Allahu Akbar!!!

Fort Hood Shooting

Portrait of a Muslim Terrorist

My mind is fuzzy trying to remember the flight that mysteriously went down over Nantucket. I’m confident  some of you with better recall can remember more details. The Egyptian Airline jet had just departed New York City heading to Egypt.  There were 217 passengers aboard, mostly American.  The last words spoken by the veteran, 50 year old pilot were, “Allahu Akbar.”  God is Great.  This was December 1996 under Bill Clinton’s watch.  At the time some of us thought it might be a suicide mission, but the press was quick to point out the pilot had a family and was a veteran flyer. We now know you don’t have to be 17 to be a suicide bomber or a suicide killer.  If you are Muslim any age will do.

A few months ago a guy in the DC area who owned a television station, decided his wife was becoming too western. He cut her head off. He was rich, well-educated and a traditional Muslim.  Last week a father ran over his 29-year-old daughter with his car because she was becoming too western.  He was 50 and a traditional Muslim. Or the little girl who fled to Florida because she became a Christian and feared her father would kill her. Those are called honor killings. It’s better she die than be a Christian.

There was good reason for us to believe the Egyptian Airlines crash was an act of terror, but Bill Clinton covered it up. He didn’t want the negative press on his watch.  He swept the first World Trade Center bombing under the rug.  He had bought into the lie that all but a few Muslims are people of peace.  Bill ignored the last thing the captain said before the jet went straight down. He shouted the warrior cry when a Muslim goes into battle, “Allahu Akbar”…God is Great.

Let me stop here and insist you buy a copy of the Muslim Mafia.  Your eyes will be opened. It will become very clear the Muslims have infiltrated every part of our government. Thirty to forty of our House Members and Senators have Muslim plants working on their staff.  There are about 500 Muslim plants in the National Guard and another 2000 in the military. This is not by accident.  By now you should be able to find a used copy on for not much money.  This book will be one of the most important books you will read…

The Muslim soldier who rolled hand grenades into his fellow soldier’s tent, shouted Allahu Akbar as he released the trigger on the bombs.  Fortunately he only killed one and wounded a couple more.  His plans were to kill as many as he could in the name of his God.

It’s foreign for us to think of someone going to the effort to join the military and wait for 12 years to carry out his suicide killing. We think of getting angry and killing, not waiting and plotting a dozen years for one final act.

I’m talking about Nidal Hasan, the Muslim killer at Ft. Hood.  Newsweek, Time and several major liberal rags are saying he snapped. The pressure of going overseas to kill his fellow Muslims was more than he could bear.  First of all he would not have been over there killing.  He was a shrink and would have been listening to men and women who were risking their lives.  Second, no one made him join the military.  He is from northern Virginia, a hot bed of radical Muslims in America.  I have no doubt he joined as a plant. The Army paid for his education. He became a doctor in the military. Rose to the rank of Major.  The liberal press was saying he was being harassed.  That’s a joke. Enlisted men don’t harass an officer in the military. You have to understand the pecking order of the military to understand he was not ridiculed.  They may not have liked him but they respected the cluster on his shoulder. One more thing, none of the networks will now even say Hasan is Muslim. They are saying he is a disturbed man. Disturbed my butt, he is a terrorist who murdered our brave young, trusting men and women in their secure work place.  He had free run of the base…he was an officer and doctor. He is a traitor.  This is the real Nidal Hasan.

His apartment manager, Jose Padilla, said Hasan told him two weeks earlier he was moving out.  He said Hasan asked what was his native language and Jose said Spanish. Hasan went and got him a Spanish Koran.  Jose said Hasan didn’t want his $400 deposit back. Told Jose to give it to someone in need.  Hasan cleaned out his refridgerator, giving the frozen food to neighbors earlier in the day of the killing.  He knew he would die and he also knew he would kill a lot of American soldiers in the process.

Yet Obama is saying let’s don’t rush to judgment.  His Muslim buddies want to protect their cover.  Then to add to his shame the president went to speak at an American Indian event. He gave everyone a shout out and greetings and after three minutes he mentions Fort Hood.  He is the Commander-in-Chief and those are his personnel who were slaughtered.  He waits until he was three minutes into his speech to even mention them. To my knowledge he has yet to visit Fort Hood since this horrific event. Bush would have been boots on the ground within a few hours lending his leadership and support. That’s what a Commander-in-Chief does…but instead Obama is over at the Capital trying to twist arms for the health care bill.

There is a video of Hasan in a 7-11 the morning of the shooting. He was wearing a traditional long white gown and cap worn by Muslims in the Middle East.  He was laughing and cutting up.  Alex Jones, the wacko television and radio guy from Austin says that is proof Hasan was a patsy.  Hasan really didn’t fire the 100 plus rounds. He didn’t kill the 13 people and wound forty others.  The government did that and set him up.  That old dog won’t hunt. Kimberley Munley, a local cop, is the one who took Hasan out.  He fired on her and she returned fire.  She and her partner hit him five times.  Hasan shot her twice in her legs.

Nidal Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar” when he opened fire. Those two words are enough for me to know his was a suicide mission.

The FBI raided his apartment and also his neighbor’s.  Seems he was using his neighbor’s computer to post anti-American stuff and to justify suicide missions. He wrote some pretty damning stuff on his neighbor’s computer.  I don’t know the status of his neighbor, if he has been arrested or is just being watched.  Nidal Hasan is 40 years old and clinging for his life in Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.  I hope he lives.  He has information we need.   There is so much more I need to tell you, but it’s getting late.   So I will just say Good Night, Will.



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