The fog was so thick this morning I couldn’t see the barns. I must be have been kicked in the head one time too many by a mule, but I love to ride my horse in the fog. I love to watch the world unfold with each step forward.  My world was perfect, but my heart was weighed down knowing what we are facing. I was hurting for the soldiers who were killed or wounded by a Muslim US Army Major.  Having just finished Muslim Mafia I see what happened differently than most.  I recommend you read the book. The Muslim killer was raised in Northern Virginia, the hot bed of radicals.  Read Muslim Mafia. I clicked on Drudge and the headlines, unemployment 10.2%.  As much as I wanted to keep on riding, I had another world to face.

This you may not know. The Ft. Hood shooter shouted, “Allah Akbar”…”God is Great” right before he began firing . He also served on the Obama transition team. Muslim Mafia says they have infiltrated every branch of the service. 

Let me say “Much Obliged to all of you”,  who on a moment’s notice rushed to Washington DC to let those in Congress know we don’t want the Pelosi  $1.8 Trillion dollar health care package. I’m getting estimates that over 50,000 people showed up.  All of our people remained calm and treated the Capital grounds and those inside with respect.  Just before our people got there 9 loonies from the left had to be cuffed and hauled out of Joe Lieberman’s office. They were screaming and calling Lieberman names. Some of these were older people in their 60ies. They accused Lieberman of being an agent of Insurance companies.  In short them made an ass of themselves.  9 on the left, removed in cuffs.  50,000 on the right acted like mature adults. I’m so proud to be associated with people who spent their money and sacrificed to make the trip to save our country.  God Bless you good people.  Thank you for allowing me to call you friend.  I saw on Hot Air that Nancy has decided not to call for a Saturday vote.  Looks like America won this round. You folks ‘done good.’

No one knows for sure if Pelosi can twist enough arms to get her massive bill passed. We will unite and triple our efforts to see that every one who voted for it is removed. I think the litmus test is if they voted yes or no.  We go after the yes people with a passion like this country has not seen since 1776.

I told you the number 10.2% of unemployed was only a matter of time.  This is the highest unemployment since 1981.  James Earl Carter served as president from 1977 to 1981.  He almost took America down.  Thank the Lord we made him one and done.  By the time Ronald Reagan took office the country was in a mess. Inflation was choking the small business man to death and interest rates were blown through the ceiling.  21% interest is usury. 12% unemployment is fatal.  If we had elected James Earl Carter for one more term he would have destroyed America.  I have no doubt about that.

Let’s contrast Reagan and Obama.  Not one time did president Reagan blame Jimmy Carter for what was facing him. Reagan rolled up his sleeves and went to work saving the country. His first act was to dramatically roll back taxes.  The press nailed Reagan to the cross and talked about how senile he was.  They said he is old and out of touch and will destroy the country.  Reagan knew it would be the small business man who saved America and put people back to work. America prospered under the Reagan leadership. President Reagan knew you couldn’t spend what you didn’t have.  He was raised poor and valued a dollar.

This week Obama is still blaming Bush. The two Democrat Governors from New Jersey and Virginia tried to blame Bush and got their clocks cleaned. The days of blaming Bush are over.  That old dog won’t hunt any more.  Obama has to face the mess he has made of our economy with his big spending and higher taxes. 

Most Americans want less government in their lives. Most don’t want more taxes.  Some liberal who earns little doesn’t mind seeing taxes raised, because they don’t pay any.  We love our health care and know it’s the best in the world.  We would like to see tort reform. We don’t want to pay for abortions.  We don’t want to pay for the medical care of illegal aliens. 

I got an email from one of my readers who asked, “What do you get if you are in Mexico and go to the clinic for medical help?’ 

Naturally I asked, “What?”

He answered, “A map with directions to the United States.”

Why should we pay to care for criminals? They break the law when they come into our country without permission. 

This massive health care bill is just the beginning.  They are going to push for gun control. They will push the cap and tax bill, known as cap and trade. They are going to push card-check. They are going to put enormous tax burdens on us.  This 10.2% means nothing to them.  I promise you Obama will use this number for a third stimulus package of 7 or 8 Billion dollars. 

I was talking with a builder yesterday.  His firm built my home. I asked about sales.  He said they are like pulling hen’s teeth.  The banks are only lending to people with credit scores of 800 and above unless the buyer can put 20% down and even then the credit score has to be 700 or better.  The president says the recession is over, but he has not informed the nation. We are still suffering as if we have 10.2% unemployment and that number will grow. 

At least he can no longer blame Bush and make people believe him.  Have a good night, Will.

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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