darn right I am. I know what he can do to our country in three more years.  Our best hope is to regain power in 2010 and then keep a lid on things until we can elect a new president. One who is more pro-business and who wants to reduce taxes, not raise them.  We have 11 months to make the first positive change to save America. 


President Obama Bowing to Chinese Premier Wen Jiaboa

A Burning Star

November 24, 2009

David Axelrod said, “We set our goals too high in Asia.”   The president announced he was the first Pacific President, but that didn’t impress the Asians.  The Asians smiled and were nice, but in the end gave him nothing to bring home but an empty feeling.  I’ve been to China and Japan. They smile even if they hate you being there.  I also walked the Great Wall of China. In fact I went to the top where the little tower is located.  They mostly looked at me and my friends with their mouths open.  We all stood over 6′ and with our boots and cowboy hats we were giants.  A group of cattlemen, me included, went over to work on sending China calf embryos. Their cows looked like dogs tied to a trees.  We realized our calves would be too big for their cows.  We returned with nothing and as did the president.  He went with high hopes only to have them crushed.  Asia is looking for strong leadership and the Bush bluntness.  A kinder leader doesn’t appeal to them. The world now sees us as wimps.  No one fears America like they did under Bush.

When you are a US Senator you can make huge promises knowing you can’t keep most of them.  If you fail its Bush’s or Congress’  fault.  You don’t shoulder the blame. But as president you can’t over promise.  Some of your followers will expect you to do what you promise.  You can’t say you will lower the seas, unless you can lower the seas. You cannot promise jobs and then un-employment rises to over 10% and up to 18% in pockets of the nation.  I’m sure he thought he could make some powerful speeches and bring back jobs.  I think he meant it when he said he would reach across to the Republicans.  But when push came to shove he ignored the right and went even more left than he had been preaching during the campaign. 

I think at the moment he told a town hall group his door was open for any member of Congress to go over the bill line by line he meant it. Then Axelrod and Rahm set him straight. Several have asked to meet with the president, but he has not responded. He promised more than he planned on delivering.

His was going to be the most transparent government in the history of the United States.  But David and Rahm had other ideas and they run things in the White House. I think Obama meant it at the time, but times change when it comes to Democrat politics.  He does what his key people tell him to do.  If it means breaking promises, so be it. 

I read a story of a young man telling a girl he was the heir to Sears.  He was mega wealthy and when he reached 21 all that fortune would be his.  They married and moved into a one room apartment.  When he reached 21 they continued to live in the one room apartment.  Then one day his real sister came by and spilled the beans.  He was dirt poor and had no big paycheck coming.  His wife divorced him, not because of the money but because he lied.  Our president has promised to do more than any five presidents all working full-time could do. As a result he will serve one term.  He will not be elected again. Too bad. He could have really been special.

Now the NAACP and La Raza are upset over his broken promises.  He was going to close Gitmo, which was a promise he should never have made.  He has the gays angry with him. Code Pink is angry with him and old people are coming out in mass against him.

Now he is going to balance the budget as soon as we pass a $1.5 Trillion healthcare bill.  I believe he thinks he is being honest, only what he is promising is not possible.  You can’t add $1.5 Trillion to a debt that is already at the breaking point.

Poor blacks are disappointed they are not getting free housing, a car and gas. Many thought they heard him say, he would take care of them and sock it to the rich white people.

The old white people are angry about health care rationing.  If you take a half billion from Medicare, there will be rationing.  The president is between a rock and a hard place.  His promises have come due and there is no way he can fill them.  As Harry Truman said, “The Buck Stops Here.”   It’s too late to blame Bush.     Email:


November 23, 2009

The United States of America…may we remain free.

By now you have all read the news…the Senate voted 60 to 39 to move the healthcare bill to debate.  This is a lesson you can learn from.  A Pit Bull Dog is always dangerous. He/she may remain docile for years, but the right trigger can make them show their breeding.  Arabian horses are among the most beautiful, but ride one long enough and you will see, somewhere along the way, it will become an airhead.  A Democrat might look and talk like a Blue Dog, but when the moment comes they all turn their original color…YELLOW.

