Is It Just Me?

Snakes 1

Snakes 2

I’m not normally a man filled with any fear. I never go to bed with a knot in the pit of my stomach.  I always feel I will wake up and deal with the challenges awaiting me.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have fear, like when I was about 12.  A friend and I were exploring an Indian cave.  The cave went down into the ground like a sunken jug with two necks.  Legend was this cave was used by the Comanche to meet for pow-wows.  We were adventurous and thought there would be all kinds of Indian artifacts on the floor of the cave. The floor of the cave was about 40’x60′ and went down 130 feet into the ground.  He and I gathered  several ropes and packed them to the cave.  We tied them together to make our descent into the depths. Naturally the cave was miles from civilization.

I dropped down first and he followed.  We had miner’s lights on our foreheads.  Trust me we spent several weeks preparing to make our journey into the cave. I can remember it as if the day was yesterday.  It was a fall day and we had a long Thanksgiving weekend.  My buddy and I loved to head out on Saturday and spend the night in the woods. We felt we were modern-day David Crocketts.  We limited ourselves to five bullets and five matches.  Our goal was to kill our food or catch fish.  We made beds of leaves and slept next to a fire.

Back then no one worried.  They knew we understood the land and if we missed a meal we wouldn’t die.  One of our more succesful ways of getting a rabbit was a trap we rigged out of twigs. It was like a cage, with a stick trigger inside. The rabbit bumped the stick and we had a meal waiting for us when we got up.

I hit the bottom of the cave and shouted for him to slide on down.  We spent about an hour looking around. The two entrances to the cave gave plenty of light at the bottom and air circulated nicely. When we left my buddy went up first.  When he was  up on topside land I grabbed the rope. My light flashed down and I saw something moving.  We had awakened a den of diamondback rattlesnakes. I had never seen that many snakes in my life.  There were at least 50 and in truth probably closer to 100.  The snakes had moved out to the spot where I needed to step to start my ascent. Funny thing I didn’t panic.  I knew I couldn’t wait a second longer or they would be where I was standing with the rope in my hands.

I reached as high as I  could on the rope and threw my legs up and against the wall of the cave. Under me the rattlers began hissing and starting to play me a tune with their tails. I don’t know if there is a record for rope climbing. If there is I broke it that day.  Fear hit me AFTER my feet hit the wall and gained strength as I started my climb. I could see snakes in every crevice in the wall. I just knew one was going to stick his head out and bite me.  After I made it to the top I was too shaken to help gather the ropes.  I found a big rock and sat shivering.  My buddy didn’t know what had just happened.  He pressed me for answers but I don’t know how coherent I was.  Instead of our long weekend we headed home. That night I thanked God for sparing my life. Had I been bitten in the cave my buddy could not have rescued me.  He didn’t have the strength and we were a full day from the ranch house.

After all these years when a rattlesnake rattles the hair on my arms rise.  From time to time we find a den. They like to winter under big rocks and come out when the sun starts to shine. If my men or I find a den that has crawled out in the open, we make quick work of them.  I see rattlesnakes as the enemy.

For me Washington has turned into a den of rattlesnakes.  I don’t advocate shooting them, but I do back voting the liberals out of office. Right now there is a tight race in New Jersey between Jon Corzine and Chris Christi.  Obama has made several trips this past week to New Jersey to try and prop up Corzine. The more Obama speaks the higher Christi goes in the polls.  Christi will win IF and it’s a big IF dead people don’t vote.  The Corzine camp will try to steal the election.

Down in Virginia it looks like Bob McDonnell will easily beat the liberal Creigh Deeds.  Obama hasn’t even gone to Virginia.  He doesn’t want to be seen with a loser.

The perplexing race is in the 24th District of New York.  Yesterday Dede Scozzafava, the so-called Republican, endorsed Bill Owen, the extreme left-wing Democrat. She is a traitor.  The Republican Party should make her say she is no longer a Republican.  She is the perfect RINO:   Republican In Name Only.  Even with her endorsement of Owen it looks like Doug Hoffman will still win.

I mention these three races, because I fear for my country.  We have to turn the tide back to the right.  This is the first time since I was trapped with rattlesnakes that I go to bed with fear.  I fear for our country. I fear the radical take over of all we hold near and dear.  We cannot keep going deeper into debt, raising taxes and spending.  I wish there were a rope to grab so I could swing my legs up and save our great country from the rattlesnakes that have infested our Capital.  The den has been full, but Obama gave them the heat so they could move out into the light.  Now the radicals have taken over our country.  No one is more radical than those on Obama’s staff.  No one is more radical than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  The snakes are out of the den and we must remove them one by one starting in 2010 elections.

I can’t leave you thinking about rattlesnakes. I went into the local Dairy Queen after the Dallas Cowboy’s football game. True to form my old rancher and his buddies were swapping stories and slapping dominos.  “Hey, Will come back chere when ya git your grub.”

Obedient I did as ordered.  Even before I could take my first bite he asked, “Did I tell you about the woman wanting to buy cyanide?”

He didn’t wait for me to answer. “Well the nice, thin, calm, respectable lady went to the drug store and asked the pharmacist if she could by some cyanide?”

The pharmacist looked startled and asked, “what for?”

The lady whispered, “to kill my husband.”

The pharmacist’s eyes got big and he exclaimed, “Lord have mercy! I can’t give you cyanide to kill your husband!  That’s against the law, we would both go to jail. Absolutely NOT, I refuse to give you poison.”

She slipped a photo f rom her purse and slid it across the counter. It was a photo of her husband in a compromising position with the  pharmacist’s wife.

The pharmacist looked at the picture and said, “well now, that’s different. I didn’t know you had a PRESCRIPTION.”


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