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I love Sundays.  I go to church under a big oak tree on the property of another small rancher.  We have to ride our horses from his ranch house out to the big oak.  I know some of you might think us nuts, but there is something special about being out in the open with the vastness of the sky above.  I know realistically I’m not closer to God, but that’s not how I feel. I think we move back in time to when the Apostle Paul was gathering people together to tell them Christ the Messiah had arrived. The Jews no longer had to wait. Christ had lived, died and risen again and is standing at the right hand of God ready to return, IF the elders of Israel would accept Him as Lord.  When Paul preached Christ had not sat down. He was standing to bring the Kingdom to earth.  We know in the end of the book of Acts, Paul turned to the Gentiles. Saying having eyes you do not see and having ears you do not hear.  Making reference to Isiah’s prophecy.

It was cold this morning so I stayed a little closer to the fire. I was there early as were a couple of other friends.  We stoked a big fire and made coffee.  This morning I counted my blessings.  I was wondering how many people are doing what they love. If I won the lottery I would keep on being a cowboy.  I would continue to try to learn to paint.  I’m happiest when messing with ornery cattle,  breaking a green colt or sitting at my easel.  I wish the horse business was better. I’d sell this place and build me a horse ranch. Not a race horse place, but just horses. I can walk away with a great retirement, but I also know the dangers of doing nothing. Death follows idleness.  Whatever I do, I’ll make sure the twins are taken care of.  I want them to own a place they can call home.  I owe some on my new house and one of the barns, but the land is free and clear.  With the right buyer I’d never have to work the rest of my life.  Not working sounds miserable. I’d have nothing to bitch about. (smile)

Worshiping in the open is a humbling experience.  You feel your smallness and God’s greatness.

One of the men quoted something he had read. I wrote it down to share with you.

The Greatest addiction is Power.

The most Powerful caving is for Money.

The most irresistable urge is to interfere with other peoples lives.

We have had presidents in the past that were addicted to power, but the current one is way out ahead of all the others.  I think perhaps Nixon was second.  Any news person or blog that is not in agreement with the president is going to be attacked. Big ears and thin skin is the best description I can think of to describe the president. He is on top of anything critical. He should be made to walk a month in George W. Bush’s steps when he was in office.

This is why we have 35 Czars and he has just added one more. He is making Bush his blame Czar.  Everything negative is Bush’s fault.  It’s Bush’s fault the Democrats have come up with this out of touch health care plan.  Each Czar controls part of the country.  Unless you were power-hungry then why all the Czars?   Obama wants to tell everyone what they can and cannot do.  Yet he is powerless to stop smoking.  Isn’t it funny how he can tell us how to eat and the car to drive while at the same time he is addicted to smoking and cannot stop?

Obama has continued to pile up money since he was sworn in.  He is in a constant state of campaigning.  Last week he was in San Francisco where he raised $3 Million for his war chest. Then a few days later he was in New York City hauling in another million or so.  He will never serve as president, he will continue to campaign until 2012 raising money.  Remember this, he cut a $500,000 book advance the day before he was sworn in. It would have been illegal to take the money after he took office.  No president in the history of the United States has lived so lavishly. Not even Clinton. There is something troubling about your president eating $100 a pound steaks when we have thousands in food lines.  Trust me there is not much difference between a ‘good steak’ and the $100 a pound variety.  Once they are cooked, I doubt if most people could pick the expensive meat…if ten different cuts were offered.  That is a man obsessed with money who spends like this.

The one urge he cannot resist is to interfere with other’s lives.  Take cars.  He drives around in a gas guzzling stretch limo, but we are told to get smart cars or something similar.  He is telling us what kind of light bulbs to use.  What we should eat. When to turn our lights off.

I just get plumb tuckered out dealing with all this so I’ll just say Good Night. Will  Email:


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