Mary Landrieu for Louisiana sold her vote for $300 Million.  She corrected that number when she voted. She said, “Most of you think I’m getting $100 Million, but I’m actually getting $300 Million for the fix.”  That is 20 times more than we paid in 1803 for the Louisiana Purchase that reached across Texas and to the Canadian border.

We got beat this round.  We were also lied to by the Blue Dog Democrats.  Let this be a lesson, where the Democrats are concerned money talks and big money will make them shout.

On the other hand we have a president who is insulting all of our allies.  The press has been praising Obama for making a speech that demanded equal rights while he was in China. He was speaking to 200 college students. What the press won’t tell you is the Chinese unplugged his broadcast to China.  Only the 200 college students heard his speech.

The bigger insult came in Japan. An American living in Japan said the Japanese think the bow made him appear to be a sophomoric bumpkin. No matter what spin the press puts on the bow, 47 other world leaders didn’t bend half way over.  Japan wants a strong America. They looked to our Super Power for their security.  He bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.  Does he think the office of the president of the United States is less than the other world leaders? Does he think we are below them?

He and Michele patted the Queen on the back.  England’s papers are still writing about this blunder.  He shunned the French president who asked him to dinner while Obama was flitting around France.  He thumbed his nose at Germany’s Merkel by not going to celebrate the fall of the WALL.  He pulls Poland’s missile shield on the 70th anniversary of their being invaded.

But the biggest insult came before the bow.  The plan was for Obama to arrive in Japan on November 2, have a summit meeting with Emperor Hatoyama on the 13th and leave for Singapore the 14th.  Suddenly he informed the Japanese that he was arriving a day late.  This angered the Emperor and also the Prime Minister. They had to re-work their busy schedule to accommodate our president.  The American who reads Japanese papers said the leaders were insulted. You don’t make last-minute changes of schedule. Obama said it was because of Ft Hood, but that was not true. He was at Ft. Hood on the 10th.

When he arrived in China the leader made Obama sit in his car for 5 to 7 minutes before they would unlock the gate. He was a sitting target.  I wonder if China was pondering taking him out.  I do know they are upset with our growing debt.  My thoughts are now that the president has seen the world perhaps he can stay home and try to figure out what he is going to do in Afghanistan. Naw…that’s asking too much.     Email:


November 22, 2009

Will Cooper Original Oil Painting

I’ve been silent on my personal life these past few months. I’m thrilled to tell you Cowgirl is now dating someone else.  The AG teacher where her kids go to school. He is a great guy. Lost his wife a few years ago.  Her family respects him and he loves her kids.  I have been honest with her about not wanting to raise children at my age.  We pretty much agreed we would see each other as time permits, but wedding bells are not in the picture. I will admit her father was not all that pleased.  He and I became tight friends and her mother felt the same about me.  I think they appreciated the respect I treated their daughter and the grandkids with.  I’m honestly thrilled for her and think she has found a good match.

“Recalcitrant.” That’s what my book learned buddy said to me. Me being from the country, I don’t use those four-bit words.  I’d say, I’m head strong, disobedient, unruly and in a stretch obstinate, but that is about as big as I go.  This all goes back to a woman.  Doesn’t the universe evolve around women? He was trying to get me to ask a girl out and I have ignored his urgings.

Let me start at the beginning.  A rancher friend’s daughter moved back home from New York City.  She modeled clothes and did some print work.  Six weeks ago she started to come to our church under the big oak.  I noticed her, I’m not blind.  She is a little on the thin side for me, but other than needing to add a few pounds, she is drop dead beautiful.  With her cowboy boots she looks to be about 5′-9″ maybe an inch taller.  I never flirted with her, I just didn’t feel comfortable.  Her dad is one of the group that goes each summer on our mission trips.  Sure I said, “Howdy and it’s good to have you back in God’s country”, but that was about all.   Her hair is black, but I’m not sure if that’s her natural color.  Her mom is dishwater blonde and her dad’s hair is white as snow. 

Mind you, she showed up after Cowgirl and I wished each other well.  My smart buddy called me that big name trying to get me to ask her out.  He said her dad brought her to our church to meet me. I’m flattered, maybe he is right.  The dad stands next to me during the sermon.  She has been early the last two times and made the coffee.  Seeing her now it’s hard to believe she was raised on a ranch. She has a high-bred air about her.  Oh, by the way, she has a name but I’ll just call her Lex.  I don’t want the entire world to know her real name.  WWW does mean the World Wide Web. 

