Ameridan Flag

I look at this flag and my heart puffs with pride. How fortunate I am to have been born in the United States of America. Nightly in my bedtime prayers I humbly thank my Lord Christ Jesus and the heavenly Father for letting me be born here.  You know us Texans, I think it was a double bonus he also let me be born in this state.  This is pure Grace. Nothing I did caused me to deserve such a birth.  I wake up refreshed and then check the Internet News. I can’t read much or I’ll end up depressed for the day.  When I see what Obama, Pelosi and Reid are trying to do to this great country my stomach turns.   As ‘ve said many times, I feel powerless.

Michele Bachman, Republican House member from Minnesota has asked Americans to assemble on the DC Capital steps at noon Thursday, November 5th.  She wants to take people into the Capital and let them tell their Senators and House Members, we don’t want government controlled health care.  I know a few who are going.  I pray we end up with thousands of angry people demanding a NO vote on the 1990 page bill Pelosi has ready to vote into law.

I really wanted to go, boots and all.  I thought I might wear my spurs.  They might come in handy when I kick Barney Frank in the butt.  I can’t go. One of the joys of running a ranch is a little blood sucking creature… No, I’m not talking about my Congressman, but ticks.  I guess when you come right down to it they both are parasites that live on the blood of others. I was notified earlier in the week that a tick disease was detected on a South Texas ranch.  I don’t know the rancher, but his place is only about 75 miles from mine.  This disease affects horses.  It’s known as equine pirplansmosis…Lord a Mercy, I hope I spelled it correctly.  The good thing is if I misspell it none of you will know the difference. (smile)

Those ranch horses are quarantined on the premises, even though the disease is under investigation. It has been recommended we confine our horses until there is some resolution. When I say confine, it’s okay for them to remain in the mare pasture, I just can’t sell them until we know and I think that’s a good thing.

Equine pirplansmosis can affect horses, donkeys, mules and zebras.  It affects different animals in various ways. Some lose all appetite and eventually die. Others seem to just carry the disease, but they can infect other animals if the tick goes from them to the next.   So far I see no signs, but I can’t haul off across the country until I know.  I don’t have many horses, counting babies about thirty head.  Never-the-less I don’t want to see them wiped out.

I’ve got a State Veterinarian with the Texas Animal Health Commission coming my way one day this week.  It’s my understanding they have found cases in Kansas and Missouri.  Just what I need.  I don’t think there is a shot I can give my horses.  We probably will have to do something to the soil to eradicate any ticks.   Let’s face it, what would South Texas be if we didn’t have ticks?  In short I can’t go to Washington.  I pray for those who are going.  I thank them from the deep of my heart.

Now to the election.  Bob McDonnell in Virginia blasted to an 18% victory.  So did the Republican Lt. Governor and Attorney General. This is the first time there has been a Republican sweep in decades in Virginia. 

Chris Christy from New Jersey won by 5%.  This is amazing.  New Jersey is a Democrat state.  Obama won by 15% over McCain in New Jersey last year.  Obama made six trips to promote the other dude in the last week of the race. 

The race I gave money to, Doug Hoffman, lost by 3%.  A few things to keep in mind. Hoffman didn’t enter the race until a month ago.  Dede Scaozzafava, the Republican’s choice,  pulled out  last week but endorsed the Democrat Bill Owens.  Last night Dede got 6%.  Her votes cost Hoffman the race.  I’m proud of Hoffman.  He didn’t have the money Bill Owens did. The DNC spent millions on the Owens race.  Hoffman was backed by $100 gifts from people like me and some of you.  I feel sorry for Doug, he fought a good clean race, but thirty days is not enough to overtake the Democrat machine.  Not to worry, he will be back in 2010 and this time he will win.  This is an interim race.  The one that counts is 2010. 

If I were a Blue Dog Democrat I would shiver in my sandals at the thought of voting for the Pelosi bill and facing the voters back home. Make no mistake, this election was followed closely by all the fence riders.  If they support Nancy she will pat them on the back, but they will lose their seat in November 2010.  There are 78 House Members these victories will affect. They are the Blue dogs from Red States or very conservative spots in an otherwise blue state.

This is why the march on Washington is so important.  They need to know if they betray the country their voters will vote them out of office.

By the way the Republicans have their Health Care bill ready.  230 pages.  It lowers costs and improves care.  I’ll bet my boots, my best boots this bill will never see the light of day.  Dear friends we can’t stop now.  The real heavy lifting has just started.  We need a clean sweep in 2010.    

Have a good night, Will.      Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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