Long Legged Mac-Daddy

One Big a Mistake America

Since I was not raised in the ghetto, Long Legged Mac-Daddy was not a term I had in the lexicon of my vocabulary.  I first heard the slang term from a U-Tube Video by Dr. Manning, an African Minister. He calls Barack Obama a Long Legged Mac-Daddy.  The term tweaked my interest. Was it made up or did it have some meaning?  My curious nature sent me to Google Urban Dictionary. The word can be spelled Mac or Mack. In the Old Country it is common to greet someone you don’t know as Mack.  But that has no connection to the current use.   It is a derivative of French and bastardised into Creole when it hit the Louisiana language.  In brief the term Mac-Daddy means pimp or king of the street walkers.  The Mac-Daddy has exceptional power over women.  He can control women with his wit and charm.

When I saw the part, “The Mac-Daddy has exceptional power over women,” my thoughts flashed back to the campaign.  Remember all the young girls, who sat up front and when Obama started to speak some would swoon and faint? It looked like an Elvis concert.  They screamed at every word he spoke.  As if on cue one of Obama’s aids would hand the Mac-Daddy a bottle of water.  Like Christ raising the dead, a sip of water from Obama’s hand brought them back to life.  This stunt was repeated several times until a reporter smelled a rat and called their hand.  As if by magic no more fainting.  He didn’t have to save another little girl after his scam was exposed. 

Mac-Daddy men are prone to blame others.  Even though snow is six feet deep, his whore can give no excuse for not making her assigned amount. Our Mac-Daddy president is still Blaming Bush a year after he was elected. He even has Hillary Clinton over in the Middle East blaming Bush.  I don’t think blaming Bush or Hope and Change is going to work in 2012.

I know an artist from an eastern state who thinks the Long Legged Mac-Daddy is handsome beyond words. I know she voted for him because she thought he was sexy.  I don’t even think she realized that is the reason he got her vote.  I wonder how that Hope and Change is working for her now.  Being an artist is tough during these trying times.  We sell a product no one NEEDS.  People need boots, they need food, they need transportation, but they don’t need a painting.  When things get tight the first thing people cut back on is buying art. 

Is Obama a pimp?  Is he a Long Legged Mac-Daddy?  He has long legs, that’s for sure. Everytime you see him speak those nearest to him in the meeting are young girls, black, white and some brown.  His audiences are much higher in numbers of women than men. 

A good pimp will tell his whores anything to keep them in line. He makes promises impossible to keep.  During the campaign I kept trying to tell you he can’t do all he is promising.  I got yanked off eBay several times for trying to warn you.  Obama made more promises than Bill Clinton did in two terms.  He was going to balance the budget, find and capture Osama Bin Laden, lower the seas, bring unity to the world.  His administration would usher in world peace.  He would bring Israel and Hamas together and they would break bread in peace.  He was going to create 3 Million jobs…he missed that goal by 6 Million.  We have LOST over 3 Million jobs under his leadership with more losses to come.

The Long Legged Mac-Daddy has not only given Kool-Aid to silly women but panty wearing men.  I don’t think he has a real man on his staff.  He has a bunch of girley-guys and women wearing moustaches. 

Right now the Mac-Daddy is having problems at home with his big mama. There are reports that say he is going off on rages and causing his wife to break down in tears. The more pressure he is under the more he rages.  He has lost some twenty pounds, because he can’t eat.  It’s not easy being a Mac-Daddy.  He is chain-smoking and screaming at his staff.  One key person left last week, he couldn’t take the abuse.  

The Mac-Daddy is having problems making a decision in Afghanistan. General McChrystal gave the president his report back on the first of August. It’s still on his desk.  The military leaders want an additional 40,000 troops. The Mac-Daddy is delaying.  He has time to play two or three pick up basketball games a week, golf a couple of times a week and has made 35 campaign speeches since McChrystal gave him the report.  It’s one thing to tell his whores what to do, but leading an army is way out of his league.  Remember, all he ever led before becoming president was a Community Meeting. Then he didn’t lead, he taught on a blackboard. 

When you see Obama as a Long Legged Mac-Daddy then it all makes sense. He doesn’t know how to lead. He doesn’t know how to give orders. The one thing he does well is vote, “Present.”    He is just trying to vote present on the troops.  He is working to his strength. When things get stressful he grabs a basketball and shoots some hoops. What a leader??? This guy couldn’t lead a Boy Scout Troop.    

Good Night, Will   

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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