Last night the gate bell rang.  I pushed the open button and up drove Lex in her Lexus SUV along with her girl friend.  A friend since grade school.  They announced to me they were going to cook me dinner. (I think they meant supper, but since she has been away she has forgotten how to speak Texan.)   I showered and the two girls cooked.  I could hear beating in the kitchen, but didn’t dare go look.  The two of them fixed me the best chicken fried steak I’ve had in years.  They cooked country fries, that’s like a french fries only much thicker. 

I’m amazed at how many ranch ways she still has.  I was a gentleman and didn’t ask her age, but doing some math of when she graduated from high school she is 35-37.  I asked her why she returned home.  “My mom and dad are getting older and I feel I need to be here to take care of them.”

She has four older brothers, but none of them want to do the dirty work of ranching.  Three are lawyers and the other is doing time for a Ponzi scheme he ran on grain futures.  I think their dad wanted better things for his kids.  They all went to Ivy League schools and got too smart to worm cows.  Lex seems not to have lost her roots. 

One of you will ask, so I’ll tell you.  I do like her and plan on taking her to a Spurs game.  Her folks want me to have Thanksgiving dinner with them.  I told them I was planning to have my men and their families over.  Lex asked if she and her family could join us.  All I can say is God Bless Them when they get here to a house full of little Mexican kids.  Okay, okay, you know, I have been seeing Lex.  She loves to watch me paint.  Or she says she does. (smile)      Email:

Ps   Sarah Palin’s publisher has increased the number of her books being printed from 1.5 Million to 2.5 Million. There are reports she is breaking records in book sales.

What Do I Think?

November 21, 2009

Less We Forget    9-11

I do not think the Twin Towers and the other attacks on 9-11 were an inside job.  I do not think President George W. Bush and the government pulled this off. Alex Jones, a talk radio guy from Austin has made documents and written books on how Bush brought down the Twin Towers.  On one hand we are told how stupid and dumb president Bush was and in the next breath he is the mastermind behind this act of horror.  If Bush did it why are the terrorists being tried in New York City for the crime?  Let the terrorists go and do what America has learned to do better than any nation in the world, apologize.  I have seen 7 different DVDs and read a lot. My puzzlement is what happened to the passengers if it was not a commercial airline that flew into the Twin Towers?  What did we do with the commercial air planes?   Alex Jones says we flew military planes into the Twin Towers.

Jones also said that Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a patsy. Yep, government agents killed the thirteen, wounded another 40 and planted the guns on Hasan.  This fable was on his website for about 45 minutes.  Then I think even Jones realized how stupid his theory was. Nidal is a solo Islamic terrorist.  His is the latest trend for terrorists. It is also the first time we have had a major terrorist attack on American soil since 9-11.  Seems to me Bush did a good job keeping us safe.   A change in attitude in Washington and look what happened.

I do not think president Obama is the anti-christ.  For at least two years I’ve been swamped with emails with people who proclaim Obama to be the anti-christ.  Don’t believe all you read on the Internet.  Is he anti Christ but he is not the antichrist.   When he spoke at Georgetown University, he made the church school cover all crosses and Christian symbols.  He says we are no longer a Christian Nation and that this is a Muslim Nation.  He fudged on the figures and said 7 million Muslims live here.  The truth is less than 2 Million of our citizens are Muslim.  I’ve written in the past explaining why he is not the anti-christ, I don’t feel the need to keep on repeating myself.

I do not think we are about to become a giant one world order. Alex Jones thinks we are about to see martial law and a one world government will be installed.  My best argument against there being a one world order is power.  The guy who rules China is not going to toss his power to Obama.  In fact he treated Obama like he was a school boy on this last visit. He told Obama to stop spending and to reduce America’s debt.  Guess what Obama’s first speech was after meeting with the dictator of China. he said, “In 2010 we must reduce the debt and control spending.”  He forgot to mention the $1.3 Trillion health care bill.  I guess he will stop spending after one more stimulus bill and his health care passes.

I do believe Harry Reid is trying to bribe Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu to vote for his bill.  Mary is a blue dog and knows her people are against the healthcare bill.  Harry has written the new bill a clause that gives Louisiana $100 Million dollars.  This is the only state that is getting such a bribe.   He needs her to get his 60.

