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First I want to thank all of you who supported Doug Hoffman.  Dede, the socialist Republican, has withdrawn her name from the race. Your support for Doug the Reagan conservative tipped the scales. I think Doug will beat the Democrat without Dede sucking off a few votes.  THANK YOU!!!

There’s a fine line between outrage and stark fear.   I’m not sure which emotion I feel.  I’ll admit I’m fearful for our great country.  I know most of you are. We seem powerless.   I’ve been outraged in the past with the government, including president George W. Bush and Bush Senior.  Bush Senior said, “Read my lips, no new taxes.”  It wasn’t long before he broke his promise.  I was outraged with him and still am. I think that was the water being poured on the slippery slope that allowed Republicans to start spending like they were Democrats.  I think Daddy Bush is the father of the mess we are in. Had he held firm with no new taxes the Democrats would have been reluctant to spend as much.  George W. didn’t help.  He spent like he was a Democrat and the House and Senate went along with him.  Make no mistake, I like George W.  He is head and shoulders better than Barry.  I just think he should never have allowed the Fed to talk him into the bailout in the first place. His people were telling him if he didn’t sign the bailout the country would go under. He believed the lie. 

Nancy Pelosi’s new 1,990 page health care bill has just been brought out.  It’s outrageous in size.  I thought the 1,000 page version from the Senate was big and that was after they added in 400 more pages.  I’m not going to attempt to read Nancy’s bill.  One of the Republican House Members broke the bill down as to what it contains.

1. The bill pays for abortions.  Your tax money will pay for abortions. How do you like that ‘in your face’ move by Nancy?

2. The bill will cut a half billion dollars from Medicare.  They don’t like to call it rationing, but if I normally spend $10,000 on feed during the winter and had to remove $4,000 from the budget some cows wouldn’t get as much to eat.  The amount of money taken from Medicare will naturally force the doctors to treat less people. I’m sure the elderly will be shocked when they learn a half billion dollars has been pulled from Medicare so the government can pay for health care insurance for illegal aliens.  There will be an outrage.

3. Insurance for illegal aliens is in the Pelosi bill.  I joked the other day that this group wouldn’t be considered illegal aliens, we will end up calling them citizens.  

4. Higher taxes.  Mark this down, we will all be taxed higher under the Pelosi bill.  They are going to tax pacemakers, wheelchairs, and I guess walking sticks. I saw Bush Sr. in Germany and he had a walking stick.   The next one he buys he will be taxed if the Pelosi bill goes through.  I love they said they are going to tax the millionaires.  We need to give the super rich a tax break so they will re–invest their money.  Not grab what they have earned in higher taxes.  Doesn’t someone in Washington realize we fought the American Revolution because of unfair taxes.   I don’t advocate the use of guns to correct this mess, but through the voting booth.  Read this: The new bill introduces 13 new taxes.

5. The Death Panel is in the Nancy bill.  It’s not called by that name, but they have end of life counseling. It will happen like this. Mr. Jones you have had a full life, but now you are a burden to your family.  It’s time we pull your plug.  Perhaps they won’t use the words ‘pull the plug’ but that is what they mean when they say we will make your last days as painless as we can. Take these pills and become a zombie until you die.

People say vote the bums out, but we can’t throw the baby out with the dirty water.  There are some strong leaders in Washington. Michele Bachman, the lady from Minnesota is a live wire and very conservative.  I like John Pence and John Boehner, the two Senators from Oklahoma.  I like our Texas Senator John Cornyn.  There are some good people in Washington and we need to add to their side.  We need to get enough sound people to make Boehner the next Speaker of the House and get rid of the liberal and about half nuts Pelosi.

I’m outraged that our president is spending more time shooting hoops and playing golf than he is giving support to our military who are on the front line. Cheney said it well, “He is dithering around.”    Men and women are dying while he is working on his game. This is a disgrace.  Then a couple of days ago he met the plane carrying the caskets of 18 soldiers as their bodies were brought into Dover shortly after midnight.  17 of the 18 families would not let him take his photo with their son’s casket.  The 18th did.  This was a staged photo-op.  Bush met many planes to comfort the loved ones of the brave soldiers who gave their lives for our great country, but he wouldn’t allow cameras.  It’s a rule that we don’t photograph flag covered coffins of our fallen heroes.  Obama doesn’t care. He wanted his picture on the front pages of newspapers. 

I’m outraged at the lies being told about jobs saved. This is David Cooperfield magic only with numbers.  There is no way to count jobs saved. I’m outraged they would think we are that stupid. Our jobless rate will reach 10% the next time it’s counted.  The only job growth is government jobs and even an old broken down cowboy like me knows those don’t count. I’m tired of being lied to by this administration.  Bill Clinton should be jumping up and down with joy.  Finally there is a president that has him beat at avoiding the truth.

I want to add this:  If they saved 670,000 jobs with the $200 Billion stimulus money, each job cost us, the taxpayers, $250,000.   I can hire a bunch of people for $250k and they would be thrilled to get what I’m paying.  Your government at it’s best. Then toss in the $24,000 per car sale in the Cash for Clunkers.  I even saw MSNBC was outraged over these numbers.

Will Cooper  Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

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