As a kid things happen that make such a deep impression we never forget them.  Like my getting caught in a cave with a den of rattlesnakes.  As I just wrote those words  the hair on my arms stood up like on the neck of an angry hound.  Another memorable event happened when I was young, I don’t remember the year or my age. My grandfather’s farm had a grasshopper attack and he didn’t have an airplane to spray his fields.  I remember him taking toe-sacks and building  a fence around his place.  Grasshoppers piled up two feet deep around his cotton patch. I can still remember the horrible, bitter stench of the burning grasshoppers as he burned them with a pear-burner. (The flame thrower use to burn the thorns off cactus like we did last winter.)  

He would beat the plague back one day and the next morning there was another batch of grasshoppers, more hungry than the first to destroy his life. The life of his family. Everything he had was tied up in the cotton patch. He was counting on a bountiful harvest to pay his debts and buy food for the winter. I wish the details were more clear.  I just have a faint memory of the event, but I vividly recall his fear.

This same kind of fear is being felt by the American people.  We all feel so powerless.  No matter how hard we worked to make our voices heard, in the end the Democrat led House voted in the biggest government take over in the history of our great country.  Many of the so-called Blue Dogs caved. Remember, at the core they are Democrats.  We can take them out, clean them up and give them special treatment, but in the end they will still wallow in the first mud puddle they can find. This is the way pigs react. In many ways the Blue Dog Democrats are worse than the Barney Franks of the world.  We know what he is.  Barney doesn’t pretend to listen to what we say.  He is quick to tell us to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. The Blue Dogs pay lip service to us. They pretend to be on our side. 

This morning I feel empty. I feel betrayed.  I see this latest grasshopper attack and wonder if I have the strength to beat them back one more time. Granddaddy didn’t have a choice, he had to defeat the grasshopper invasion or his family would starve to death.  Maybe I got my backbone from him.  I’m writing this email before daylight. It’s been on my heart and I felt the need to put it down, before I come home tonight and find another grasshopper attack, one too large for me to stop.  

The word is that the health bill is DOA in the Senate. Reid admits he doesn’t have the votes and that they will take it back up after the first of the year.  You notice the media is not gloating about it passing in the House.  They have read the tea leaves in the Senate.

It’s not just the health bill, we are being attacked from every side.  Gun control is simmering. Illegals being made citizens is gaining steam.  The climate cap and TAX thing is lurking in the woods.  Card check and insults to every friend America has abroad.  I kinda know how my granddad felt.  He stopped the grasshoppers from the north, so they hit him from the south, then the east….some flew over the barrier. Like I said I can’t remember it all that well.  He went up and down the cotton rows with his back bent, killing as many grasshoppers as he could.  He never gave up. He would be too tired to eat, but he faced the sun the next morning with a fresh determination.

Finally black birds found his plight and saved him by eating the ruthless pests.  My prayer is there are enough black birds in the Senate to save our country.  Right now I feel so powerless. We fought as hard as we could but in the end the power-hungry left did what they wanted and did not follow our wishes.

Let’s don’t beat up on the RINO Joseph Cao from Louisiana.  He voted by the wishes of his people.  75% of his constituents are black and pro Obama.  He is Republican in name only.  We can probably see he is defeated, but whoever takes his place will be an extreme left-wing type person. Cao is the least of our worries.  He is what he is, but the Blue Dogs lied and they are the ones we need to go after.

Nidal Malik Hasan is now awake and speaking with doctors. I want him to live so we can stick a needle in his arm…after he has had a few years to think about it in a windowless, 6’x8′ cell.  A lot is coming out about him.  For the past few months Hasan has been trying to contact Al-Quaeda operatives.  His local Mosque wouldn’t allow him to be a lay minister because he was too radical.  He also attended the same Mosque in Virginia  where two of the 9-11 killers were members.  One more thing Hasan had in common with the 9-11 killers is he attended strip clubs.  I guess he was trying to get an idea of what 77 Virgins would look like. 

Senator Joe Lieberman is pressing for this to be treated like a case of terrorism.  Anyone with half a brain can tell that this is exactly what happened.  This is a home-grown terrorist. In the past two or three months the FBI has broken up almost a dozen domestic, home grown Islamic terrorist cells.  They don’t need to import the crazies, we are shopping with them in our daily lives.  One might be selling you chips and dip at the local 7/11 or driving your taxi.  Worse yet, teaching in your children’s school, serving on your police force, or working in your hospital.

The attack is from all sides. Only the brave of heart will remain standing when this battle is won.  I’m tired, but like my grandfather I live to fight another day. We are not beaten until we say we are beaten.   Thanks for listening, Will



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