I believe no one knows when Christ will return. I don’t think God has slipped a message to a few chosen ones to meet on a mountain top and wait for the return.  He says, “No man will know the day nor the hour, I will come as a thief in the night.”   This is why I keep looking up and do my best to keep my house in order. Christ might come before this is published or he may wait 1,000 years.  Pay no attention to the emails floating around setting dates.

The birth certificate.  I don’t think Obama can produce the long version.  I also don’t think any Federal Judge is going to be the one who proves Obama is not a natural-born citizen.  I’ve seen at least two dozen emails that Judge Clark is going to try the case to make Obama prove he is natural-born.  The only place you see this is on the Internet. I think it’s wishful thinking. You don’t see this on Fox.  If it were true then Lou Dobbs would have been touting it before he left his program. Do you think Glenn Beck would miss out on something this big? Look at the news.  We have seen where a judge in Alabama has dismissed such a suit two different times.  That made the news. If there was going to be a trial someone other than would be reporting it.   Don’t get sucked in by the Internet.

Finally I want to applaud President Bush and Laura for slipping into Fort Hood without a group of photographers snapping photos.  This image was taken by the wife of the injured soldier.  He is a victim of the terrorist shooting that killed thirteen and wounded 40 more. I think Bush loves the military and would never use the wounded as a photo-op.



November 20, 2009

Portrait by Will Cooper, Oil on Canvas

Dogs get mad, people get angry.  I think I saw froth dripping  from the corners of my mouth this morning,  perhaps I’ve jumped over into the canine world.  I’m no longer angry, I’m mad.  I asked those of you on the left as nice as my rough country ways knew how for you not to use foul and degrading terms when you tell me what you think about Sarah Palin.  I’m not impressed you can ‘cuss’  in every language and that you know slander words not in any dictionary. I don’t get your point. Do you think you can slander Sarah and people are going to listen?

Stick this in your left ear. Sarah Palin sold 300,000 copies her first day the book was on the shelves in the bookstores.

Here is a scoop. During the campaign the population of Wasilla doubled with lawyers, reporters and private investigators digging for dirt. With all their efforts they found nothing.  You are so far back, you don’t enter the picture.   You three know who you are.

Thanks for the dozen or so supportive blog comments.  I watched Sarah on Hannity last night.  She is still wearing the $35 wedding band that Todd gave her the day they married.  How many women as famous as Sarah would still be wearing a $35 ring?  I don’t know why but that really stuck with me. I think it’s her way of saying, I am who I am and diamonds won’t help me.  I don’t need props.   I have a mind.

Her book sales are off the charts. In Grand Rapids, Michigan 1,500 people were waiting at 7AM  for the bookstore to open.  It was freezing and drizzling.  One woman brought her lawn chair, sleeping bag and snacks. She got in line at 9PM the night before. She wanted to make sure she shook Sarah’s hand. Several people drove 200 and 300 miles to get her to sign their book. Limit two per person. Like her or not, she is a true rock star.  None of the negative messages from the left are going to make a dent on how most Americans feel about the gal from Alaska.

There is some good news.  After the story of Doug and Calvin’s stolen hay hit the weekly newspaper, a guy new to the area came forward and admitted he took the hay.  He thought the state had baled the rolls and they belonged to no one.  He is going to haul them back to Doug and Calvin this week.  It’s my understanding Doug and Calvin gave him twenty bales.  He is low on feed.  Doug said they wanted to reward his honesty.

It’s still a mystery who had the courage to slip onto my place and steal grain from the field. I’m not sure I’ll be as forgiving.  The guy or gal or whatever they are cut my fence and took out a big section so they could get the equipment onto my field.   I have since learned this has been going on in several other places.

On a more pleasant note.  I spoke with the old border rancher.  He told me he has not had one illegal alien step onto his place since I talked him into getting those blood hounds. He is a local hero.  I think he forgets to tell them the dogs were my idea.  He tells the story as if he came up with the idea.  I don’t need credit.  I’m just thrilled it worked.  Besides he is an old man and it’s good to have the other ranches look up to him.

I’ve got to get to the easel. I’m working on a good en’. Will